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Queen Potema, the "Wolf Queen of Solitude", the daughter of the Emperor Pelagius Septim II, wife of King Mantiarco, aunt of the Empress Kintyra II, mother of Emperor Uriel III, and sister of the Emperors Antiochus, Cephorus I and Magnus, is best known for her role in the War of the Red Diamond. In 3E 120.

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"I am the Queen of Solitude, daughter of the Emperor! Summon the daedra! I'll trade the soul of every last subject of mine for a little comfort." — Queen Potema, 3E 97. 
There are certain discrepancies in the sources documenting Potema's life. Biography of the Wolf Queen gives the name of Potema's mother as Qizara, while the historical fiction The Wolf Queen labels her Quintilla. Some sources say or imply that she launched her rebellion in the year 3E 114, though 3E 120-121 has more support among the various sources. However, despite the occasional scholarly mistake or disagreement, there is still a great amount of reliable information about the Wolf Queen.  Born in 3E 67, Potema was one of the four known children of Pelagius II. Her grandfather, Emperor Uriel Septim II, is said to have exclaimed that the newborn looked like a "she-wolf ready to pounce". She was married to Mantiarco of Solitude at the age of fourteen. Though she could have been nothing more than a court pawn, Mantiarco evidently loved her greatly, and she wielded total control (something she apparently took a great liking for). In 3E 97, after many miscarriages, Potema had a son, whom she named Uriel after her grandfather. Her husband died three years later. It is suspected that soon after Uriel III was born, she tricked Mantiarco into disinheriting his son from a previous marriage, leaving her son as the heir to the throne of Solitude. However, Solitude was a mere stepping stone to the throne Potema truly desired for Uriel: the Ruby Throne of the Emperor of Tamriel. 
 This Racemenu preset is based off of the Potema Septim art by Alex Cristi on Artstation.
The Preset is for Bretons as Potema's Race is unknown and the Septim Family come from High Rock, so a best guess would be a Breton. 
Outfit used are from The Apachii Divine Elegance Store:
 Earrings from Immersive Jewelry LE:
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