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Now all forges SkyForge in Whiterun included will finally have real water, not a static/barely animated texture.

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  • Hungarian
I think nobody ever loved the fake static water used for the blacksmith forges across Skyrim...
Some modders have tried with decent workarounds giving some forges (not all of them) a fake pseudo-animated water texture.
This mod finally adds real water for ALL the blacksmith forges across Skyrim, SkyForge at Whiterun included!

One of the oldest Skyrim gfx (minor) issues finally has a solution.

Moreover these "water-troughs" finally have a realistic collision (totally missing in vanilla), so... yes, you can even drop daggers into them or put your feet in some cold water for a quick refresh (hey I'm joking, didn't modify the game mechanics with new bonuses of course!).

Was hard to do and some modders may have thought it was impossible due to the forge technical structure in the CK... but with some good tricky ideas I've finally accomplished it! ;)
Supported official DLCs: Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Dragonborn

Supported languages: Eng, Ita, Ger, Fr, Spa.

Manually copy the esp files you need + meshes folder in Data. Here is a scheme for those using (or not) the official DLCs:

No DLCs: use vanilla esp
Vanilla+DG: use vanilla esp + DG esp
Vanilla+DB: use DB esp only
Vanilla+DG+DB: use DB esp + DG esp
Hearthfire: add HF esp too

Added Open Cities Skyrim patch in the MISC section, courtesy of Andzz

I hope you enjoy!

You may also like other simple gfx mods I made for Skyrim: Better distant LOD waterfalls and Dimmed torches for warmer with a smaller radius torches...

The original replacement water shader I've used is buggy (blame Bethesda): under some view angle (e.g. while sneaking keep the forge at the bottom, almost out of sight...) the old underlying texture will reappear. It's not my mod fault but in the rendering engine of the game itself: happens the same for other locations where Bethesda uses the same shader...

If you have previously installed the optional part "40 WATER - Trough Water - Animated" from the mod W.A.T.E.R.,
please delete the following files to use this mod:

Beware! Don't use mods which modify forge positions (e.g. some mods that make Riften etc. "more beautiful"...): this mod works overlapping the water in the troughs only if the original positions are kept!