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Character preset so you can play as Sansa Stark from the book series a Song Of Ice And Fire.

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This a character preset for my version of Sansa Stark, one of the main characters from the book series A Song Of ice and Fire. This is how I imagine her in the last book released, or how she could look in the future. I made her to be quite lore-friendly so she won't clash with the rest of Skyrim.

She is a lady of high rank, daughter of the warden of the North. She is described as a sweet girl who enjoys arts and especially music and embroidery, things she excels at. She has a pet Direwolf with a light grey coat named Lady that is well mannered but protective of her.
The Stark banner is a wolf on grey and white. Her mother's house banner is a trout on blue and red, that's why I choose this blue and red dress from Apachii Divine Elegance Store.
As for my logics in giving her this face: in the books, she is described as looking more like a woman than a girl her age, a classical beauty, with a heart-shaped face and auburn hair that shine copper in the light. Deep blue eyes, delicate features and fair skin. Her hair is curly and it would be logical to deduce that she has no freckles.

Please check the required mods list!

Recommanded mods
These mods are totally optional but you may like them with this mod:

UNP body works just as well on her if you don't like CBBE
Fair skin looks good on her too if you don't like the SG skin texture

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A Song of Ice and Fire book series © George R. R. Martin