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A RM preset and sculpt file for my blind Nord shaman character. Requires High Poly Heads

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Nara - The Blind Shaman

I dunno. She's blind. She is a shaman. That's it. Make sure to check the requirements!

  • Armor is by NINI and Team TAL, wearing the Red Nose outfit and Parts of the Muebrus armor, as well as H2135's Fantasy Series 5. Look for it yourself! (They are publicly available, but I'm not sure about linking permissions, but a quick google search for these armors will get you the patreon links!)
  • Sometimes the eyes don't properly carry over and she's given normal eyes, but that is a quick fix, or perhaps you don't want her to look blind!


  • Drag and drop the Data folder into your Skyrim directory. That's it.
  • Open racemenu/ enter character creation, search 'face part' and make sure to set it to KLH's head. Then load up Nara with the Nord Race selected.
  • (If you want to use her on an imperial or breton, you've already got the sculpt file. To use this, head to the 'sculpt' tab in RM, take the blue marker/mask tool and slap that sh*t on her neck all the way around like a scarf. YOU MAY OR MAY NOT GET NECK SEAMS AND OTHER WEIRDNESS OTHERWISE.  Click 'import head' and her head should be right there. Voila!

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