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Hidden in the lush forests of Falkreath, a sprawling ancient Akaviri ruin rests undisturbed, protected by scores of undead Akaviri warriors and Tsaesci spirits.

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Thousands of years ago, the Tsaesci of Akavir conquered the empire through poison and guile. For four-hundred years afterwards, they ruled Tamriel, before every last Tsaesci heir was assassinated by the Morag Tong.

But some relics of that time yet survive. An ancient Akaviri ruin, covered by moss and vine, awaits the next curious traveller to stumble through. Daring explorers and warriors might brave the ruins, and claim the ancient relics within.

The Ruins of Savirien-Chorak is located north-west of Falkreath, along the mountain ridge (just east of the Twilight Sepulcher).


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Skeletons and spirits reside within...
  • Akaviri Warrior
    Soldiery of the long-dead Tsaesci King, loyal beyond the grave. They wield ancient Akaviri katanas and shields.
  • Akaviri Archer
    The regular troops of the Akaviri armies, recruited from the inhabitants of Tamriel. Their souls cling to their skeletal frames, held there by some ancient magic. They wield random leveled bows and arrows.
  • Tsaesci Spirit
    Wandering spirits of the dead Tscaesci "snakes" who once ruled Tamriel. Beware their venomous bite, which transcends death to poison their foes.
  • Akaviri Dragonknight
    Experts of the fighting style which the Blades in later years would employ. They specialize in Flame spells, and wield a katana.
  • Akaviri Master
    The mentors, drill-sergeants, and trainers of the Akaviri armies. They wield the dai-katana, a form of two-handed sword which can be swung somewhat more quickly than the typical two-hander.


Many know of the Blades; those ancient defenders of the Dragonborn Emperor. Styled as Akaviri warriors and employing their technique, the Blades enshrined a forgotten era where Snake-men once ruled all of Tamriel. To some, a terrible era.

Known as the Akaviri Potentates, these Snake-kings conquered the Reman empire, which had spanned every province of Tamriel, from Skyrim to Cyrodiil to Elsweyr. These snake-kings ruled Tamriel for four-hundred years, before their yoke was cast off by Morag Tong assassins.

The Akaviri Temple of Savirien-Chorak is named for the last Tsaesci emperor. The beginning of his story is actually told in the vanilla in-game book series, “2920, The Last Year of the First Era”.

There are four custom 'Lore Pages' scattered throughout the ruins, which have been written with great attention to detail and respect for the lore. They represent the scattered notes from an archaeologist who met their demise in the ruins:

The expedition has been a terrible failure. I was deathly mistaken to pry the secrets of the Akavir from their horrible crypts. All my life I've dreamt of exploring a tomb of the ancient Snake-kings, but this event has been nothing but a nightmare. We triggered the awakening of something in the ruins... Many labourers have been killed, and those surviving have risen in mutiny and departed, taking most of my reserves. Only Hardr, my last true ally, remains. My notes have been scattered in the panic, many of them likely to be lost forever.


For four-hundred years, the Snake-king Versidue-Shaie ruled Tamriel from the seat of Imperial power. After assassinating the final heirs to the Reman dynasty, this new conqueror of the once-great empire, that which had spanned all of Tamriel, decreed that the First Era had come to its end.


The Third Era began in chaos in disarray, as the Snake-king rulers from the continent of Akavir for a time conquered that great seat of Imperial power. But they had controlled the Reman empire for a great whilealready. Known as the Akaviri Potentates, councillors with scales and forked tongues, who whispered into the ears of weak-minded rulers who were only too willing to surrender the responsibilities of governance.


Few know these Snake-kings, the Tsaesci, well, but many know the products of their legacy. The Fighter’s Guild, for instance, was created when Versidue-Shaie passed The Guild Act at the behest of his kinsman Dinieras-Ves. The Mages Guild, and all other guilds for that matter, derive from this terrible moment in Tamrielic history.


The reign of the Tsaesci was extinguished when Versidue-Shaie, and all heirs, were assassinated in quick succession by the Morag Tong, who wrote their hallowed name on the palatial wall in the Snake-king’s black blood. So ensued the the Interregnum, where none ruled Tamriel, and her races were free in their homelands again.


Savirien-Chorak ruled Tamriel as the second 'Emperor Potentate' for one hundred and six years, following the assassination of his father, a deed performed by the Morag-Tong. It is speculated that Savirien may have ordered this assassination himself, to expediate his succession. However, the patrons of the Morag-Tong is a subject forever hidden to research. Only Mephala the Webspinner may know the secrets of Savirien's succession. What is obvious, however, is that the Morag Tong had a prominent significance throughout the era of Snake-king rule. Just as the Morag Tong caused the rise of Tsaesci power, so too did it end their reign. Although the crown was atop the head of Savirien, it is likely that the Morag Tong held the true power throughout the era. Just as the Tsaesci Potentates ruled the from the shadows during the latter days of the Reman empire, the Morag Tong ruled from the shadows during the Tsaesci period.

From an imperial standpoint, Savirien-Chorak was regarded as a rather poor administrator of the Empire, primarily for his inability to respond with adequate speed to crises across Tamriel. He was probably selfish, and mostly responsible for being the last in his bloodline to live upon Tamriel, let alone rule it. Where his father passed the Guild Act, which strengthened the capacity of Tamriel's citizens while disarming the Empire's standing army, Savirien did the opposite. He permitted his vassals to re-forge the regional Imperial armies, and even brought Orsinium into the Empire as an Imperial territory. Of course, this inclusion was reversed almost immediately after his assassination. Savirien is thus regarded as a black mark upon an otherwise bold Akaviri history. Where his father Versidue-Shaiei conquered Tamriel and set hit heirs upon the throne, Savirien-Chorak lost the crown and led all his heirs to death.


Undeath Remastered - The 'Brokers House' is located in the same spot as these ruins. Both of the mods can be used together, but you will experience some visual strangeness where they overlap. The Brokers House will be partially "built into" one of the ruins, but nothing serious is missing. If you want to run both (much respect), make sure to load my mod afterwards, so that the navigation mesh is overwritten, and the skeletons will still navigate properly. Sorry about this, I know Undeath is a big mod, this skipped my mind when choosing a spot.