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A mod adding an extra attribute to the game used to gain companions, spells , items and to fuel special powers.

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Daedric Faith
The mod adds a skill to the game allowing to gain Daedric Faith by doing different actions, but primarily through combat. The gained faith can be spent on buying spells, companions, special items or to fuel special powers. 


Gain Daedric Faith soultrapping enemies, doing daedric quests, reading books or sacrificing items. Your primary source of faith would be souls meaning that you are going to earn it through combat and there is no way to easily cheese it. You can see your faith and total faith in the statistics field.


With the faith you can buy new magic through special books. This includes : 

- spells with magnitudes impossible to obtain through spellmaking that allow for a different playstyle

-  spells with unique effects added by the mod and available for spellmaking/enchanting

- special spells that require magicka and faith to work. For example these may include : 
- self-sacrifice spells that damage everything in a large area including the player ( can be resisted ) 
- summoning sigil stone that heals the player and attacks an enemy you have to mark first
- irresistible area paralysis 
New Items

The mod adds extra artifacts available for a lot of faith through the book. Most of them have unique effects or just are very powerful


You can recruit deadra using faith. Also you can teleport them to yourself at will and heal/empower them using faith.


To install : 
1) Unpack the archive into the Data Folder saying yes to all replacements if any 
2) Tick the DaedraWorship.esp in the mod list
To uninstall : 
1) Make sure you have no effects from the mod on you and no new spells selected on  the character. Also you should have no new items from the mod with you.
2) Untick the esp

Compatibilities & bugs  

Should be compatible with anything. However, when testing with MOO, I noticed that the Sigil Stone goes unconscious when unsummoned and teleports to you as an unconscious being when summoned again, but it can still attack an enemy. 

Using followers may be a bit buggy since they sometimes don't follow you through the doors or refuse to do anything. Try using the teleport on them or reenter the location. If they don't react to your commands, just make a save and reload the game. 

Special thanks to :

1. trollf for amazing staff models 

2. Ghogiel for the cephalopod helmet