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Growl is a lightweight werewolf (and werebear) overhaul. It offers a much smoother werebeast combat experience, scaling, reworked perks, synergies between beast and mortal form, lunar transformations and many quality of life improvements, making werebeasts a viable choice for your character; all this without "taking over" or imbalancing the game.

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25/12/2019 Thanks to everyone who donated!


  • A werebeast overhaul in vanilla-plus style.
  • Makes werebeasts viable at all stages of the game.
  • Many quality of life improvements.
  • Werebears.
  • Lightweight scripts, no save bloat.
  • Can be installed during your playthrough.

The beastblood

Hircine's gift inflicted upon mankind is known as the beastblood. It is not only a strength, but also a curse. You gain the following abilities in both mortal and beast form:

  • Beastblood: The beastblood grants 100% resistance to disease.
  • Beastblood: The beastblood causes 25% weakness to fire and silver weapons inflict 20 extra damage to you.
  • Call of the Blood: At night, 0-40% (based on the phases of the moon) chance that your curse manifests, forcing you to take the form of the beast.
  • (Argonian) Rabies: Your Argonian blood adds poison damage based on level to your attacks in beast form.
  • (Breton) Skinwalker: Your Breton blood reduces the cooldown of Beast Form by 30 seconds.
  • (Dark Elf) Raging Hatred: Your Dark Elven blood extends the duration of Beast Form by 60 seconds.
  • (High Elf) Golden Mane: Your High Elven blood grants 15% bonus magic resistance in beast form.
  • (Imperial) Pack Leader: Your Imperial blood reduces the cooldown of howls in beast form by 50%.
  • (Khajiit) Hunting Instinct: Your Khajiit blood reduces the Stamina cost of power attacks in beast form by 20%.
  • (Nord) Vargr: Your Nord blood grants 20% bonus attack damage for 30 seconds after feeding in beast form.
  • (Orc) Primal Rage: Your Orc blood halves attack damage taken for 15 seconds upon activating Beast Form.
  • (Redguard) Strong Stomach: Your Redguard blood restores 100 points of Stamina when you feed in beast form.
  • (Wood Elf) Moonchaser: Your Wood Elven blood grants 10% extra movement speed in beast form.

Call of the Blood warns you shortly before you change, giving you time to get clear of populated areas. While forced transformations at night are a feature in older TES games, having them occur at random with no warning only serves to discourage the player from entering cities at night. Equipping Hircine's Ring has the effect of allowing you to "control your transformations", and therefore disables Call of the Blood. Version 1.2.0 and later add lunar transformations to Call of the Blood - a commonly requested feature from Moonlight Tales where you are more likely to transform at night if the moons are full, and less likely if they are dark.

You also gain the following power in mortal form:

  • Beast Form: Take on the form of the beast for 150 seconds. 90 second cooldown.

The change from a 1/day power in vanilla Skyrim to a cooldown based power in Growl makes it much more useful. Unlike many other implementations, it works just like a vanilla Skyrim cooldown, greying out the power until the cooldown ends, and triggering the power by other means (such as the Voice of Rage and Ruin perk in Ordinator) does not start the cooldown.


Vanilla Skyrim werewolves are underpowered, lacking survivability, a heal on demand, useful synergy with mage characters, or even such basic features as being able to loot corpses or revert to mortal form at will, forcing players to leave loot behind. Growl includes many buffs and quality of life improvements to make werebeasts viable throughout the game. You gain the following effects in beast form:

  • Carry weight increased by 500 points
  • Take no damage from falls
  • Immune to disease
  • Werebeast attacks deal 10 (+1 per character level) base damage (up to level 50)
  • Werebeast skin grants 60 (+6 per character level) base armor (up to level 50)
  • Werebeast skin grants 25% (+1% per character level) magic resistance (up to level 50)
  • Health increased by 50 points
  • 100% of base Magicka transferred to Stamina instead
  • Move 15% faster
  • Regenerate 20% of maximum Stamina per second
  • Able to feed on humanoid and animal corpses to restore 50 points of Health and extend the remaining duration by 30 seconds
  • Bloodthirst: Werebeast claws do 10 points of bleed damage, healing you for the same amount.

Raising base Magicka or Stamina both result in more Stamina in beast form, ensuring both warriors and mages can effectively make use of beast form. For warriors who do not invest into Magicka at all, transferring their 100 starting Magicka to Stamina results in the same Stamina bonus as in vanilla Skyrim.

Werebeast quality of life features

You can now hold down the power button to change back out of beast form after 10 seconds have passed. (Or 30 seconds after a forced transformation at night from the Call of the Blood ability.)

Werebeasts can now interact with containers, collect ingredients and loot corpses (corpses you can't feed on, such as undead without the Savage Feeding perk, can't be looted). However, lacking opposable thumbs, they cannot pick locks. Take the Totem of the Hunt perk to destroy locks instead.

Activating beast form now suspends your shout cooldown, allowing you to use howls without the cooldown preventing you from doing so. When you revert form, the shout cooldown resumes.

Werebeast special attacks no longer have cooldowns, solving the issue in vanilla Skyrim where they don't work for seemingly no reason. They have been modified for a better feel as well; for instance, the knockdown back hand attack now launches targets in an arc instead of straight down.

The loophole with many other implementations of werebeast looting where you can equip armor or weapons by opening the loot screen and navigating to your inventory tab is not available in Growl. This is an exploit and does not belong in a vanilla-plus experience.

Werebeast scaling and experience gain

A major drawback of werebeasts in vanilla Skyrim is their lack of skill scaling and inability to gain experience. In Growl, werebeasts scale with your highest weapon skill and armor skill:

  • In beast form, gain +0.5 damage per level in your highest weapon skill, and +3.0 armor per level in your highest armor skill (up to level 100).
  • In beast form, feed on a corpse to gain experience in your highest weapon skill and armor skill. Experience is based on the corpse's level.

In the event of a tie between skills, it prioritises One-Handed over Two-Handed over Archery, and Light Armor over Heavy Armor.


Werebeasts can howl to create a variety of effects. As in vanilla Skyrim, you start with Howl of Terror and can change to another howl by uncovering its Totem during the relevant quest. Howls now have a 15 second cooldown.

To use a howl, tap the power button in beast form.

  • Howl of Brotherhood: Howl to summon two wolves to your side. If you are a werebear, summons bears instead.
  • Howl of Terror: Howl to cause nearby living targets within 100 feet to flee in terror for 15 seconds.
  • Howl of the Hunt: Howl to detect living targets in a 300 foot radius. This distinguishes between targets that are in combat, searching for you and unaware of you.

Vanilla Skyrim howls are rather weak except for the summoning howl. Growl improves the other two by adding their vanilla Skyrim perk effects (increased level cap, ability to distinguish between targets that are in combat or not) to them as a baseline and adding new perks in their place which further improve them. Howl of Terror's duration has additionally been reduced because long duration fear effects tend to be detrimental, forcing you to chase down enemies.

The Werewolf perk tree

Growl expands the Werewolf perk tree from 8 to 19 perks, and the number of Werewolf perk points you can spend from 11 to 27.

To get Werewolf perk points, feed on corpses in beast form or as a lycanthrope. To compensate for the increased number of Werewolf perks, each subsequent level requires only 1 more feeding than the last, down from 2 in vanilla Skyrim.

  • Bestial Strength (4): Deal 25/50/75/100% more attack damage in beast form.
  • Animal Vigor: Additional 100 point bonus to Health and Stamina in beast form.
  • Rampage: Beast form lasts 50% longer and feeding extends the duration 50% more.

  • Infinite Duress: Frenzy attacks (one-handed standing power attacks) in beast form stun targets for the duration.
  • Supernatural Strength: Back hand attacks (two-handed standing power attacks) in beast form disarm targets.
  • Roadkill: Leap attacks (two-handed sprinting power attacks) in beast form do a critical strike equal to twice your Stamina and throw targets.

  • Feral Instincts: Power attacks in beast form cost 25% less Stamina and do 25% more damage.
  • Improved Bloodthirst (2): Beast form attacks do an additional 10/20 points of bleed damage, healing you for the same amount.
  • Swipe: Power attacks in beast form can hit multiple targets in front of you.

  • Lycanthropic Speed: Movement speed is increased by 10%, both in and out of beast form.
  • Lycanthropic Regeneration (2): Regenerate an additional 1/2% of your maximum Health and Stamina per second, both in and out of beast form.
  • Spread the Beastblood: Give your follower the beastblood by trading Werebeast Blood with them. No effect on vampires.

  • Totem of Ice Brothers (2): Werebeast Howl of Brotherhood calls Ice Wolves or Snow Bears/Werewolves or Werebears instead.
  • Totem of the Hunt (2): Werebeast Howl of the Hunt shatters locks up to Adept/Expert level at close range.
  • Totem of Terror (2): Werebeast Howl of Terror affects even dragons, forcing them to land for 30/60 seconds.

  • Gorging: Feeding heals 100 points more.
  • Savage Feeding: Able to feed off the undead in beast form, and loot their corpses.

  • Bury the Beast: No longer forced to transform at night.
  • Wolf Among Men: The frequency of Silver Hand Elite werebeast hunters is reduced by 75%.

The reduced number of feedings required per perk point is not retroactive if the mod is installed during a playthrough, but will be applied correctly each time you get a perk point after that. If you have Werewolf perks in vanilla Skyrim, you get the corresponding Growl perks.

Receiving the beastblood

There are several ways to receive the beastblood and get started on your journey:

  • Progress through the Companions questline: This is the only way to obtain the beastblood in vanilla Skyrim.
  • Consume the Werebeast Blood: Werebeast Blood is a rare alchemy ingredient that can most often be bought at alchemy vendors (such as Zaria of Grave Concoctions in Falkreath or Elgrim of Elgrim's Elixirs in Riften) and occasionally found in the pockets of warlocks and forsworn or taken from the corpses of wild werewolves.
  • Experience a dream vision: Sleep outdoors under a clear sky at night, and you will have a dream where you can choose to beseech Hircine to grant you the beastblood. This can only occur once.

These options should appeal to both roleplayers and players who want to jump in as soon as possible, while minimising the impact on your playthrough if you choose not to become a werewolf. This also makes Growl usable in general mod packs whose users may not be interested in details.

Other features


Uncover any Totem during the relevant vanilla Skyrim quest and activate it to choose between werewolf and werebear form. Both forms are functionally identical, but we can all agree that bears are better than wolves. :-)

Werebeast hunters

Changing into beast form with witnesses around or leaving a trail of devoured corpses behind may attract the attention of the Silver Hand. Eventually, Silver Hand Elite werebeast hunters will track you down and attack you. Each time another Silver Hand Elite patrol is sent, it includes more and stronger hunters.

World events

Fights between werebeasts and their enemies can now occur in the wilderness at night, making werebeasts slightly more common in the world of Skyrim.

Spreading the beastblood

The perk Spread the Beastblood allows you to give your follower the beastblood by trading them Werebeast Blood and accepting the dialog box. Certain Skyrim characters already have the beastblood.

When a character with the beastblood is your follower, you can ask them to change into beast form in combat. They will turn into a werewolf or werebear depending on which form you have chosen, except for Skyrim characters who are canonically werewolves and will always turn into werewolf form.

Half-beast visuals

An optional cosmetic feature that adds fur, claws and an unarmed swipe attack to your character when you have the beastblood. Due to potential compatibility implications (incompatibility with custom races and mods that change racial stats, body textures or body meshes), this feature is now available as a separate optional file, starting with version 1.1.0.


Compatibility notes

See here for a list of (in)compatible mods.

How to install or uninstall

To install: Add the mod to your load order and activate it. Make sure you are not currently transformed into a werewolf.

To uninstall: Remove the mod. Any perk points in werewolf perks that have no vanilla equivalent will be lost.


  • I have RaceCompatibility and...: RaceCompatibility does not officially support Growl, and moreover, takes precedence over Growl regardless of load order. See the compatibility notes for a workaround to solve this issue.
  • Feeding does not work: This generally means another mod is overwriting the werewolf race, such as Mortal Enemies, causing a conflict. See the compatibility notes for information on how to proceed.
  • Can't open the perk tree in werebear form: Game limitation, it is hardcoded to werewolf form only.
  • Can't loot equipped items and gold in beast form: Fixed in 1.0.4.
  • I don't get the Beast Form power after feeding: You have a conflicting or broken mod installed.
  • Beast Form power has a 24 hour cooldown: You have a conflicting or broken mod installed, or installed the mod while you were actively a werewolf.