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Revolution... yes the whole vampire world will change in better...
Vampire Revolution overhaul gives all vampires a totally new unlife

Permissions and credits


Do you think oblivion deserves better vampires?
Here's a vampire overhaul
Author: Forli
Version v1.13
Link to Bethesda Softwork Forum Thread

How many times a vampire infected you with Porphyric Hemophilia and think "NO! I don't want to be a vampire! Vampirism is
boring in Oblivion! OK, I need a Cure disease immediately"?
How many times you encountered a vampire, killed him with just few hits, and think "Are they real vampires or just bad guys with
red eyes?"

Many times.
But now this is going to change...

First, there's something important:

There are people who helped me (directly or indirectly) in the realization of this mod:
QQuix, AndalayBay, migck, shadeMe: Awesome modders who helped me with the scripts
JRoush: for AddActorValue
shadeMe: CSE's father and OBSE's guardian
FatalIllusion: hired to translate this mod in other languages
zlostnypopolnik: he created the new awesome VR logo and all the wallpapers!
GBRPluss: the Auto Night-Eye feature comes from his mod
ICUP: for the stake meshes and textures
KarmaPowered: For his tests and for helping me find many bugs with the mod.
The modders who created the other vampire overhauls: many ideas in VR comes from these mods.
Bethesda Softworks: for a beautiful game
(If you helped me, and your name is not here, let me know!)

• Oblivion + Shivering Isles + last official patch
Unofficial Oblivion Patch v3.4.5
OBSE v21
AddActorValues v1.0

Advanced Health Regen v1.41

Wrye Bash, OBMM, NMM or read the ReadMe
The archive is both BAIN Ready and OMOD Ready

This mod is absolutely incompatible with any other major vampire overhaul.
It can conflict with some minor vampire mods (just ask me, if you have a doubt)
It should work fine with other mods, but exceptions always exists.
Please, report any incompatibility you find.

This mod has been tested in all it's features.
I tried to optimize every script and avoid all situation that could cause CTD, and I can say it doesn't impact performance at all (on my mid-low laptop: Win8 x64, Intel i3 2.2GHz, NVidia GT-635M, Ram 8Gb) and it's very stable (never had a CTD in my tests).
I smashed tons of bugs and I cannot find any more, but of course, this doesn't mean it's completely bug-free.
Please, report any bug you find.

Can't post it here, as it's big. Check in the "Change log" section of this Nexus page or in the readme.

You have to ask me to redistribute any part of this mod.



This mod is intended to be played by both vampires and human characters.
Of course, 90% of the mod manage the vampire mechanics, but don't forget you're not the only one who can be a vampire in this game, and all VR mechanics apply to NPC vampire as well!
VR turn these demons in real war machines, so you'll need anti-vampire weapons, poisons, garlic and stakes, if you want better chances against them, and even human characters can use them!

Your vampire experience will be more dynamic.
When infected, and after the famous 3 days, you'll become a vampire. A new born, with no powers and an HUGE blood thirsty. As you get older your thirsty will reduce so you need to feed less often, and you'll receive new powers, which will dynamically strengthen as your vampire level increase.
NOTE: In the first vampire age, the sun makes you weak but doesn't harm you, since the vampire transformation is not completed.

A blood pool will influences your new life: feed will replenish it; powers will consume it; getting stronger will increase it. As you get older, your blood pool increase, new powers will be available, falls won't damage you anymore, and while your blood level is high, sun won't hurt you anymore. As you feed on people, your vampire level will increase, which will increase your blood pool, strengthen your powers and abilities.

You can feed anytime by pointing at an NPC and pressing a button. Your victim will try to resist. A strong victim will be difficult to coerce, but the blood reward will be better.
A tired, staggered or knocked enemy will be an easier victim, so, while you're still a young vampire, wait for the right moment to make breakfast.
As a vampire, you are immune to fall damages and breath underwater

Vampire have powers. Powers consume blood but grant the vampire an incredible advantage in many situations. There are many type of powers.
Many powers are toggle-able and can be activated by pressing a key or by casting a toggle spell. All vanilla powers have been enhanced. Powers are so far:

Vamp mask: Every vampire mod should give the ability to mask your face
Hunter's Sight: Like the vanilla power, but stronger and toggle-able
Dark speed: Sprint very fast
Embrace of Shadow: Greatly boost your sneak skill and makes you harder to see, but also more vulnerable to sunlight
Obscure Regeneration: Recover from all wounds in few seconds but you're extremely vulnerable during the process
Shadow shield: Increase damage resistances
Blood barrier: Strong reflect damages/spell and absorb spell effects but give you stunted magicka and silence
Sithis Fury: Greatly increase your offensive skill and attribute

Some powers are greater powers. They don't consume blood, but you can only use them once a day.
Cold seduction: Like the vanilla power but stronger and better. It doesn't consume blood since it's a greater power
Reign of Terror: Like the vanilla power but stronger and keep terrorizing people around you for 60 seconds. It doesn't consume blood since it's a greater power
Hypnosis: Make your victim sleep for a free breakfast.
Dead commander: Resurrect a dead actor and let him fight for you.
(LITTLE TIP: feeding makes these powers recharge instantly!)

As a vampire you have some telekinetic powers. Some of them can be charged by holding the action key (BY DEFAULT: G). When a power is charged, it gains a CHARGE BONUS and the blood cost increase. At the beginning, you can charge your powers up to level 3. This limit increase with your vampire level and age, up to 10 charge levels.
Teleport Cloud: Point your crosshair to a distant actor and press a key! You'll appear close to him! CHARGE BONUS: teleport and stagger/push away the target with a telekinetic wave
Teleport Cloud improved: Point your crosshair anywhere (literally: anywhere) and press the key to teleport there. CHARGE BONUS: teleport farther (usually required, since the base teleport has a medium-short range)
TelekiControl: Immobilize a target with the telekinetic power, then: push them away, pull them, throw them up in the air or crush them on the floor.
TelekiBlast: A telekinetic blast will throw away everybody around you. CHARGE BONUS: Increase the blast damage and radius

Other powers (don't need blood):
Slow Fall: Your telekinetic powers will slow down your falls, allowing you to maneuver to a safe place.
Super Jump: Your legs are so strong you can jump very high! The jump height depends on how much time you keep the jump key pressed (Up to ~1 second) and your vampire level (and some other factors...).

I'm forgetting the main vampire ability! You consume blood with powers, but you need to restore it someway!
Feed: Point your crosshair to a near NPC and press the action key to bite his neck and make breakfast. You can feed even if the NPC is not sleeping! Feeding will restore some blood and will absorb some health, magicka and fatigue from the victim. Biting someone is considered an assault and increase your vampire bounty and there's a chance the victim won't survive if too weak, so choose your victim carefully!
If you have the Vampire Mask enabled, you can't feed on sleeping NPCs. Feeding with the action key will instantly disable the Vampire Mask (don't worry: you can configure those features).
Oh! This is important: need more blood? hold the action key to drink more blood! Of course, the victim will die more easily...
If you are in trouble (with less than 50% remaining blood), your best allies and friends (disposition >= 85) could help you by letting you bite them once. Their disposition will drop a bit, but they won't call the guards.
Of course, if you hold the action key, they won't be so friendly...

Your victim could be strong enough to block your bite. A wounded or tired actor is an easier prey. A recoiling or (better) staggered actor is much more easy to bite. A trained guard or vampire hunter can easily ruin your lunch. Feeding is extremely difficult in combat, but you have more chances with someone totally unaware of your presence while sneaking behind him...

Many powers can't be used if your health and/or blood is low, except for the hunter's sight (see below).
REMEMBER: You begins with no powers! Get old and feed to increase (respectively) vampire age and level so you can unlock them!

Even when not using the Obscure Regeneration, powerful vampires are able to slowly regenerate their health.
Regeneration is dynamically calculated based on your vampire age, vampire level and your current/max blood pool.
Garlic, sunlight, starvation and holy places will slowdown or even stop your regeneration.
If Advanced Health Regen v1.41 or newer is installed, VR will use the AHR's advanced health regeneration system.
Anyway, AHR is not required

Well, you're a vampire! Nobody likes an undead monster! Cover your face with the vampire mask, a cape or a full helm to avoid being recognized.
Be careful: feeding or using your powers against good people will increase your vampire bounty. Vampire hunter's will start attacking you on sight and can even ambush you! They will have powerful fire and light spells, anti-vampire weapons and poisons and will use garlic against you (and every other vampire)!
You can decrease your vampire bounty: keep a low profile or find a woman in Leyawiin who can help you...
Some enemies (especially vampire hunters) may have special weapons crafted by the Fighter Guild and/or a special poison created by the Mage Guild to turn Vampires into dust with very few hits, even the oldest ones, so be careful!
You too can buy the weapon and the poison from many merchants, so you can enter into any vampires lair and kick ass.

Every vampire has weakness.
Sunlight and Fire are the main threats. This mod enhance these weakness and add others.

In vanilla vampirism, in the worst conditions you'll suffer 8 pts of sun damage. Dangerous at low levels but simply boring at high levels. Well... now... sun damage can reach something like… 40-50 pts!!
Be careful, cover your entire body with clothes, armor or whatever can cover your skin. Every equipped object will reduce the damage (cuirass, greaves and helm are the most important). If your entire body is covered, the sun damage is reduced to 1/3 (No immunity... sorry! Otherwise, it will be too easy). Dive underwater is another good defense to reduce the sun damage (and since the vampires are undead, they don't need to breath, so...). Walking in dark/shadowed areas can help.
As you get older you will be able to walk in the sunlight as soon as you have enough blood. Anyway, the sun will makes you weaker, will slow down your fatigue and magicka regeneration and will consume your blood faster. The oldest vampire will be totally immune to any sun effect while their blood is almost full.

Fire weakness too has been greatly increased. Now it can reach values like 200-300%! Dodge that fireball!

If you're a vampire, stay away from the Garlic!! Carry one or more garlic and you'll have a bad time. Eat them and... goodbye!
Garlic makes all vampire weak. Their powers, their regeneration, their attributes... everything will be affected by the garlic!
Have a garlic? Use it against other vampires! Point an enemy vampire, activate him and your Luck and Sneak skill will help you place the garlic in his pockets! Vampire hunters too place garlic in vampires pockets!!! The fight will be much easier when the vampire powers are weakened!
What are you waiting for? Go buy some garlic! Do you plan a vampire hunting tour.? Buy more garlic!
Do you need to explore a vampire lair? Get some stakes and have fun by impaling those vampires!
Vampire aren't welcome in holy places like churches. The Nine Divines won't tolerate a demonic creature in their home!
There's no weakness to Silver weapons since many mods already cover that very well (Advice: look at Migck's Miscellaneous fixes, tweaks and additions and Maskars Oblivion Overhaul).

As a vampire, you need to drink blood. Everything will consume your blood: time, powers, sun exposition, taking damage...
You can drink blood in many ways to restore your powers: find a sleeping guy and remember what Bethesda taught us, or find a not sleeping guy and assault his neck, drink blood bottles, drink at the blood fountains, use cheats.., (TGM can help you...)
If your blood pool decrease to much, you'll start suffering from many (and very dangerous) negative effects.
At first, your attribute decrease a bit, but as your hunger increase, you get weaker.
If your blood pool drop below 0, your health will start to decrease every second (and at increasing rate), and even if you restore your health, you'll die anyway after 10 real minutes, so find a neck. NOW!
While starving, your hunter's sight will be permanently enabled for free and at full power.
VR immediately close the wait or sleep menu if your blood drop to 0.

OH! Did I say that NPC vampires have all the above features too, except for starvation (for now)?
Vampires NPC like to teleport and bite and will use their powers in combat!
So carry some light and fire spells, throw them some garlic and impale them if you want to survive!

Now, some commands. I talked about some new action you can do. I'll explain them here:
  • Modifier (R-Alt): This key does nothing by itself. Its purpose is allow you to define keys combinations for the other commands.
  • Menu (M): This key is needed to open the menu. By default, it require the Modifier key (so: Right-Alt + M). It can also reset the menu.
  • Action (G): Multi-action key. Execute an action basing on the situation and on where you're looking at.
  • Activate & Jump (Spacebar & E): I don't need to teach you these! They already exists in Oblivion.

  • When not in combat, press Modifier + Menu: Open the VR menu.
  • Target a sleeping NPC, tap Activate or Action: Feed on the NPC (the vanilla way).
  • Target a near NPC, tap Action: Feed on the NPC
  • Target a near NPC, hold Action: Feed on the NPC. The longer you hold it, the more blood you drink (with higher chances to kill the victim).
  • Target a near NPC, press Modifier + Action: Impale the vampire with a stake... if you have one in your inventory. A setting allows you to impale humans too!
  • Target a far NPC, tap Action: Use the Teleport Cloud power to teleport near the NPC. A longer distance consume more blood.
  • Target a far NPC, hold Action: Use the Teleport Cloud power to teleport near the NPC and push him away. The longer you hold it, the stronger the push!
  • Target any far place, tap Action: Use the Teleport Cloud Improved power to teleport to that place. A longer distance consume more blood.
  • Target any NPC, double tap Action: Use the TelekiControl power to grab the NPC.
  • Once grabbed, use the Forward, Backward, Jump or Grab keys to (respectively) push, pull, throw in air, crush on the ground the target.
  • Anytime, tap then hold Action: Use the TelekiBlast power to blast away anyone around you. The longer you hold it, the stronger the blast (and the higher the cost)
  • Tap a power key (or cast a power spell): Toggle the power ON/OFF. Every time you unlock a new power VR will teach you the key to use/toggle it
  • Hold Jump while... jumping: Hyper-jump! The longer you hold it, the higher the jump! (Max height depends on vampire age, level and blood)
  • Hold Jump while falling: Slow-fall! You can use it to pilote your falling and reduce the impact sound with certain Sneak Overhaul mods...
  • Target any vampire, press Modifier + Activate: Pick a garlic from your inventory and place it into the vampire pockets. Sneak and Luck helps a bit...

Maybe there are too many actions? Don't worry! The mod will introduce these features slowly, and you have the time to learn how to use a key/action before a new one is unlocked!
Also, you can check the again in the by opening the VR menu (next section).
NOTE: Some keys may conflict with your current configuration, but VR is smart: it will detect these situations and will ask you to choose another key!

Vampire Revolution comes with a menu where you can read your status, search info about your powers, open the manual, reset or uninstall the mod, use cheats (yes, there's a secret section...) and, most important, change settings.
You can open the menu anytime (but not in combat or while in mid-air): cast the VR Menu spell or press the combination Modifier + Menu keys (by default: RightAlt + M).
In the settings menu, you can do:
  • Check your status (Age, level, blood, stats, …)
  • Read all data about the actions and powers (And learn if you have that power or not)
  • Change the Modifier, Menu, Action and all Power keys.
  • You can even decide to individually toggle the Modifier + <Key> combination (except to Action and Modifier itself!)
  • Difficult settings and multipliers
  • Generic settings and preferences
  • Read the guide
  • Reset/Uninstall the mod
  • Open the secret cheat section (the “Grab” key may be linked to the Configuration menu...)
Feel free to explore it and learn

Well, that's enough for now! You're ready to embrace your new (un)life! Go bit someone's neck before I get all weepy!

PS: Maybe you noticed the “Part 1” in the title. This project is composed by 2 parts:
Part 1 (this release): the revolution of the vampire unlife, powers and abilities
Part 2 (a future release): the revolution of the vampire world, guilds and clans