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Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim

A bleeding edge vampire overhaul.
Skyrim Special Edition version available here.

Sacrosanct overhauls vampires and vampire lords. New abilities, powers, perks, hemomancy, and many gameplay tweaks for the discerning undead monster.


  • Improved vampire abilities and powers.
  • Improved vampire lord abilities, spells, powers and perks.
  • Vampiric blood magic: Hemomancy.
  • Much more engaging Vampire and Vampire Lord gameplay.
  • Lightweight scripts, no save bloat.

Life as a Vampire

Reverse progression: Each day without feeding increases your hunger while your primal side takes over, gradually replacing your social powers and abilities with offensive ones but weakening you in many other ways. You may find yourself unable to feed without killing your victim, or unable to heal... At stage 4, your vampirism will be so obvious that onlookers will immediately attack you! Feeding returns you to stage 1.

You can feed on sleeping victims, as well as victims affected by Vampire's Seduction. You also have the option to Drain sleeping victims, killing them instantly. Perks and unlockable abilities may offer other ways to feed.


  • Dominate - Illusion spells are 25% more powerful and last 25% longer on creatures and people.
  • Moonlit Waters - Vampires can breathe underwater and walk (but not run) on water.
  • Resist Toxins - +100% resistance to poison and disease.
  • Still Heart - Vampires are 25% harder to detect by creatures and people.

Hunger dependent abilities

  • Resist Frost - +50-20% resistance to frost.
  • (Stage 1 to 2) Kiss of Death - Gain 1 Health/Magicka/Stamina each time you Drain a victim to death.
  • (Stage 1) Presence - Intimidation is more effective and prices are better.

  • Weakness to Fire - -20-50% resistance to fire.
  • Weakness to Sunlight - Outdoors during the day, Health/Magicka/Stamina does not regenerate and is reduced by 25-100 points.
  • (Stage 3 to 4) The Beast - Unable to Feed without Draining the victim to death.
  • (Stage 4) Mockery of Life - Cannot receive healing spells, effects or healing alchemy and cannot regenerate Health.

(The Health/Magicka/Stamina modifiers from Kiss of Death are permanent.)

Absorbed abilities

New in version 3.00: Feeding on some of the strongest individuals in Skyrim (Ulfric, Elenwen, etc.) grants up to 7 permanent bonus abilities in mortal form. These targets are marked by a quest ("Blue Blood") after your first feeding. Abilities are unlocked in order.

  • Wassail - Vampiric strength grants bonus attack damage, especially after feeding.
  • Blood Knight - Able to feed on staggered victims in combat.
  • Eyes of the Moon - Vampire's Seduction affects higher level victims.
  • Tooth and Claw - Bonus attack damage against targets affected by Hemomancy spells.
  • Night of the Wolf - Able to sneak feed, and sneaking is more effective at night.
  • Vicissitude - Blood Seed amplifies the damage dealt by other Hemomancy spells.
  • Daywalker - Negates non-lethal Sunlight effects.

Racial abilities

  • Altmer: Wine and Revelry - Feeding temporarily increases maximum Magicka.
  • Argonian: Jeweled Scales - Swimming temporarily removes Weakness to Sunlight.
  • Bosmer: Bitter Sap - Ingredients are much stronger but are inverted (beneficial <-> detrimental).
  • Breton: Dolmen Haunt - Magicka and Stamina increased when near a standing stone.
  • Dunmer: Tainted Bloodline - Feeding steals the victim's racial vampire ability.
  • Imperial: Cult of Shadows - Shrine blessings grant Magicka and Stamina but are inverted.
  • Khajiit: Misfortune - Nearby enemies randomly trip over their own feet.
  • Nord: From Ancient Soil - Once per battle, activate a corpse to reanimate it.
  • Orc: Lavish Brutality - Feeding temporarily increases maximum Stamina.
  • Redguard: Ruler of Locusts - Once per battle, activate an enemy to send poisonous insects.

Spells and powers

  • Vampire's Sight - (At will) Grants a long lasting night eye.

  • Vampire's Will - (1/day) Target has a very difficult time detecting the vampire for 120-15 seconds.
  • (Stage 1 to 3) Mytherceria - (1/day) Temporarily prevents the time of day from advancing.
  • (Stage 1 to 2) Obfuscate - (1/day) Chameleon invisibility that is not broken by attacking.
  • (Stage 1) Vampire's Command - (At will) Gain conversation options (Flee, Stay, Follow, Die) that must be obeyed.

  • Vampiric Drain - Absorb 5-20 Health per second from targets.
  • (Stage 2 to 4) Vampire's Seduction - (1/day) Calms low level people, allowing you to feed.
  • (Stage 3 to 4) Nightwalk - (At will) Send forth a controllable mist or teleport to its location.
  • (Stage 4) Flaywind - (1/day) Bats attack the target's head, inflicting damage and fear.

All spells and powers belong to relevant spell schools and are affected by many perks. More powers can be unlocked through Vampire Lord perks.


Draining a sleeping victim may teach you secrets of the blood in the form of Hemomancy spells. The first spell requires 1 draining, increasing by 1 for each consecutive secret. Hemomancy spells are Destruction and deal magic damage to living targets.

  • Blood Seed: Target grows thorns, taking damage over time.
  • Blood Brand: Target takes damage over time, then explodes in an area.
  • Blood Ankh: Levitates a corpse, then detonates it, dealing area damage.
  • Profaned Sun: Blood star that chases the target, burning those around it.


You may create the following potions at a cooking pot.

  • Potion of Embracing - Vampire Dust + Flawless Ruby - Grants Vampirism. Heals vampires 100 points.
  • Potion of Hemomancy - Vampire Dust + Briar Heart + Fire Salts (x2) + Moon Sugar (x2) - Advances Hemomancy progression. Heals vampires 100 points. (Requires at least 1 Hemomancy spell.)
  • Potion of Blood - Human Flesh - Counts as feeding. Heals vampires 100 points. (Requires Court's Chef perk.)
  • Potion of Blood (x2) - Human Heart - Counts as feeding. Heals vampires 100 points. (Requires Court's Chef perk.)

Life as a Vampire Lord

Vampire Lord gameplay has been significantly upgraded. They do not regenerate Magicka in magic form or Stamina in melee form, encouraging them to switch often. New perks offer more scaling and options. Also, Vampire Lords can now loot bodies, use objects and gain Destruction experience. However, everyone who is not a Volkihar vampire will attack you as an enemy.

  • Fall Immunity - Vampire Lords are immune to fall damage.
  • Stagger Attack - Attacks in melee form stagger most targets.
  • Weakness to Sunlight - Outdoors during the day, Health/Magicka/Stamina does not regenerate and is reduced by 100 points.

  • Raze - Wave of blood that steals 15-25 Health and deals 50-150 additional magic damage, based on level.
  • Lord's Servant - Reanimate a level 25-50 corpse for 60 seconds, based on level.
  • Bats - Dash in your direction of movement. Two charges.


The Vampire Lord perk tree is expanded from 11 to 31 perks, but many new means of gaining Vampire Lord perk points exist. Many perks affect your mortal form as well, allowing you to scale even when not in Vampire Lord form. Perks are easier to attain: each perk point you gain only increases the required number of kills to the next perk point by 1 instead of 2. (This is not retroactive.)

See the screenshots section of this mod page for a schematic of the Vampire Lord perk tree.

  • Power is Power - All attributes (Health, Magicka, Stamina) are increased by 50 points as Vampire Lord. Choose an attribute to further increase by 100 points.
  • Wings of the Strix - In magic mode, sprinting allows you to glide, greatly reducing fall speed.
  • Astral Poison - Attacks in melee form deliver an unnatural toxin, dealing 25 points of poison damage and absorbing 50 points of Magicka over 5 seconds.
  • Night Cloak - In combat, you are surrounded by a cloud of bats that feed on living enemies within melee range, absorbing 5 points of Health per second from each.
  • Dragon at Midnight - You gain 4 perk points to spend in your other perk trees, but when you are blood starved (after not feeding for 3 days), contact with sunlight will instantly destroy you.

  • Echolocation - Night Power: Sends out a quick pulse that detects any creature. (Magicka cost: 15)
  • Mist Form - Night Power: Morph into a dark mist for 15 seconds, becoming undetectable and invulnerable but unable to fight while regenerating 25 points of Health, Magicka and Stamina per second. (Magicka cost: 50, cooldown: 30 seconds)
  • The Reaping - Night Power: Unleash your inner Beast, slowing time while gaining 40% movement speed and 60% attack speed and launching enemies with your power attacks. Lasts for 10 seconds. (Magicka cost: 75, cooldown: 40 seconds)
  • Tremble - Night Power: Emit a shockwave that throws all within 25 feet into the air and stuns them. (Magicka cost: 75, cooldown: 30 seconds, 2 charges)

  • Court's Chef - Able to create Blood Potions at a cooking pot. Using Human Flesh yields 1 Blood Potion and using a Human Heart yields 2 Blood Potions. Additionally, consuming a Blood Potion advances Vampire Lord perks.
  • White Wolf - Your Vampire's Seduction power now works on targets 15 levels higher and you may Drain people under its effect regardless of how hungry you are. Additionally, Draining a sleeping or seduced victim advances Vampire Lord perks.
  • Psychic Vampire - Feeding on victims depletes their Magicka and Stamina and increases the effectiveness of Dominate and Still Heart against them to 200% for 30 seconds.
  • Embrace the Beast - You are stronger when blood-starved: you deal 25% more attack damage, Flaywind lasts twice as long and Vampiric Drain deals 50% more damage and has 15% chance per second to cast a Flaywind on humanoid targets for 5 points of magic damage for 10 seconds.
  • Blood Bond - Feeding on a sleeping victim makes them a potential follower and marriage partner.
  • Amaranth - Vampire's Seduction works on vampires. Able to Drain humanoid vampires to disintegrate them and absorb their power. Your reward for this depraved act is a 30% bonus to combat and social skills while weaker vampires flee from you, for 5 minutes.

  • Fountain of Youth - Killing a person with a power attack bite in melee form restores all your Health and 150 Magicka.
  • Lion Among Sheep - In magic form, damaging targets with the Raze spell in your right hand reduces their attack damage by 10% for 10 seconds. In melee form, you deal 10% extra attack damage for each target affected.
  • Slasher - Power attacks in melee form deal 50% more damage and hit all targets in front of you.
  • Celerity - Able to move at unnatural speed. Movement speed increased by 10% in mortal and magic form and 20% in melee form.

  • Unearthly Will - Blood Magic, Night Powers, the Raze spell in your right hand and Hemomancy in mortal form cost 25% less. The Vampiric Drain spell in mortal form costs 50% less.
  • Blood From a Stone - Blood Magic, the Raze spell in your right hand and Hemomancy in mortal form can now damage Daedra and automatons.
  • Lord of Destruction - The Raze spell in your right hand deals 0.5% more damage per level of Destruction.
  • Blood Storm - Permanently upgrades the Raze spell in your right hand to Blood Storm. Concentrate to cast a barrage of exploding blood spheres that absorb 25 points of Health and deal 150 points of magic damage.

  • Exsanguinate - Your Vampiric Drain spell in mortal form deals 50% more damage when fighting only one enemy, and can be dual cast for a chance to stagger enemies.
  • Starving Artist - In mortal form, Hemomancy spells used against people absorb Health equal to 25% of their base damage (dealing that much extra damage and healing the caster for the same amount). Killing people with Hemomancy spells advances your Vampire Lord perks.
  • Make Them Beautiful - In mortal form, Hemomancy spells used against people have 25% chance to tear apart victims below 25% Health, instantly killing them.
  • Auspex - In mortal form, your supernatural senses warn you of the presence of enemies within 200 feet, briefly illuminating them through walls. Enemies can only be illuminated once and enemies that are too close are not detected.
  • Curtain Call - Hemomancy: Briefly pacifies people affected by a different Hemomancy spell before decapitating them, killing them instantly. (Magicka cost: 1500)
  • Lamae's Pyre - Hemomancy Power: A 50 foot hurricane of flames that enwraps the caster for 10 seconds. Enemies take 75 fire damage per second. Can be used once, then becomes unavailable until you feed on a sleeping victim. (Magicka cost: 600)

  • Chokehold - Blood Magic: Concentrate to pull a creature to you from a distance, absorbing 20 points of Health and Stamina per second when it is close. (Magicka cost: 50/sec)
  • Conjure Gargoyle - Blood Magic: Conjure a gargoyle to fight for you for 60 seconds. (Magicka cost: 50)
  • Gutwrench - Blood Magic: Concentrate to absorb 5 points of Health per second from nearby living foes. Uninterrupted exposure builds up 25 points of agony per second on each foe, tearing them apart when this exceeds their remaining Health. (Magicka cost: 25/sec)
  • Maelstrom - Blood Magic: Create an imploding vortex that pulls all within 50 feet into the center, stunning them and reducing magic resistance by 50% for 3 seconds. (Magicka cost: 150)


Compatibility notes

See here for a list of (in)compatible mods.

How to install or uninstall

To install: Add the mod to your load order and activate it. Note that existing abilities that are active on your character cannot be modified, which may result in some abilities being incorrect or "stuck on your character". Ideally, you want to install the mod before you contract vampirism to avoid this issue, but this is not strictly necessary and the mod will be functional even if you don't.

If you encounter this issue, open the console and type player.setrace [Your]Race (for instance HighElfRace). Then leave the console for a few seconds and type player.setrace [Your]RaceVampire. This will fix most issues.

To uninstall: Just remove the mod.


  • I receive an error message stating that some scripts have been modified by another mod: You have either a mod loaded below Sacrosanct that modifies PlayerVampireQuestScript and/or DLC1PlayerVampireChangeScript; a local copy of those scripts in your data\scripts folder (possibly left behind by a mod); or an outdated compatibility patch. Better Vampires: If you are using Better Vampires and its Sacrosanct compatibility patch, this message is normal because Better Vampires removes many features from Sacrosanct in favour of its own, so the error is correctly telling you that Sacrosanct content has been replaced. It can be ignored, unless you want those features, of course.
  • Unable to Feed on specific named actors: At hunger stage 3 and 4, you gain the detrimental ability The Beast, which replaces the Feed option with the (lethal) Drain option, forcing you to kill the victim of your feeding. However, you can't Drain actors that are essential (= unkillable for quest purposes). Find some poor sap who won't be missed and Drain that guy instead. (Version 3.00 and later allow you to feed on moth priest Dexion in particular regardless of your hunger stage.)
  • When I gain The Beast, the Drain option is missing: This was a bug in release 4.00 and has been fixed in 4.01 and later. Alternatively, you can't Drain actors that are essential (= unkillable for quest purposes). Alternatively, if you are using Better Vampires and its Sacrosanct compatibility patch, it replaces Sacrosanct feeding with Better Vampires feeding, which does not have a Drain option.
  • Perk descriptions are truncated on 4:3 aspect ratio monitors: This is a limitation of Skyrim. Use the Extended UI mod.
  • My abilities, perks or powers are wrong or not as advertised: You have another mod loaded below Sacrosanct that modifies this content. Load it above Sacrosanct. Alternatively, this can be caused by applying this mod to an existing savegame: see above under "Installation". Alternatively, some mods will add their own vampire related features, overriding Sacrosanct. See the "Compatibility notes".