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A simple farm boy eager for adventure...

Available as a playable character via RaceMenu preset, or as a basic follower located in Rorikstead

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Golmir is a young Nord farmhand who's liable to get in over his head in Skyrim...

  Follower Version:
* Stand-alone; no other mods required.
* He can be found working the fields in Rorikstead.
* Functionally a basic vanilla follower; primarily melee fighter.
* Marriageable, levels with the player.
* Male Young Eager voice type.
* Comes with basic low-level starter gear; farm clothes and an iron sword.
* Custom head mesh, hair by KS hairdos (included), otherwise uses whatever textures you have installed.

  RaceMenu Version:
* Made for regular Nord race.
* Requires RaceMenu, of course.
* Requires KS hairdos installed if you want the same hair, but you could always pick another one.

Please note this mod does not include any custom skin textures.
To make your Golmir look like the screenshots, you'll need to have some smooth, young-looking male skin textures installed in your game. I would love to include the textures I use, but they were cobbled together from several other people's assets that I do not have permission to redistribute. Some are no longer available, with no way to contact the maker and ask. Some I honestly don't even remember what I used. Sorry about that. Please look around for textures you like; there are a lot of options out there.

I made this guy as a player character, thought he turned out cool, and decided to share him, simple as that.
I've got no further plans to update this, it's just a really quick side project.

The idea for this character originated while I was working on my comedy follower/quest mod, The Erotic Adventures of Misty Skye.
I got a funny mental image of the hapless player character being dragged around and constantly teased by Misty... I saw a bewildered, slack-jawed young farm boy, awestruck and hopelessly entranced by her boobies. I tried designing a character like that in RaceMenu, and I liked what I came up with. This mod doesn't require Misty Skye or interact with that mod directly, but it's definitely recommended for use with Misty Skye...

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