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About this mod

Removes the Fortify Enchanting effect (which allows you to enchant stronger items) and replaces it with a Fortify Enchantments effect (which increases the power of your weapon enchantments).

Permissions and credits
  • Italian

This mod aims to prevent the player from creating over-powered, game-breaking enchantments
by replacing the Fortify Enchanting effect with a useful, powerful, balanced, and lore-friendly alternative.

No More Exploitable Enchanting
Replaces the exploitable Fortify Enchanting effect with a new, unexploitable
magical effect that fortifies your existing weapon enchantments.

Requirements and Compatibility
No mod requirements. Dawnguard and Dragonborn required.
Fully compatible with i) all my mods, ii) mods that change potion/armor/ingredient appearance, e.g. SMIM.
May clash with mods that change i) the effects of enchanting potions and ingredients, ii) Silent Moon Camp's interior.

What problems does this mod address?
There are two issues this mod aims to fix:
1) The most powerful enchantments in the game are player-made,

which A) requires the player to invest in Alchemy and Enchanting to get the best gear, regardless of your playthrough style, and B) undermines the value of quest-rewarded weapons.

2) The infamous Enchanting/Alchemy exploit loop,
which lets you use overpowered Fortify Enchanting potions to craft overpowered enchantments. These can be game-breaking and lore-breaking in their extremeness, far surpassing the god-made Aedric and Daedric weapons (e.g. Auriel's Bow and Dawnbreaker) which I believe should be the most powerful in the game (see my Zim's Immersive Artifacts mod).

What does this mod do?
This mod removes the Fortify Enchanting effect and replaces it with the new effect:
Fortify Enchantments: "Weapon enchantments are (e.g. 20)% more powerful."

This fixes the two issues above by:
1) Preventing the player from creating enchantments that are overpowered compared to vanilla enchanted weapons.

2) Adding a way to power-up all enchanted weapons so they can feel more useful and rewarding.

How does this affect work?
The Fortify Enchantments effect increases the power of Destruction enchantments, the duration of Alteration and Restoration enchantments, and the power/duration of Conjuration and Illusion enchantments on all equipped weapons, including staves.

Fortify Enchantments does not affect armor enchantments because A) Armor enchantments are often based on percentages (e.g. 20% magic resistance) and so even small increased can cause dramatic, potentially over-powered effects, and B) This could potentially lead to an exploit of enchantment stacking.

How does this affect Alchemy?
All ingredients/potions that previously had the Fortified Enchanting effect (e.g. Hagraven Claws/Enchanter's Elixer) now have the Fortify Enchantments effect instead. The potions have been renamed to e.g. the Spellsword's Elixer.

Armor enchantment
Unlike Fortify Enchanting, Fortify Enchantments is available as an armor enchantment. This can be acquired in two ways:
1) Obtain Bashnag's ring in Southfringe Sanctum
2) Obtain Ozrog Spell-Hammer's gauntlets in Silent Moon's Camp

The Seeker of Sorcery and Ahzidal's Genius abilities from the Dragonborn DLC are unchanged, and can still be used to slightly fortify your enchantments.

V1.4 AE Update
- Updated the effects of Dreugh Wax and Stoneflower Petals

V1.4 Update
- Fixed bug that was breaking quests in Silent Moon Camp
- Fixed bug causing Ozrog to respawn

V1.3 Update
- Increased the magnitude of the Fortify Enchantments effect on all relevant ingredients to be equal to the magnitude of a Fortify One-Handed enchantment (now requires Dragonborn and Dawnguard)
- Fixed the bug causing crash to desktop on equipping items enchanted with Fortify Enchantments
- Fixed the bug preventing the alchemy effect from working
- Removed Restoration buffs from the effect
- Nerfed Ozrog

V1.2 Update
- Fixed the bug preventing effect stacking on multiple enchanted items
- Restoration and Illusion enchantments now also have increased magnitude

V1.1 Update
- Boss label removed from Ozrog Spell-Hammer to prevent bugs associated with radiant quests
- The enchantment effect is now coloured (I'd forgotten to give it a colour previously)
- Effect has been changed so it requires no scripting...the mod is now completely script-free
- I've added variations of a Ring of the Spellsword, which can be looted from Bashnag in Southfringe Sanctum
- Version name removed from .esp file (this has been done to ensure all future updates can have the same name without causing confusion. Apologies to anyone inconvenienced by this change, which I've made to prevent any future inconvenience)