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Olyya is a lovely Imperial/Nord lady preset I made. This preset is for High Poly Heads mod and for RaceMenu.

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~*~*~*~ OLYYA PRESET ~*~*~*~

This is Olyya.  Can be Imperial or Nord race. Face is based on my Rayya preset. I made this face for the GLAM Illia replacer mod, which I gave up on the idea.
Will be used in another future mod.  So here is the preset. I am publishing it here on the Nexus.

This preset is for Racemenu and the High Poly Head mod is required. I mean required, not just recommended.
Also you need Expressive Facegen Morphs and Expressive Facial Animation, the SKSE thing and RaceMenu mod.
All the other things that will make the preset look like in the screenshots, are for your choice. 
The very very recommended mods are: KS Hairstyles and bijin Skin. 
Looks great also with Unslaad Pale Skin mod.
I also like Fair Skin eyes and teeth - to get the eyes looking so cute like this. 
Maevan's vanilla brows is a perfect HQ retexture to the vanilla brows.
KS hair retexture by ShinglesCat - for the detailed natural realistic beautiful texture of her hair
Female Makeup Suite by DomainWolf for the flattering makeup: eyeshadow, eyeliners, blush, lips
MFG Console and Facial Expression Batfiles mods - for the face expressions 
Custom Light for good illumination of the face

Mods in the screenshots:
Snapdragon ENB
NLA weather
CT77 Remodeled Vanilla Armors
Divine Elegance Store
Lind's Robes
Colorful Magic
Unbelievable Grass

How to use this mod:
1) Download the mod from the Nexus and install with your favorite mod manager.
2) If you do it manually: put the files in the right folders:
the preset (jslot) file put into the Data/SKSE/Plugins/CharGen/Presets folder
the NIF (and the dds) put into the Data/SKSE/Plugins/CharGen folder
3) Open your Skyrim game and load the save you want to use
4) type ~showracemenu to open character creation or go to the character creation in the beginning of the game
5) Change the gender to female and the race to Imperial or Nord and the weight to 70. 
6) In the Face Part slider - change to the High Poly. to the right ! 
7) Go to the presets tab- F9 load the preset (jslot) from the presets folder in the CharGen
8) Make sure the Face Part slider is on the High Poly.
9) Then immediately go to sculpt tab - F9 load the NIF from the CharGen folder
10) make a save 
11) Then you are free to open ~showracemenu again and to edit the preset to your liking.
use your imagination! Make her a cool nice player character!

Please upload screenshots of how she looks in your game. I appreciate it. I will be very happy to see you adding
the pictures to USER IMAGES. 
And if you like this preset, please endorse the mod.

If something is not working, let me know and I will try to fix it.