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A strange little daedra friend to follow you. High-poly head. Speaks gibberish! Rides a wolf!

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Venrath is a Skaafin - A type of minor daedra usually seen in the service of Clavicus Vile.
Skaafin are small and yellow-skinned with long horns, and often a bit feral.
Skaafin are a relatively rare sight on Nirn, and to find one in Skyrim is especially unusual.
This one is a bit lost, and would like to follow you on your adventures!

Find her just inside the entrance of Haemar's Shame.
(Console: coc haemarsshameexterior01)

Venrath is fully voiced using altered Riekling voice files, so she speaks mostly in strange gibberish.
She has a simple custom follower framework and does not take up a follower slot.
She uses your installed body meshes and textures, and is compatible with every body mod.
Built for wide compatibility, she can be dressed and undressed as you see fit!

She levels with the player and is kitted out with useful perks.
In combat she uses a combination of spells and one-handed melee.
By default she is equipped with a daedric war axe.

If the player is mounted, she will ride a large wolf.

She often likes to sneak even when you're not - This is not a bug.
She is a weird little creep and likes to creep around.

VH1 Behind the mod:
This was put together pretty quickly as an exercise to brush up on my modding skills, and it turned out solid.
Part of the inspiration came from ESO, where you occasionally run into feral Skaafin, who I thought were cool.
Another part was that I knew Rieklings could be recruited as followers in Dragonborn, and I thought it would be
interesting to make a follower with the Riekling voice type. As it turned out, this was not as simple as it sounded,
and I had to build a custom voice type and follower framework from scratch to actually make it work.
She actually has quite a bit of dialogue, it's just mostly weird gibberish. 

I almost scrapped this project due to the extra hassle, but then I decided to forge ahead and get it done,
and I'm quite happy with the way it turned out. Enjoy!

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