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An overhaul of Dayspring Canyon.

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Fort Dawnguard is a bit of a blank slate in vanilla. Immersive Fort Dawnguard is an aesthetic overhaul - adding lots of interesting new stuff while staying true to the original feel. 

 fort exterior now includes extra fortifications, a main gate, alchemy tower, farming area and greenhouses. The interior features a new chapel, library, bathhouse and prison. As you progress through the quest-line, Fort Dawnguard will gradually be cleaned up and restored until its back to its original glory. Lots of modders resources have been used to enrich the fort. The layout of the interior has also been edited to more closely match the exterior. All cells have transparent windows so you can see the sky and objects from inside. 

Just-in-time (JIT) lighting has been introduced to all suitable cells, improving performance and eliminating light flickering. Occlusion planes and roombounds have been added to improve interior performance. 

A new area called Dayspring Farm will be built near the lake towards the end of the quest-line to house the refugees and provide food for the Dawnguard. Characters have more varied daily routines and interact with the new features and areas. 

ESPs have been cleaned using automatic and manual xEdit cleaning. 

Player bedroom 

More plaques, mannequins, racks, chests and bookshelves have been added to make the bedroom more useful. The full bedroom only becomes available once the quest-line is complete. 

New Areas - Interior

The fort now includes a Chapel of Stendarr where some characters worship. The chapel is fully integrated into the main fort. 

According to Isran, the fort was originally built as a prison for the son of the Jarl of Riften after he became a vampire. However, there is no evidence of this in vanilla. Immersive Fort Dawnguard fleshes out this backstory with the Prince's prison area. The torture chamber which was located in Isran's room has been moved next to the prison area. 

New Areas - Towers

The fort's two towers are empty in vanilla. Immersive Fort Dawnguard converts one into a library tower and one into a bath house. 

The library tower has several floors and contains an enchanting table and a staff enchanter. The staff enchanter will become available once you unlock the one in Tel Mithryn.

Once Fort Dawnguard is operational, the pool in the bath tower can be filled and emptied by pulling different levers. 

New Areas - Exterior

The roof of the fort is pretty much empty in vanilla. Immersive Fort Dawnguard adds two greenhouses for growing food and alchemical ingredients.

A new alchemy tower is also added, including an alchemy table and sun room. The greenhouses and tower are unlocked and restored as you progress through the quest-line. 

Playing the vampire line? 

Immersive Fort Dawnguard adds more troops and trolls for a bloodier battle during the quest Destroy The Dawnguard. Fort Dawnguard will still be restored as you play the vampire line, but it will return to a state of partial disrepair once the Dawnguard are destroyed. However, crafting and enchanting areas will still be usable and the player bedroom will become available if you wish to inhabit the fort as a vampire!