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A lot of FMR spells and Ordinator perk effects know how to play together right from the get-go, but there's a stubborn few things that refuse to line up. This mod aims to fix that, because just one spell effect is never enough.

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Update 2/12/19 - I believe there's still a few things that could get patched, but it's been more than a year since I've had Skyrim even installed so I'm gong to call this good. It does what it says on the page here without any bugs, so I think I can leave it be safely. Not to say that I won't come back in time to pick this up again, but for the immediate future this is what it is. I'll still be around to answer questions and offer support though.

This mod only changes the things that don't already work together. The bound weapons, summons, buff/cloak spells and Non-Elemental damage dealers work just fine with Ordinator right out of the box. If you don't use any of the spells I talk about below, then you don't need this patch. 

What It Does:

  • Makes many of the direct elemental attacks (i.e. spells from your hands to their face-holes) from Pyromancer, Cryonmancer and Electromancer work with the specialized perks added in the Ordinator Destruction tree like Hypothermia, Scorched Earth, Stormblast, etc. These effects only trigger on the primary hits, and on some of the spell upgrades added by investing points in the MCM interface (exceptions below).

  • FMR's elemental Destruction projectile spells (Ice Lance, Conflagrate, Lightning Strike) will now trigger "Harsh Lesson" on hit, interrupting spellcasting. So will Winter Woe, since I'm pretty sure it's hard to cast a spell inside hurricane-force winds filled with freaking ice.

  • A few minor tweaks to bring FMR spells into balance with the changes Ordinator makes to the vanilla magic system. For example, Ice lance, Frost Bomb and Winter Woe now all slow their target's movement by 50% for 5 seconds, in order to bring them in line with the changes Ordinator makes to all the Vanilla ice spells. Divine Light's healing has been boosted from 40 to 50 to match up with Fast Healing, and keep it competitive with higher-level healing spells in later-game play.

  • Several scripted spells that had static magnitudes like Holy Bolt and Electric Charge will now scale with the appropriate Mastery perks. As will some MCM spell upgrades as noted below.  Huge thanks to Krell55 on this, his help was invaluable in getting these to work right.

  • Many of FMR's secondary enhancements have been joined with their appropriate perk effects in Ordinator (full list below). The MCM descriptions for each of them have been appended to note the new changes.
  • A few bug fixes for things that didn't work right in vanilla FMR.


  • Meteor shower will trigger fire perks but only on direct hits, which happens about once every quarter century in my experience.
  • The free second Fire Blast triggered by the Firestarter upgrade can also trigger fire perks.
  • Lightning Strike's upgraded Chain Lighting jumps should be able to trigger the minor shock effects on the secondary targets (Arc Burn and Magnetize) but not more powerful effects such as Stormblast.
  • Skyfall should trigger all shock effects on anyone within the landing damage AoE.
  • Winter Woe's slowdown and secondary ice perk effects should trigger for as long as the enemy is in the hazard area.
  • The Secondary heal-over-time effect from Divine Light's "Divine Plea" upgrade will scale with your Restoration Mastery.
  • The instant heal from Healing Touch's "Nature's Touch" upgrade will scale with your Restoration Mastery.
  • Divine Armor's big insta-heal from the "Last Hope" upgrade will scale with your Restoration Mastery.
  • Spectral Missiles won't trigger any elemental effects. Despite claiming to do "Fire, Frost, or Shock" damage in the description, the actual damage it does is called "MagicDamageArcane" and is mitigated by generic magic resistance. Plus, yknow... it's like... Illusion and stuff.
  • Stormstrike won't trigger any primary shock effects, being a DoT and not an attack.

Bug Fixes:
(Thanks to Bloodriot96503 for his help with these)
  • Fixed a section of code in the Frost Bomb script that was keeping Ice Flow from working properly, it should now trigger AoE casts as intended.
  • Removed the 20 life cost from Deathly Pall's perk Enslave Spirit. The way it was implemented would constantly drain 20 life from you in combat every second, making it effectively suicide. Fixing the code would have been a lot of trouble, so I just removed the cost. Pretty sure no one will cry over it.

Optional Version :

If you're so inclined, there's an optional version that changes the Poison/Disease spells in the Warlock and Druid groups to be Restoration instead of Destruction. Which means that they should scale off your rank in Restoration, and brings them in line with the Apocalypse Spell Pack's necro DoTs for a consistent experience. The esp contains all the same changes as the main file, so you can save an esp slot and just grab one or the other.

This version makes the following changes:


An Important Note On Balance:

With the merging of these two very good systems together the balance intended by both mod authors is being bypassed to a greater or lesser extent. With the addition of double enhancements (and in a few cases, double scaling) a lot of the spells affected by this mod have the capacity to be very powerful indeed.

Playing with mods like Deadly Dragons or Sands of Time that bring very strong enemies to your doorstep, these extra-powerful spells can be balanced out by their higher reistances and HP pools. In that case, the Forgotten Magic spells really shine as what they were designed to be: Spells akin to your "Signature Skills" or "Class Powers" that are your character's main tools. However, if you play a game that is full of enemies at vanilla or near-vanilla levels, these will be pretty much spammable instant win buttons when fully upgraded.

As the player, the choice is yours on how you play your game, but also the responsibility for balancing it is also on you. I started this patch to aid in high-level, high difficulty play, and  with the thought that it's much easier to go down than up. If your Forgotten Magic spells are feeling like they're in danger of becoming too powerful, hold back on some MCM upgrades, or invest those points in utility rather than damage or healing boosts. Just because the potential is there doesn't mean you have to use it. Nothing built into this patch will force you into using a build that you feel is unfair, in the end the choice is left entirely up to you.


No surprises, just install using the mod manager of your choice. Or manually if you're a masochist. Load this below FMR and Ordinator. If you re-install Forgotten Magic for any reason, re-install this patch afterwards as it overwrites several of the original scripts.

Thanks go out to:
EnaiSiaion - For Ordinator, Apocalypse, Thunderchild, Summermyst, and whatever other fires he's brought mankind from the heavens recently. And also for being awesome and answering my questions so I didn't have to spend days of trial-and-error on this bad boy.
3JIOU - For making Forgotten Magic Redone
AGEE1981 - For porting it
Krell55 - For all his help with the scripting changes.
The Nexus Team - For keeping this site going, and all of us as a community.
My Parents - For doing the deed back in 1983. Without you, I wouldn't be here.
Bethesda - I mean, I guess...

If you can read this, you aren't illiterate. Also, why are you reading this? Go home Modder, you're drunk.