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Replaces Female head mesh with a new version that fixes some long standing issues with it, such as permanent black eyes on every females left eye, as well as texture mismatching in some areas or other small tweaks. Compatible with any morph/animation mods designed to work with the vanilla mesh. Vanilla and CITRUS options!

Permissions and credits
This mod tweaks the female head mesh to look better and fit the textures better. This mod aims to fix some of the issues with the vanilla female head mesh, (and the CITRUS mesh) to increase its quality. This mod is compatible with any mod that is designed to work with the corresponding mesh, such as animations, expressions and so forth designed for the vanilla face will work perfectly fine with the vanilla version, so you should not have to change anything from your install much to get the full effects of the mods you have (Though some textures were designed using the old UV, so they will be slightly different looking).

(NPC's may require Face-Gen updates for them to be affected by the changes)

-Special Edition Version-

The most noticeable difference currently is in the left eye of females, which has had some odd discoloration issues for quite some time.

I will likely try to adjust the mesh more in the future, to get the look to be just right, and the way it should have been since the beginning.

Other differences are hardly if at all noticeable, to help prevent any other issues with your characters appearance.

Included are two versions of the head mesh, one that has some extra data that you might need if using HDT mods, and the other which is as close to the vanilla version as you can get, but with the tweaks.

Simply install via Nexus Mod Manager/Vortex if you do not wish to install manually.

For manual installation, simply extract the contents of the file, and move the contents to your Skyrim/data directory, and replace the femalehead.nif and it should be good to go.

-Usage Permissions-
If you wish to include this mesh in one of your mods, you are completely free to do so, and do not have to ask for permission. If you wish to inform me, that is great, but be sure to leave credits to me and this mod (You are also free to earn DP).

Please do not upload this to other sites/redistribute this mod without my permission to do so.

-Twitter- (I post news and such on upcoming mods here!)

-My Mods-

If you found the Mod useful, feel free to endorse. If you have an image of a character you'd like to share using the mod, post it in the images section, I really love seeing characters using my stuff!