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A brand new fast travel network created with lore-friendliness and immersion in mind. Best of all it features ZERO time transition, which is most suitable for any weather and needs survivalist out there.

Permissions and credits
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This is the final version of this mod. The only thing that will come after are updates/patches if needed.
Request: I am looking for anyone who can translate the translation txt files for Czech, Polish, Italian, Japanese, German, or Russian. Please send me a PM if you can do so :).

"Since time immemorial, devout mortals of Tamriel have built shrines to their Divines at sites that have been recognized as holy and sanctified. Many of these sites were chosen due to specific miracles or blessed events that marked them, though others simply inspire feelings of reverence for matters divine. Because they are located here and there where inspiration struck, rather than at points of convenience, these sites are scattered across the land, and have come to be known as "wayshrines."
Of course, the shrines built at these sites by devout worshipers reflect the local religious beliefs, and are constructed and adorned so as to honor the foremost local Divines. Many priesthoods believe that wayshrines act as direct conduits to Aetherius, and that when a mortal dies his or her soul is drawn to the nearest wayshrine, where it meets some sort of psychopomp or spiritual escort, who leads the soul to the afterlife. Though this is a mystical matter and therefore not susceptible to scholarly proof, it is striking that so many different faiths across Tamriel endorse this belief." 

- Beredalmo the Signifier, Wayshrines of Tamriel

Features preview for SWIFT 3.0 [v3.0.5]

Thank you MxRMods! [v1.4]                                                                   Thank you Brodual! [v1.4]

SWIFT adds a network of wayshrines across the world of Skyrim, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn that allows players to instantly travel from one wayshrine to another in a more lore-friendly way. The mod is balanced by forcing players to have to locate a wayshrine before they can gain access to its location for teleportation. The locations of the wayshrines are also not too close to major locations but close enough to maintain convenience, especially for no fast travel playthroughs, as well as compatibility. This also encourages the player to be more adventurous in their explorations :).

SWIFT's fast travel method is instantaneous. This means that there is ZERO time transition when teleporting from point A to point B. This is to compliment mods that add survival-like elements such as hunger, thirst, fatigue, weather conditioning, etc. No longer will you need to worry about sped up needs rates! Additionally, any wayshrine that is too close for comfort with bodies of water now have a feature to gain access while staying completely dry :).

Delve into the mysterious findings of a great scholar who had an infatuation with ancient mer culture and technology. Learn of his work, discover lost information, unveil the secrets behind the wayshrines, and learn how one could possibly use this knowledge to their advantage. Enemies you are forced to fight during this quest are trivial, any others you may come across can be rushed past. This quest is about an hour long, more or less. No quest markers are available, but enough information is provided for clues as to where to go/what to do next. If you are stuck you can look at the spoiler text file for a walkthrough ;).

The answers you are given at the end of the main quest only create more questions. By testing the incomplete theory of a well renowned conjurer, you conclude that there is an entire new dimension awaiting to be explored for answers. This quest has no markers but is very short. If you happen to become stuck, you can always checkout the spoiler text file.

SWIFT now has map markers for all wayshrines, however, they will only appear on the map and compass after the player has approached the corresponding wayshrine. This means you will still need to find the wayshrine initially before knowing where it is in reference to both your map and compass.

During the events of the main quest, you can come across a book that reveals explicit hints to all wayshrine locations with images and descriptions, except for the few optional wayshrines (the book's author makes note as to why this is).

SWIFT comes with an MCM to allow maximum player customizability. These options include toggling features such as fast travel, forced third person, Soul Karma, Teleport Fatigue, FISS functions, wayshrine fees, and wayshrine centerpiece options. It includes cheat options such as auto-complete main quest, auto-complete endgame quest, and gaining immediate access to all wayshrines. Lastly, it contains a debug page to show which SWIFT supported DLC-sized mods you have installed, and which of their corresponding wayshrines are installed along with an Uninstall option.

Although the mod contains scripts, it is actually script lag free. Every single script used in this mod is event based except for a single optional script. A very large portion of these event based scripts are used one time only and then never execute again. Therefore, there is no need to worry about script lag :). The one script that is an exception is a script attached to the endgame artifact you obtain much later down the road, and the script will only be used if you use the artifact. Furthermore, the script itself is only dynamic in the sense that it changes a global variable once after 24 hours of it being activated, then is not used until you use that artifact again. So even the one and only script that runs in the background optionally on your behalf is still extremely light!

{These features are optional and can be customized through the MCM.}

SWIFT allows players to toggle the ability to fast travel or not.

The mod contains a few functions that use the ForceThirdPerson() function. This MCM option allows users to disable this function in SWIFT, allowing mods such as Skyrim - Enhanced Camera and Immersive First Person View to work much smoother.

Players can choose to have an immersive wayshrine fee cost for activating and/or using the wayshrines. This is supported by Soul Energy, an energy that you can extract from captured souls via a new spell to provide enough power for wayshrine activation and usage. This is first applied and explained during the main quest.

Players can choose how much Soul Energy it costs to activate a wayshrine and to use it for teleportation. This can be set to 0 essentially disabling the feature for those who do not wish to use it.

This option will add a temporary debuff to the player after using a wayshrine to teleport.

Players can gain buffs and/or debuffs depending on where their current "level" of Soul Energy stands. They are also given the option to go down a more necromantic route, giving separate but complimentary buffs and/or debuffs. Going down either route (or both) will reward the player with a new spell for reaching each route's mastery rank. What these spells do are revealed in the spoiler text file provided in the downloads section.

Players can choose between two centerpieces for the wayshrines to contain: The aged statue of the Snow Elven god Auri-El or a blue embered brazier inspired by the wayshrines seen in ESO. 

The MCM provides users to choose which multiple follower mod they are using to transport their followers with them upon teleportation. This feature can also be disabled if you do not wish for your follower to come with you.

The endgame quest in SWIFT is dependent on how many wayshrines have been activated. To start the quest the default value is 20 wayshrines (which is every wayshrine included in the main files), but this can be customized to be any number of wayshrine activations between 10 and 20 in the MCM.

For those who do not wish to play the quests to obtain their rewards or have already played them and do not wish to play them again, you can force them to automatically complete and yield their minimal but essential rewards.

Players can choose to make all of SWIFT's teleport locations made available to them instantly.

  • Updated Skyrim
  • Dawnguard DLC
  • Dragonborn DLC
  • SkyUI or SkyUI-Away
  • SKSE
  • (optional) FISS If you want to use FISS functionality

The Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Patch is not required but HIGHLY recommended.

IMPORTANT: The optional wayshrine plugins are not safe to merge (they will not work if they are merged). If plugin count is an issue, I suggest you only choose the most essential option(s)! Also note that SWIFT is safe to install on a save that hasn't had SWIFT installed on it before!

Download with Manager button, then activate Skyrim Wayshrines - Immersive Fast Travel. 

Download the BSA or Loose files version and install the files in the appropriate directiories in your /Skyrim/Data/ folder. Same method applies for optional files as well.

You will need to load SWIFT AFTER Realistic Needs and Diseases - this is due to a simple addition from that mod conflicting with a wayshrine near Dawnstar. It won't negatively affect RnD.

If you choose to use the optional wayshrines for other mods, you will need to load those optional .esp files AFTER their corresponding mod and SWIFT. Running LOOT will take care of this. The Summerset Isle wayshrine option comes with a script file that needs to overwrite the corresponding script file in the Summerset Isle mod.


If you are updating to version 3.0 from any older version, a New Game is REQUIRED. Too many changes have been made to update mid-playthrough. You can take a gamble at your own risk by uninstalling an older version, cleaning your save, then installing v3.0, but I do not promote doing so.


  • Wait ingame for 24 hours.
  • Choose Uninstall in the MCM. Wait for it to finish.
  • Save your game in a non-SWIFT location. 
  • Remove the mod from your manager or delete all of the mod's files manually.

SWIFT will only conflict with mods that edit the same locations that the wayshrines are placed at, which are already uncommonly touched locations. If any mod conflicts with SWIFT, please inform me immediately so I can make them compatible :). Any incompatible mods will be listed below. 

  • Minor conflict: There is a small visual issue when using SWIFT with Minty's lightning mod, Lightning during Thunder Storms: Any activated wayshrine struck with lightning will produce a faint shader effect around the shrine, a Candlelight orb, and possibly a looped sound fx. This is a minor issue with that mod and occurs when lightning strikes activatable sources (i.e. forges). This is purely visual and will not affect gameplay or mechanics of either mod.

Issue: When completing an objective in the quests, the completed objective will be displayed as a localization variable (e.g. $QUEST_MAIN10D) due to the way the engine works for quest completion language translations. Thankfully, the displayed objectives and description will still be intact.
Solution: No known fix other than to ignore the variable displayed when the objective becomes completed. It is either this or no language translation support, sorry!

Issue: While "praying" to a wayshrine, tabbing out of dialogue instead of choosing the cancel option will get you stuck in the animation. 
Solution: Just simply jump.

Issue: If you pray while you are sneaking and then teleport, sometimes you will arrive to your destination still in sneak mode but your character will not be crouched.
Solution: Unsneak then sneak again.

Issue: Player owned horses will not teleport with you. 
Solution: Use a horse calling mod such as Horse Whisper , Immersive Horses, or Convenient Horses.

Issue: There is a small visual issue when using SWIFT with Minty's lightning mod, Lightning during Thunder Storms. Any activated wayshrine struck with lightning will produce a shader effect around the shrine, a Candlelight orb, and possibly a looped sound fx.
Solution: This is a minor issue with that mod and occurs when lightning strikes other activatable sources (i.e. forges). This is purely visual and will not affect gameplay or mechanics of either mod.

Q. Can you add feature x?

A. I am no longer planning on adding to this mod. I believe it is in a fully stable and compatible finished state. If there are any issues, I will still support the mod and make updates to said issues.

Q. Does this mod affect towns, villages, or cities?
A. No, and never will.

Q. Will this mod ever require Hearthfire?
A. No.

Q. How do I start the main quest?
A. Activate any wayshrine you first come across.

Q. How do I start the second quest?
A. You will need to have at least X wayshrines activated in total. This value can be customized through the MCM to be any number of wayshrine activations between 10 and 20.

Q. Do I really need to do the quests?
A. No, there is an MCM option to auto-complete either quest, or both.

Q. I use a weather impeding mod and have a phobia of going near water. How can I access that submerged wayshrine?
A. After initial activation of any wayshrine in water, you can use some nearby planks to construct a makeshift walkway to the wayshrine without getting wet! Parkour may or may not be involved.

Q. How do I activate the Summerset Isle wayshrine? I have found it, but cannot activate it!
A. The wayshrine will be inactive until you have progressed in the Hail to the King quest of the Summerset Isle mod. This is because leaving the region of Summerset prior to this quest stage can cause issues for the events in Summerset Isle and thus break the mod.

Q. Why does Mod Organizer give me an error message when I try to unpack the .bsa? 
A. This is a falsified read on MO's behalf, and can therefore be ignored. The files and contents will still work properly.

Q. My papyrus log is reading some errors about properties not being found or resolved. Is this normal?
A. This is another falsified error readout. It won't negatively affect your game in anyway. This is caused by properties in scripts being changed or removed. The Creation Kit, TES5Edit, and the game no longer pays attention to these old properties, but the papyrus log for some reason embeds the memory of them being there.

Q. Why do I need to wait 24 hours ingame before uninstalling or for uninstalling?
A. This is just to be sure that the only script in the background isn't running. This script is attached to the endgame artifact you receive much later down the road and will only go off if you use the item. If you have not used this item yet or never will, then the script won't ever run and you will not need to wait those 24 hours.

Q. Wayshrines all over Skyrim?... How is this immersive?
A. Vanilla lore states that Skyrim was the original mainland of the Snow Elves. They had structures, including shrines, across the land - much like the Ayleid ruins found in Cyrodiil. Bethesda seems to have ran out of time or forgot to include that detail.

Q. Why are the wayshrines different from the ones in the Dawnguard DLC?
A. In mechanics, this was a personal choice. It was easier to create a dialogue list for the player to scroll up and down rather than linear connections of portals that are limited to five options per wayshrine. In lore, the wayshrines in the Forgotten Vale are unique in the sense that initiates were to use them by filling an ewer in order to reach the Chantry of Auri-El. These specific wayshrines have been sealed since the death of their corresponding prelates.

Q. I don't want to praise a Snow Elven god; Skyrim is for the Nords! What are my options?
A. There is an alternative centerpiece option accessible in the MCM to replace the Statue of Auri-El with an ESO-inspired brazier.

Q. What mods are you using in that third screenshot?
A. RaceMenu, ApachiiHair, Warmonger Armory, The Coenaculi Tattoos, and Born Dragon Skin. The glow on the tattoos is a glow color option in RaceMenu.

*These mods can further enhance your immersive SWIFT experience!*

I give full permission for any user to make modifications for PERSONAL use only. I do not give permission to any user to make modifications and then distribute the files under their name without my authorization first. I give no permission to anyone to upload my mod to any other website, although suggestions are always welcomed :). I give permission to any user who wishes to create fixes/patches for my mod as long as they credit me and include a link to my mod. Please feel free to make translation files for SWIFT. I will upload them on the files page and give you credit.

I do not take credit for the artist-renditioned image of the wayshrine and dragon.

I want to thank the Skyrim modding community for helping me through and through with modding as a user and a creator. I also want to thank Bethesda for creating such an amazing series and sticking with an impressive level of detail I've seen in any RPG, as well as providing the Creation Kit.

amazing mod page header and template designer

helping me indefinitely with scripting and design

wonderfully created Beredalmo's Shack

helping me learn some Papyrus and CK basics, and helped with script refactoring

Vcn Creature Pack

Snow Elf Resource Pack

Phitt's Sheogorad Resource - Part Two and Stroti's stilthouse resource

Moss shader resource

Permission to use Disable Fast Travel script from Better Fast Travel

Demonic Soultrap Sound

Modder's Resource Pack

Resource for modders

Nexus Creature Resource

Everyone over at /r/skyrimmods!