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Andromeda replaces the mundane vanilla Standing Stone effects with two new abilities per stone, enabling many new character builds. Upon discovering all Standing Stones, each of them also grants a unique power.

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Andromeda - Standing Stones of Skyrim


  • Andromeda replaces the vanilla Standing Stone effects with two new abilities per stone.
  • The new abilities are designed to encourage new character builds.
  • Discover all Standing Stones to also unlock a new power for each stone.
  • High quality scripting and art.

Standing Stones

The Apprentice Stone

  • Prodigy: Novice spells cost no Magicka and all other spells cost 15% less Magicka.
  • Sorcerer's Apprentice: Spells you cast are either 50% more effective or 50% less effective than intended. (The former is more likely.)

  • Vaporize: 1/day - For 30 seconds, prevent a killing blow by annihilating the attacker. No effect on massive targets.

The Atronach Stone

  • Corrupted Arcana: Magicka does not regenerate. Each death within 50 feet restores Magicka equal to 25 times their level.
  • Oblivion Bound: If you have Magicka remaining, spells are 25% more effective and cost 50% less Magicka.

  • Devour from Within: 1/day - Paralyzes a living target, absorbing 50 Magicka for 10 seconds. When depleted, absorbs Health instead.

The Lady Stone

  • Lunar Familiar: When entering combat, summons a Lunar Familiar under your control for 60 seconds.
  • Premonition: Pale light marks enemies who can kill you with their next strike, slowing them and reducing armor by 500 points.

  • Eclipse: 1/day - Commands your Lunar Familiar to fight the target. It deals 300% more damage and takes 50% less damage.

The Lord Stone

  • Crown of Autumn: Stamina does not regenerate in combat, but power attacks deal 20% more damage and stagger.
  • Old Stone: The Lord graciously allows you to power attack when out of Stamina, dealing 30% less damage and stagger.

  • Kneel or Be Knelt: 1/day - Throws targets to the ground, dealing 15 magic damage and absorbing that much Stamina for 10 seconds.

The Lover Stone

  • Secret Admirer: The Lover periodically gifts you a random enchanted weapon or armor.
  • Undying Love: Cheat death when slain, returning to life with full Health. This effect has a 15 minute cooldown.

  • Lover's Kiss: At will - Target is magically bonded to you and can be called to your location with the Lover's Call power.

The Mage Stone

  • Power of the Arcane: Spells are 10% more effective. Scrolls are 20% more effective.
  • Mage's Path: Learn all Mage skills 10% faster.

  • Ultimate Power: 1/day - Choose one of three random schools of magic. Spells are twice as effective and cost half as much for 60 seconds.

The Ritual Stone

  • Mara's Mercy: Approach a violently slain corpse to gather its memories, summoning it as a vengeful spirit in your next battle.
  • Mara's Veil: Reanimation spells last 20% longer and work on targets up to 10 levels higher.

  • Requiem: 1/day - Vengeful spirits gain 1000 points of Health. They move and attack 50% faster. Lasts 45 seconds.

The Serpent Stone

  • Slither: Sneaking now costs 10 Magicka per second but you move 25% faster while sneaking.
  • Striking Cobra: If you have Magicka remaining, sneaking and sneak attacks are 40% more effective (20% for projectiles).

  • Star Curse: 1/day - Silently steals all Magicka and Stamina from targets and prevents regeneration for 20 seconds.

The Shadow Stone

  • Blur: The Shadow increases movement speed by 20% in combat.
  • Hide in Shadows: When near a wall or obstacle, sneaking and sneak attacks are 20% more effective.

  • Shadow Step: At will - Expend 50 points of Stamina to dash to a nearby target within 75 feet.

The Steed Stone

  • Explorer: The Steed increases carry weight by 50 points and adds random nearby landmarks to the map.
  • Gallop: When out of combat, the Steed increases movement speed by 40% and you regenerate Stamina 50% faster.

  • Bag of Holding: At will - Open an extradimensional storage space to stash or retrieve items.

The Thief Stone

  • Ambush: Sneaking and sneak attacks are 10% more effective.
  • Thief's Path: Learn all Thief skills 10% faster.

  • Pillage: 1/day - Find more loot on enemies you kill within 30 seconds. Especially violent kills result in even more loot.

The Tower Stone

  • Royal Treasury: A quest leads to a hidden cache in Skyrim containing fabulous loot. Looting it indicates the next cache.
  • Tower Key: Open locked doors up to Adept level. Once a day, open any lock of up to Expert level.

  • The Dungeon: 1/day - Targets are lost in a mental maze, mindless but untouchable for 25 seconds. This is not a hostile effect.

The Warrior Stone

  • Fierce Spirit: Power attacks do 15% more damage, and ranged weapons do up to 15% more damage based on distance.
  • Warrior's Path: Learn all Warrior skills 10% faster.

  • Star of the West: 1/day - Invoke the Warrior to refill Health and Stamina and fortify them by the amount restored for 30 seconds.


See here for a list of (in)compatible mods.


Installation instructions: Make sure you do not have the Atronach or Steed Stone active, then add the mod to your load order and activate it.

Uninstallation instructions: Select the Mage, Warrior or Thief Stone, then deactivate the mod and remove it from your load order.

  • The Steed Stone is still vanilla: If you use Nexus Mod Manager, make sure you have a recent version so it knows to load Andromeda below Survival Mode.
  • I uninstalled this mod while the Lover Stone was active and now I can't die: I'm sorry. Reload an older save.