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A simple mod that makes the actual Dragon Bridge - not the town - substantially bigger.

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This makes the Dragon Bridge bigger!

(The bridge, not the town!)

The ancient architectural wonder that is the Dragon Bridge always seemed a bit underwhelming to me, so I made it substantially bigger.

I had this idea a long time ago before I knew anything about the Creation Kit, but I realized I could totally do it now, so I totally did it!

It's not crazily huge. It's about 1.5 times its previous size, but that makes quite a difference when you cross it!

The bridge uses stone textures from dungeons. At this scale it will look much better if you use some HD dungeon textures.

This has no special requirements at all and should not conflict in a serious way with any mods!

I use Expanded Towns & Cities - including the Dragon Bridge South add-on - and I made sure this is fully compatible. You can see it in my screenshots.

I'm not sure if it interferes with any clutter added by any other town mods. Anything that doesn't touch the actual bridge should be fine.

Techy details:
I adjusted the navmesh on and near the bridge as best I could and shuffled some patrol markers and stuff around, so hopefully this won't interfere with any NPC pathing or carriage rides or anything like that. NO deleted navmeshes or other such ugliness! It's thoroughly cleaned in TES5edit and should give you absolutely no problems of any kind!

This is a stupidly simple little mod, and it's probably a good idea to merge it into something else if you're comfortable doing that.

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