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Summermyst adds 120 new enchantments to the game. The new enchantments are integrated seamlessly into the vanilla item system. It also makes many improvements to vanilla enchantments.

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  • 120 new enchantments (71 armor enchantments, 49 weapon enchantments).
  • The new enchantments are integrated into the game and can be bought and looted from enemies.
  • The new enchantments can be disenchanted and applied to player enchanted items.
  • Enemies also spawn with them and use them against you.
  • Improvements to vanilla enchantments.
  • Balanced and immersive.

Full list of enchantments


  • Absorb Armor: Absorbs X points of armor from the target for X seconds.
  • Absorb Speed: Absorbs X% movement speed from the target for X seconds.
  • Balefire: Deals X magic damage for X seconds or until detonated by a power attack.
  • Battle Hunger: Target is consumed by anger, taking X magic damage for X seconds or until it attacks or casts a spell.
  • Beaconbound: Deals X magic damage while near <landmark>.
  • Berserking: Reduces the cost of your power attacks by X% for X seconds.
  • Clumsy: Targets stagger whenever they attempt a power attack within X seconds.
  • Command Daedra: Summoned Daedra up to level X are put under your control.
  • Counterspell: X% chance to interrupt the target's spell, draining a quarter of its Magicka.
  • Death's Door: Reduces targets with X% or less remaining Health to 1 point of Health.
  • Dim Vision: Sneaking is twice as effective against the target for X seconds.
  • Discharge: Drains X points of charge from the target's equipped weapons.
  • Disease Damage: Inflicts a disease that deals X points of damage for X seconds.
  • Drain Armor: Reduces armor by X points for X seconds.
  • Drain Damage: Weakens melee weapons by X points of damage for X seconds.
  • Drain Magic Resist: Reduces magic resistance by X% for X seconds.
  • Drain Skills: Reduces all skills by X points for X seconds.
  • Fire Damage Lingering: Target burns for X points per second until combat ends.
  • Fire Hazard: Ignites the ground underneath the target, dealing X damage for X seconds.
  • Frost Damage Piercing: Black ice deals X points of unresistable frost damage to Health and Stamina.
  • Frost Hazard: Freezes the ground underneath the target, dealing X damage for X seconds.
  • Halt Regeneration: Prevents Magicka and Stamina regeneration for X seconds.
  • Heal: Heals the target X points.
  • Hidden Serpent: If the target leaves combat within X seconds, halves its remaining Health.
  • Illusory Burden: Illusory weight temporarily reduces current Health by a quarter for X seconds.
  • Imprisonment: Chance to trap a person in a summoned cage for X seconds.
  • Insult: Deals X magic damage. Temporarily changes the target's name.
  • Karma: X% chance to reduce the target's Health percentage to yours (if yours is lower).
  • Killstreak: Deals X magic damage, multiplied by 5 on the next hit after this kills a target.
  • Leak Stamina: Target loses 50% Stamina regeneration to each ally within X feet for X seconds.
  • Momentum: Lowers poise by X% for X seconds and staggers targets with zero poise.
  • Poison Damage: Inflicts a poison that deals X points of damage for X seconds.
  • Poison Damage Cumulative: Toxins deal a stacking X points of poison damage for X seconds.
  • Power Attack Damage: Power attacks deal X extra damage.
  • Power Surge: X% chance on striking to release your currently selected power.
  • Resonance: Sonic vibrations deal magic damage equal to X% of the target's current Health.
  • Rolling Thunder: If the target dies within X seconds, X% chance to refresh your shout cooldown.
  • Shifting Earth: If the target is staggered, X% chance to summon a spike of rock that flips the target into the air.
  • Shock Damage Wild: Delivers a X point static shock, 10% chance to deal 5 times damage.
  • Shock Hazard: Electrifies the ground underneath the target, dealing X damage for X seconds.
  • Skyhook: Chance to lift the target's feet off the ground, immobilizing it for X seconds.
  • Sound: Chance to create a distracting noise that interrupts spellcasting for X seconds.
  • Steal Weapons: X% chance to steal a humanoid target's equipped weapons.
  • Stormbringer: Deals X shock damage as magic and applies the effect of many equipped shouts.
  • Sun Damage: Scorches undead for X points of damage.
  • Threshold Death: Living target gets a stacking X point curse for X seconds and is slain when this exceeds its Health.
  • Threshold Throw: Target gets a stacking X point curse for X seconds and is launched when this exceeds its Health.
  • Threshold Wail: Target gets a stacking X point curse for X seconds and its Health is halved when this exceeds its Health.


  • Alarm: Alerts you when an enemy crosses the X foot perimeter.
  • Amplify Alteration: Alteration spells and effects last X% longer.
  • Amplify Conjuration: Conjuration spells and effects last X% longer.
  • Amplify Destruction: Destruction spells and effects are X% stronger.
  • Amplify Illusion: Illusion spells and effects are X% stronger.
  • Amplify Restoration: Restoration spells and effects are X% stronger.
  • Area Drain Magic Resist: Reduces the magic resistance of enemies within X feet by 25%.
  • Area Fortify Minions: Friendly conjured creatures within X feet get 25% attack damage and 100 Health.
  • Area Restore Health: Heals living allies within X feet 10 points per second.
  • Cartographer: Periodically reveals nearby map markers.
  • Cheat Death: Take X% less damage from attacks when your Health falls below 25%.
  • Clockspinning: Faster: The time of day passes faster.
  • Clockspinning: Slower: The time of day passes slower.
  • Deadly Reach: Touch and location target spells can be cast at any distance.
  • Death Shroud: Living foes that stay within X feet too long (based on your level and their remaining Health) are slain instantly.
  • Death's Shield: The next time you would die, you are brought back to life but this item is destroyed.
  • Deep Breath: X% chance to reduce the cooldown of your shouts to 3 seconds.
  • Defender: Take X% less attack damage while blocking.
  • Fool's Gold: Grants 25000 gold, but slays you if you can't pay it back upon unequipping.
  • Force: Stagger from power attacks and bashes is much more effective.
  • Fortify Bashing: Bashing deals X% more damage.
  • Fortify Potions: Increaes the duration of alchemical potions by X%.
  • Fortify Power Attacks: Power attacks cost X% less.
  • Fortify Sneak Attacks: Sneak attacks deal X% more damage.
  • Fortify Speed: You move X% faster.
  • Fortify Total Armor: Your armor rating is increased by X%.
  • Generate Armor: Grants an enchanted armor piece at random intervals.
  • Generate Soul Gems: Grants a filled soul gem at random intervals.
  • Generate Weapons: Grants an enchanted weapon at random intervals.
  • Gladiator's Glory: Gain gold equal to twice your level when you perform a killmove.
  • Grit: Able to power attack for half damage when out of Stamina.
  • Horsemanship: Take X% less attack damage and deal X% more attack damage while riding a mount.
  • Imminent Victory: Take up to X% less damage from enemy attacks the further their Health falls below 50%.
  • Increased Experience: Gain X% more experience.
  • Influence: Calm: Enemy creatures and people within X feet have a chance to refuse to fight.
  • Influence: Fear: Enemy creatures and people within X feet have a chance to flee from combat.
  • Influence: Fury: Enemy creatures and people within X feet have a chance to attack anything nearby.
  • Intuitive Magic: Novice spells cost no Magicka.
  • Jester: Causes attack damage to fluctuate between one fifth and five times damage.
  • King of the Lost: An immortal ghost fights for you, it has X points of Health and Stamina.
  • Light: Creates a zone of light.
  • Link Health/Magicka: Increases Health by one fourth of base Magicka and Magicka by one fourth of base Health.
  • Link Health/Stamina: Increases Health by one fourth of base Stamina and Stamina by one fourth of base Health.
  • Link Magicka/Stamina: Increases Magicka by one fourth of base Stamina and Stamina by one fourth of base Magicka.
  • Magic Find: X% chance to loot an additional magic item from people you kill.
  • Magnet: In combat, pulls foes within X feet to you (30 second cooldown).
  • Mark and Recall: Equip to create a magical mark at your location. Unequip to teleport back to the mark.
  • Negate Magic: Having 150% or more resistance to an element grants immunity.
  • Night Eye: Brightens vision, allowing the user to see in the dark.
  • Nova: When you fall below 25% Health, X% chance to release an explosion.
  • Perception: See item names and values at a distance.
  • Philosopher's Stone: Generates X gold per hour.
  • Quake: When you block an attack, X% chance to stagger nearby enemies.
  • Reactive Barrier: Being struck by a fire, frost or shock spell or effect reduces damage from that element by X% for 5 seconds.
  • Recharge Weapons: Recharges weapons X points per second, up to the charge level the weapon had when it was equipped.
  • Reclaim Magicka: Deaths within X feet drain the victim's remaining Magicka to replenish yours.
  • Ritual Protection: Immune to stagger and taking half damage from attacks while casting a ritual spell.
  • Rollback: With weapons or spells drawn, jump to return to your location 4 seconds earlier.
  • Shalidor's Shield: Take X% less attack damage while casting a spell.
  • Siphon Health: Absorbs Health based on level from enemies within X feet.
  • Siphon Magicka: Absorbs Magicka based on level from enemies within X feet.
  • Siphon Stamina: Absorbs Stamina based on level from enemies within X feet.
  • Soul Fusion: Deals damage equal to Magicka to nearby targets when equipped and to you when unequipped.
  • Soul Harvest: Gains X soul energy when a living foe dies, granting the Soul Burst power at 1000 soul energy.
  • Spirit of Life: Casting healing spells on allies is twice as effective.
  • Spurs: All mounts move 30% faster when ridden.
  • Stability: X% chance to avoid stagger from power attacks and bashes.
  • Triptych: Attributes: If you have a Fortify Health, Fortify Magicka and Fortify Stamina enchantment, increases Health, Magicka and Stamina by 50 points.
  • Triptych: Resistances: If you have a Resist Fire, Resist Frost and Resist Shock enchantment, grants 25% resistance to fire, frost and shock.
  • Unbreakable: Take X% less damage from power attacks and bashes.
  • Windfall: 3% chance per second to restore X points of Health, Magicka and Stamina.

Improvements to vanilla enchantments

Summermyst includes several improvements and bugfixes to vanilla enchantments. See the Readme for a list of changes.


Compatibility notes

See here for a list of (in)compatible mods.

How is this different from Wintermyst?

More polish and attention to detail, many bugfixes, improved balance, more future oriented due to the lack of SKSE requirement. You can't use both.

  • Does this mod need a reproccer or patcher: No. While Wintermyst had a reproccer, 95% of those who used it didn't need it but were confused and thought they did, and the results were not very good anyway.
  • Some enchantments are much stronger than listed/An immortal Wraith King appears at my side even with no items equipped: Summermyst repurposes a large number of unused actor values to implement scaling enchantments: many enchantments modify an unused actor value, which is then read by a hidden perk or script. If some of these unused actor values are also used by another mod in your load order, Summermyst will accordingly grant you their effects. This is a compatibility conflict and you may want to not use the affected enchantments or uninstall one or the other mod. The readme contains a list of all unused actor values.
  • All corpses disintegrate into "ghostly remains": This is an intended feature of Soul Harvest items. If it happens even without Soul Harvest items, you may have an outdated version of the mod: update your copy of the mod to 1.03 or later, making sure to uninstall, create a new save and reinstall the new version.
  • I can no longer attain >75% spell cost reduction or >100% fortified alchemy: This is an optional feature to improve balance. It is disabled by default in 2.00 and later and must be turned on using the MCM. To disable it in 1.xx versions, type set SUM_Ench_Global_DisableCaps to 1 into the console.
  • Does this mod replace the spell cost reduction enchantments with spell effectiveness enchantments: Summermyst includes both spell cost reduction enchantments ("Fortify <School>") and spell effectiveness enchantments ("Amplify <School>").
  • Some armor enchantments do not work for followers or other NPCs: This is unfortunately inevitable, but also applies to the vanilla game where almost none of the Fortify <Skill> enchantments work for NPCs. Any armor enchantment that does not increase an actor value (such as "speed" or "health") or affect targets within a radius of the wearer will not work when worn by NPCs, but almost all weapon enchantments will work when wielded by NPCs.
  • Everyone resists my weapon enchantment: As in the vanilla game (Paralyze enchantment), chance or condition based enchantments (Illusory Burden, Imprisonment, Power Attack Damage, Shifting Earth, Skyhook, Sound) will display a resist message if the dice roll or condition is not met. This is not a bug.