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Surrounds Honningbrew Meadery with seven extremely overpowered drunken protectors, to ward off frequent bandit attacks.

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This mod surrounds Honningbrew Meadery with a merry band of
drunken protectors, to aid the local guards in warding off frequent
bandit attacks. They provide some roadside assistance in that area
between Whiterun and Riverwood where it's common to run into trouble.

Why, you might ask?

This might just be a side effect of the combination of mods I use that add different random bad guys to the game,
but that spot right around Honningbrew Meadery was a death trap at low levels. More than once I've been mobbed
right there by multiple groups of bandits attacking from different directions at the same time. I don't know what
it is about that particular crossroads, but they won't leave it alone. I don't mind fighting off bandits, but these
guys have been relentless! In my latest playthrough the bandits had already killed half the guards in the area (even
though I use a mod that adds EXTRA guards) and then they were taking MY ass out every time I passed through.

My solution was to give myself (and the long-suffering guards) a little bit of help protecting the meadery.
OK, it was a LOT of help. Seven huge warriors, clad in gleaming black armor and wielding powerful weapons.

Thus was born... The Brotherhood of Mead!*

These warriors take their drinking very seriously, and they guard their mead supply very fiercely.
When they're not fighting off bandits, they spend their time partying hard. You'll usually find them
chugging mug after mug of mead instead of patrolling or watching for trouble, but believe me
when I say they will be ready if trouble comes. Woe to the bandit who causes problems near their
favorite drinking establishment. Even a dragon would be a fool to test their mettle!


This mod is kind of silly and not entirely balanced, but I wouldn't call it a cheat.
The warriors are called "Defenders of the Mead." Their appearance is randomized. They wear
gleaming suits of Ebony Armor and carry Ebony Greatswords and Ebony Bows & Arrows...
among other things. Of course they carry lots of Honningbrew Mead! They also know a few offensive
and defensive spells that they can use in a pinch. They are what you might call stupidly overpowered.
They level with the player with a 2.5x multiplier. Their minimum level is 30 and their maximum is 100.
They are set to protected. Basically they are a bunch of Big Dick Champions** who will absolutely wreck any
fiend that tries to start trouble in their area. Their faction considers the player an ally and will fiercely protect
you. They also react to any hint of violence against their sword-brothers or their buddies the Whiterun Guards.
They should ignore your crimes, but don't test them. You will lose.


This should be compatible with almost anything. I use a couple of mods that add things in the vicinity
of the meadery; Provincial Courier Service, Skyrim Bridges, ETaC / Immersive Stellements Whiterun Outskirts.
These NPC's don't bump into any of those things. Well, maybe after they get drunk enough.

* I say "brotherhood" but their gender is actually random. Their appearance is pulled from the generic guards leveled list. Sometimes there are more sisters than brothers.

** Yes, the girls are also Big Dick Champions. I don't know. Shut up.

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