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Improves and diversifies Dremora NPCs with unique appearances, gender equality and lootable armor.

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Another in my series of NPC overhauls.
This is a small mod that adds diversity to Dremora NPCs you can encounter in the game.

There are an assortment of other Dremora mods out there, but they are mostly about playable Dremora
or spooky/sexy followers. You'll find none of that here. This is strictly an overhaul of NPCs.

Dremora are not super common in Skyrim, but it was still kinda lame that they were all literally identical.
They were all male and they all had the same face. I added some diversity! Now, if I do say so, they're lookin' hott.

This is a re-release of an old mod that had a very rocky launch the first time around, for several reasons.
It is mostly unchanged from its first version, but it has been cleaned of unnecessary race edits.


I made one female copy of every male Dremora NPC, and I added them to the leveled lists for random Dremora spawns.
Most Dremora now have a 50% chance to be female.

I added a bunch of Dremora hairstyles just by rearranging vanilla assets; they are standard hairdos with horns added.
I'm not a huge fan of vanilla hair but this was an easy way to mix it up without overloading the mod with custom assets.

I remade each NPC with colorful variations of the new hairstyles, and unique faces.

The Daedric armor/robes worn by Dremora NPCs is now playable! It always bugs me when you can't loot stuff from enemies,
so I changed that. For balance reasons, it is much, much weaker and less valuable than "real" Daedric armor. It's renamed

as "Shoddy Daedric" armor. It is OK heavy armor though, and you can go around looking fierce after you defeat a Dremora.

The armor still uses the default appearance, so any mods you use that replace daedric armor will change how these NPCs and their lootable gear look.

That's about it. It's not a super complicated mod.

   Required Files:

This mod requires the Dragonborn DLC, for reasons. 
(A patch is available for users who don't have Dragonborn. It's called Dragonborn.)


This won't be compatible with any other mods that overhaul existing Dremora NPCs.
If you use any other mods that edit Dremora leveled lists (there aren't many), you might need a bashed patch.
Otherwise no problems, it's a very clean and simple mod.


I borrowed a few really basic structural elements of Fully Playable Dremora by LPabon, just to save time.
Check out that mod if you do want playable Dremora!
(The hairstyles I added are flagged as playable, but probably won't show up unless you are making a Dremora character.)

Otherwise this was all made by me with vanilla assets, using the Creation Kit.

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