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A Snow Elf shrine to Phynaster, now inhabited by hostile Falmer. The blessing of Phynaster remains for those brave enough to reclaim the shrine.

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~~ Ruined Shrine of Phynaster ~~

A ruined cathedral rests beneath the earth, swallowed by the shifting dirt after thousands of years of time. Histories speak of glimpses of elven spirits, eternally bound to their ancient home.

Though nearly all Snow Elf ruins have since faded into dust, the Temple of Phynaster still hints at its former glory. Priests and adventurers fear its corrupted inhabitants, but perhaps a champion will arise to cleanse the holy place, and receive the blessing of Phynaster.

Rumours speak of unexplored chambers beneath the age-old ruin, and an ephemeral chill that rises from the tunnels...

Cheers to ShapelessGaming for the hilarious reviews!
"Big fan ... It looks beautiful ... creepy ... and insanely lore-friendly"



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I've added a new, medium-sized dungeon adventure beneath the ruins! This is a major expansion to the original mod, which had only scratched the surface. I hope you enjoy the adventure I've made for you!


Ring of Phynaster
Grants +20% magic resistance and +20% frost resistance.

Vilrassian Blade, an ancient heirloom
Deals frost damage and drains magicka from enemies.

Frostfire (Sword)
Deals both fire and frost damage.


Snow Elf Spirits (Warriors, Rangers, Sorcerors)

Vilrassian the Forsaken (Boss)

Soulbender Sylass'krix (Boss)


The blessing lasts 7 days, and improves magic resistance by 20%. It is gained by activating the fountain.

The location is added to your map. It is between Solitude and Markarth, due west of Morthal. (Check the image on the Images tab)

I've run through Shrine many times, refining the navmesh and enemy placements. Let me know if you experience an issue.

This mod overwrites the Cliffside Retreat, which is only a generic hunter's shack. I've disabled the references to the generic hunter and his shack so this should cause no issue.

This dungeon writes on the Tamriel cells:
  • -27, 12
  • -27, 13 Cliffside Retreat
  • -27, 14
  • -28, 13
  • -28, 14
  • -29, 13
  • -29, 14

It affects no other dungeons.