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Apocalypse is the most popular Skyrim spell pack, adding 155 new spells that are unique, balanced, lore friendly, use high quality custom visuals and blend seamlessly into the vanilla magic system. Also includes scrolls and staves for the new spells.

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  • Apocalypse adds 155 spells (31 per school) plus scrolls and staves.
  • The spells can be bought and looted like vanilla spells.
  • High quality custom animations.
  • Balanced against vanilla magic and compatible with popular magic scaling mods.
  • Enables viable spellcasters without Destruction or Conjuration.
  • Low script load, no save bloat.
  • Includes a fix for the Restoration Ritual Spell quest bug.
  • Configuration options available in the Apocalypse MCM if SkyUI is installed (SkyUI not required to use Apocalypse).

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Integration into Skyrim

Apocalypse is seamlessly integrated into Skyrim. The spells, scrolls and staves can be bought and looted from the same sources as vanilla spells of the same school and level. After you install Apocalypse, any spell vendors will start selling the appropriate spell tomes once they restock their inventory (when left alone for 48 hours).

Full list of spells


  • Alarm: For 120 seconds, alerts you when an enemy crosses the 150 foot perimeter.
  • Longstride: While concentrating, grants 20% movement speed and 25 carry weight, tripled when out of combat.
  • Prepare for Adventure: Creates a set of basic enchanted mage items (robes, circlet, boots, Destruction staff) in your inventory for 180 seconds.

  • Drop Zone: Creates a ring of cushioning magic at the target location. The caster takes no damage when falling into the ring.
  • Ocato's Recital: Stores the (beneficial self-targeted non-concentration) spell in your left hand and casts it for no cost whenever you enter combat. Up to 3 spells. Empty left hand to reset.
  • Perilous Path: Lay down a spike barrier that lasts 10 seconds and randomly staggers enemies moving through the spikes.
  • Raise Wall: Concentrate to summon a wall from the earth that blocks passage.
  • Reynos' Fins: You swim 100% faster for 60 seconds.
  • Wither: Reduces a target's movement speed and attack damage by 5% each second for 20 seconds.

  • Locate Object: Illuminates the nearest ore vein, gold, container, door, key, soul gem, written text, potion, gem, ingot or equipment of your choice for 20 seconds.
  • Spell Twine: Bind a chosen effect to the spell in your left hand. It is triggered whenever the spell is cast. Up to 3 spells. Empty left hand to reset.
  • Strength of Earth: Concentrate to deal 40% more attack damage with your other hand. Release after attacking to stagger nearby foes.
  • Tharn's Prison: Target humanoid is trapped in a cage of force. Lasts up to 10 seconds, but has 5% chance per second to break.
  • Thundering Hooves: For 180 seconds, your mount is X% faster, regenerates Stamina and can swim upwards to run on water. Nearby allies riding a mount within 30 feet also benefit.
  • Undermine: For 30 seconds, shifting earth causes the target to lose its balance when swinging a melee weapon, staggering the target and draining 30 points of Stamina.

  • Deep Storage: Grants access to an infinite underground storage space.
  • Detonate Lock: Open a lock with a level 25 points or more below your Alteration skill with a shockwave that may alert others.
  • Entomb: Buries a target permanently, or frees a buried target. Only one victim may be buried at a time.
  • Fabricate Object: The caster creates a bridge, bed or crafting station of his or her choice. The object disappears after 120 seconds or when entering combat.
  • Knowledge is Power: Copies the (non-concentration) spell in your left hand, granting a power that casts this spell once a day for no cost. Empty left hand to reset.
  • Tumble Magnet: Magnetic artifact that exists for 20 seconds, randomly pulling nearby enemies to the center.

Master (requires the completion of the Ritual Alteration Spell quest at the College of Winterhold)
  • Acceleration Rune: Cast on a nearby surface, launches enemies in the direction they are moving.
  • Battletide: Steals 80 points of armor rating from each nearby target for 30 seconds. The caster gains the total amount stolen.
  • Control Weather: Temporarily summon the weather of your choice.
  • Hethoth's Grimoire: Creates a hovering spell tome of the (projectile, non-concentration) spell in your left hand. It repeatedly casts the spell in the direction you are facing for 30 seconds.
  • Malviser's Gauntlet: Holds a target helplessly in front of the caster with telekinetic force until slain or for 10 seconds.
  • Milestones: Place up to 5 teleportation anchors and teleport freely between them.
  • Sotha's Maelstrom: Emit radiation that reduces the magic resistance of nearby enemies within 20 feet by 5% per second, up to 100%. Lasts 120 seconds.
  • Talons of Nirn: Whenever an enemy in the area is staggered, a spike of rock erupts from the ground, tossing the target and dealing 150 Stamina damage. Lasts 60 seconds.
  • Thrumming Stone: Magical vibrating rock that emits a tremor every 8 seconds, staggering enemies and reducing magic resistance by 40% for 2 seconds. Emits 5 pulses.
  • Wind Running: Grants the ability to sprint across thin air and immunity to fall damage for 30 seconds.


  • Azure Reconstruction: Expend 15 Stamina per second to heal a damaged conjured minion 20 points per second.
  • Conjure Avenging Wraith: Summons an Avenging Wraith for 30 seconds. Its stats are equal to 150% of those of the opponent that last killed it.
  • Consuming Power: Allied summoned or reanimated minion gains 75% extra attack damage for 10 seconds, then dies.

  • Atronach Mark: Marks a target for 10 seconds. The mark detonates when struck by a summoned or reanimated minion, dealing magic damage equal to 15% of the target's Health.
  • Conjure Cat Totem: Summons a Nordic totem spirit for 60 seconds. It changes between warrior and cat form to heal. (Max. 1)
  • Conjure Deadeye Captain: Summons a Deadeye Captain for 60 seconds. Activate a corpse to store it. Activate the Captain to dredge it up.
  • Conjure Dremora Churl: Summons a Dremora Churl for 60 seconds. When killed, a Dremora Churl is summoned under control of the killer.
  • Power of the Master: Casts the (beneficial self-targeted) spell in your left hand on all nearby summoned or reanimated minions.
  • Soul Cloak: For 120 seconds, nearby hostile targets fill a soul gem on death.

  • Conjure Dremora Pit Fighter: Summons a Dremora Pit Fighter for 60 seconds. It gains 25% extra damage for each nearby enemy.
  • Conjure Lich: Summons a Lich for 60 seconds. Costs 500 points of charge from an equipped enchanted weapon to cast.
  • Conjure Xivilai Sorcerer: Summons a Xivilai Sorcerer for 60 seconds. The caster takes 50 points of fire damage.
  • Corpse Explosion: Violently releases the soul of a corpse, disintegrating it with a magical explosion that deals damage equal to 40% of the corpse's maximum Health.
  • Daedric Crescent: Binds a Daedric Crescent to a summoned Dremora or humanoid for 120 seconds. Until discharged, the weapon deals 50 magic damage and staggers targets.
  • Summoning Rune: Cast on a nearby surface, teleports an opponent in front of you when triggered.

  • Conjure Dremora Champion: Summons a Dremora Champion for 60 seconds. Its power attacks deal bonus damage and knock targets airborne.
  • Conjure Dremora Honor Guard: Summons a Dremora Honor Guard for 60 seconds. It reduces enemy magic resistance within 15 feet by 25%.
  • Conjure Dremora Mentor: Choose a magic school and summon a Dremora Mentor for 90 seconds. It does not fight, but offers training in the chosen school and the school improves 20% faster.
  • Conjure Herne: Summons a Herne for 60 seconds. It is accompanied by 3 Spirit Wolves under its command.
  • Conjure Xivilai Lord: Summons a Xivilai Lord for 60 seconds. When summoned, drains all Magicka and has 200% of this amount.
  • Oathbound Guardian: Living ally is protected by an Oathbound Guardian under his or her command for 60 seconds.

Master (requires the completion of the Ritual Conjuration Spell quest at the College of Winterhold)
  • Banish Living: Banish a living creature to Oblivion. Items (except quest items) are lost forever.
  • Conjure Battlemage: Call upon the services of a lower ranking Battlemage for 180 seconds. Activate to purchase permanent upgrades.
  • Conjure Bear Totem: Summons a Nordic totem spirit for 240 seconds. It changes between hunter and bear form to heal. (Max. 1)
  • Conjure Craftlord: Calls a Dwemer sage to Nirn for 180 seconds. Modify its stats with the Reconfigure Craftlord spell.
  • Conjure Dremora Assassin: Summons a Dremora Assassin for 180 seconds. Its arrows reduce targets below 250 Health to 1 for 10 seconds.
  • Conjure Kyrkrim: Summons the daedric wolf mount Kyrkrim for 180 seconds. When ridden, low level creatures and people flee in terror.
  • Conjure Lord of Bindings: Summons a Lord of Bindings for 180 seconds. It does not fight, but rapidly summons Churls in combat.
  • Conjure Nether Lich: Summons a Nether Lich for 180 seconds. It inflicts a damaging disease, lowers skill levels and raises the dead.
  • Conjure Weeping Daedra: Summons a Weeping Daedra for 120 seconds. It steals large amounts of Health with its magical attacks, but turns to inert and brittle stone when an enemy looks at it.
  • Necrowitch: Summons the corpse of an ancient sorceress to reanimate for 600 seconds and teaches her the (ranged, touch or cloak) elemental spell in your left hand.


  • Crackle: Does 10 damage to Health and Magicka. A static cloud follows the target, dealing up to 50 damage.
  • Hailstone: An ice crystal that shatters for 15 frost damage to Health and Stamina. Direct hits bypass Frost Resist.
  • Unbound Fire: Bolt of wildfire that deals 10 damage. The flames randomly jump to the target or caster, dealing 25 damage.

  • Creeping Cold: Deals 10 frost damage per second to Health and Stamina. After 6 seconds, freezes the target for 60 damage.
  • Dragon's Teeth: Ignites all targets, doing 5 damage for 4 seconds. On death, the ground burns for 15 damage per second.
  • Fracture: A layer of thin ice deals 5 damage to Health and Stamina for 3 seconds. The ice shatters for 35 damage when struck by a different frost spell.
  • Inferno: Attunes the caster to fire, equipping the Ember Bolt spell for up to 15 seconds. It deals 40 fire damage.
  • Rift Bolt: Deals 20 shock damage to Health and half of that to Magicka and teleports the target backwards.
  • Thundercrack: Deafening close range blast that deals 40 points of shock damage to Health and half of that to Magicka.

  • Bolide: Meteoric rock that deals 25 fire damage. It heats up as it travels, dealing up to x5 damage based on distance.
  • Electrosphere: Slow moving ball lightning that strikes for 55 damage to Health and Magicka.
  • Frost Nova: Radial frost explosion that deals 30 damage to Health and Stamina. Closer targets take up to x2 damage.
  • Ice Shiv: Jagged shard that deals 30 frost damage to Health and Stamina. Targets hit from behind take x3 damage.
  • Incendiary Flow: Creates a molten stream as it passes near terrain, dealing 20 fire damage for 10 seconds.
  • Scattershock: A stream of charged bolts that deal 30 damage to Health and half of that to Magicka per second.

  • Bombardment: A steady stream of exploding projectiles that deal 50 points of damage per second.
  • Lightning Strike: Lightning strikes the target location, dealing 60 shock damage to Health and half to Stamina.
  • Scorching Hands: Blasts targets in melee range, dealing 80 points of fire damage per second.
  • Shattering Crystal: Creates a crystal of ice. Cast again to detonate the crystal for up to 270 damage to Health and Stamina, decreasing with distance.
  • Shock Nova: Radial shockwave that deals 40 damage to Health and Magicka. Those along the edge take up to x2 damage.
  • Sleet Storm: A rapid stream of ice shards that deal 60 damage to Health and Stamina per second.

Master (requires the completion of the Ritual Destruction Spell quest at the College of Winterhold)
  • Apocalypse: Target is assaulted by elemental entities that appear nearby and cast x4 damage Flames, Frostbite and Sparks spells. Lasts 10 seconds.
  • Cyclonic Rift: Creates a storm portal for 20 seconds. If two portals are active, those approaching either get warped across and take 50 shock damage to Health and Magicka.
  • Fingers of the Mountain: Electrifies nearby opponents for 30 seconds. When hit by a shock spell, lightning strikes for 120 damage to Health and half of that to Magicka. Only works outdoors.
  • Flamestrike: A storm of 24 meteoric fireballs rains down from the heavens in a line extending from the caster, each exploding for 160 fire damage. Only works outdoors.
  • Forbidden Sun: Giant ball of elemental fire that deals 100 points of damage in a wide area on impact. Targets struck lose 200 points of Fire Resist for 4 seconds.
  • Frozen Orb: Spinning orb that slowly travels to the target location and hovers there for 3 seconds, spraying ice spikes for 180 frost damage to Health and Stamina.
  • Howling Blast: Casts a jet of icy wind that deals 45 damage per second to Health and Stamina. Targets caught in the stream lose 50 points of Frost Resist.
  • Static Dome: Shock globe that does 25 shock damage to Health and half to Magicka and reduces Shock Resist by 50 points.
  • Twister: Creates a tornado at the target location. A direct hit sucks up a target, dealing 40 frost damage for 10 seconds. Nearby targets take half damage. Only works outdoors.
  • Volcano: Creates a volcanic eruption at the target location that spits out 8 lava bombs per second for 10 seconds, each dealing 40 fire damage.


  • Dispel Magic: Dispels all magical effects (except diseases) on friends and foes.
  • Ghostwalk: Caster is invisible for 10 seconds or until broken, then teleports back to where the spell was cast.
  • Pale Shadow: Target enemy is attacked by its own image for 10 seconds. It deals the same damage but has 1 Health.

  • Backlash: Interrupts target spellcaster. If a spell is interrupted, the target is hit by their own offensive spells, while non-offensive spells are cast on you.
  • Curse of the Silent: Drains 8 points of Magicka per second for 30 seconds or until the target successfully casts a spell.
  • Illusory Flames: Concentrate to deal 30% of their current Health as temporary damage that wears off after 2 seconds.
  • Mind Vision: See through the eyes of target creature or humanoid for 10 seconds. Sheathe to cancel.
  • Shared Trauma: For 10 seconds, when target creature or humanoid loses Health, the previous target loses the same amount.
  • Thoughtsteal: Equip the spells the target has equipped. Lasts for 120 seconds or until unequipped.

  • Blood for Blood: Cast on a corpse, summons the anguish of its death as an avenging force to reduce the Health of the killer to 1.
  • Compelling Whispers: Concentrate for 5 seconds to force creatures or people to fight for the caster for 60 seconds.
  • Evil Twin: While concentrating, manifests illusions of nearby enemies to attack them. Illusions take extra damage from attacks.
  • Figment of Pain: Creates an immobile illusion linked to the target for 20 seconds. Damage felt by either is felt by both.
  • Illusory Pyre: Illusory explosion deals 25% of their current Health as temporary damage that wears off after 15 seconds.
  • Shadowbond: Caster and target gain invisibility for 20 seconds. When the invisibility is broken, the caster and target swap places.

  • Empathic Agony: For 45 seconds, when the caster loses Health, target creatures or people lose 40% of this amount.
  • Enslave the Weak: Forces a hostile humanoid below 20% Health to serve your will permanently until slain. You can only have one slave at a time. Does not work on quest characters.
  • Mimic's Cloak: For 60 seconds, the caster copies most (non-concentration) spells cast by others within 20 foot.
  • Mind Control: Take control of a humanoid for 30 seconds. In combat, the target will fight back when attacked. The caster cannot act, but can cast spells. Sheathe to cancel.
  • Seidstone: The stone manifests illusions of nearby dead for 40 seconds. Illusions take extra damage from attacks.
  • Vanish: All nearby opponents targeting the caster or searching for the caster leave combat.

Master (requires the completion of the Ritual Illusion Spell quest at the College of Winterhold)
  • Harrowing Dirge: When a cursed creature or humanoid dies, all other cursed targets take unresistable damage equal to 20% of their maximum Health. Lasts 40 seconds.
  • Hidden Cobra: Curses a target for 60 seconds. The curse reduces Health to 1 if the target leaves combat for 5 seconds.
  • Last Word: Interrupts target spellcaster. If a spell is interrupted, any other Illusion spells cast on the target within 10 seconds last four times longer and are twice as powerful.
  • Magicka Void: Reduces the Health percentage of all targets to match their Magicka percentage.
  • Mirror Entity: Control an illusion of target humanoid for 20 seconds. In combat, the illusion will attack opponents in range. The caster cannot act, but can cast spells. Sheathe to cancel.
  • Pull From Eternity: Cast on a corpse to capture its ghost. Cast on a target to release the ghost to attack the target for 40 seconds. The ghost takes less damage from attacks.
  • Scream of Pain: Lowers the Health percentage of nearby creatures and humanoids to the caster's Health percentage. The lost Health is restored after 20 seconds.
  • Shroudwalk: You are invisible for 90 seconds. When performing an action that breaks invisibility, you immediately regain invisibility, up to 5 times.
  • Spectral Warband: Manifests illusions of all allies in combat for 60 seconds. Illusions take extra damage from attacks.
  • Wyrd: The hand of fate chooses a random nearby target. It takes 20% of its current Health for each nearby target as temporary damage that wears off after 30 seconds.


  • Bone Spirit: Casts a vengeful spirit that homes in on the target and explodes for 50 points of magic damage to undead.
  • Circle of Strength: Steals 6 points of Stamina per second from hostiles inside the circle.
  • Wild Healing: Heals the caster 40 points, then heals a random target within range 40 points.

  • Lamb of Mara: For 30 seconds, you gain 35% of the Health the target loses.
  • Leech Seed: Infests a living target with a poison spore for 10 seconds. When the caster falls below full Health, the spore absorbs 5 points of Health per second.
  • Mystic Wind: For 10 seconds, restores 5 points of Magicka per second while the caster is sprinting.
  • Necroplague: Infects a corpse with a spreading virus that deals 9 disease damage for 30 seconds to nonmechanical foes.
  • Slay Living: Kills a living target in melee range with 25% or less remaining health.
  • Welling Blood: Curses a living target. If the target loses at least 60% of its maximum Health within 8 seconds, it dies.

  • Circle of the Moons: Steals 8 points of Magicka per second from hostiles inside the circle.
  • Finger of Death: Blast of death magic that damages a living target equal to its Health but the caster takes 125% damage. If this would kill the caster, damage to the target is reduced.
  • Horrid Wilting: Desiccates nonmechanical targets, inflicting 12 disease damage per second for 10 seconds.
  • Ruin: Weakens an enemy, reducing all skills by 15 points for 120 seconds.
  • Sealed Resolve: Places a seal upon the caster for 15 seconds. Losing 50% of your current Health unlocks the seal, halving incoming damage for its remaining duration.
  • Tree Rings: Caster receives 10 layers of tough plant skin, each increasing maximum Health by 15 points. Layers gradually fall off over the course of 30 seconds.

  • Blood Boil: Concentrate to summon whirling blood that harms foes within 15 feet and the caster. Deals 25 magic damage per second to enemies and 20 to the caster.
  • Channel Energies: Casts the (beneficial self-targeted) spell in your left hand on the target.
  • Decompose: Curses a nonmechanical target for 60 seconds, allowing allies within 10 feet of the target to absorb 15 points of Health per second from the target.
  • Healing Blossom: Activates 10 seconds after casting and lasts 10 seconds. The blossom heals the caster 30 points per second.
  • Nature's Balance: Swaps the Health percentages of the caster and a living target.
  • Resurgence: For 15 seconds, heals 20 points per second when the caster falls below 50% Health.

Master (requires the completion of the Ritual Restoration Spell quest at the College of Winterhold)
  • Bloodseeker: Casts a homing flare at a target. When it reaches the target, it heals or deals magic damage equal to 175% of the Health the target gained or lost while it was in flight.
  • Breath of Arkay: Accumulate 50 points of divine energy per second while concentrating. After you stop concentrating, the energy is converted into healing.
  • Circle of Death: Circle instantly kills living targets below 40% Health.
  • Dust to Dust: Destroys all undead below 40% health.
  • Godform: Divine energy replenishes up to 15 points of Magicka per second when Health is above 50%. The higher your Health, the faster it replenishes. Lasts 120 seconds.
  • Infinite Light: Stream of healing energy that diffracts between targets, healing 150 points per second.
  • King's Heart: A holy spark slowly follows the caster for 60 seconds. When it is nearby, it fortifies most skills by 15% and heals 15 points per second.
  • Life's Finale: Corrupts nearby nonmechanical targets and the caster for 20 seconds. The corruption deals 100 disease damage per second to others and 75 to the caster.
  • Meridia's Wrath: Attunes the caster to light, equipping the Starstorm spell for up to 100 seconds. This spell deals 30 damage per second to undead while the caster concentrates.
  • Worm Shroud: For X seconds, destroys corpses within 20 feet, improving Restoration spells by 5% for 30 seconds. This effect refreshes and stacks up to 10 times.

Scroll only

  • Erase Spells: When you cast a spell within 10 seconds, the spell vanishes from your spellbook. Cannot remove starting spells.

  • Gravisphere: Target is pulled into the air by a floating sphere of high mass for 60 seconds.
  • Mind Fog: Prevents the target from casting spells or regenerating Magicka for 20 seconds. Bypasses spell absorption.
  • Oblivion Unbound: Invokes an unholy rage in a summoned or raised creature, granting 200% attack and movement speed. It heals 10 points per second. Lasts 60 seconds.
  • Stendarr's Embrace: Fully heals the caster, then increases maximum Health by 25% of the amount healed for 60 seconds.
  • Wizardfire: Devastating blast of raw magicka that deals 400 points of magic damage in a large area but can hit the caster.


See here for a list of (in)compatible mods.


  • Can NPCs use these spells: Unfortunately, modifying a large number of NPCs to use the new spells would cause unacceptable compatibility issues. The solution is ASIS, a tool that goes through your load order and generates a mod file that adds spells from each mod to each individual NPC. Apocalypse is compatible with ASIS, but not out of the box: see the compatibility article.


Xivilai armor (Xivilai Sorcerer, Xivilai Lord) resources by: AlienSlof
Daedric Mage armor (Dremora Honor Guard) resources by: Natterforme, modified with permission.
Sea Dog headwear (Deadeye Captain) resources by: Hothtrooper44.
Shaman Robe armor (Cat Totem, Bear Totem) resources by: Luddemann.