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Makes the trooper guarding Primm get a little closer when approaching you.

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An incredibly minor mod that fixes an incredibly minor annoyance.

In the vanilla game, when walking to Primm, you are approached by an NCR Trooper and forced into dialogue from a distance. Normally this isn't a problem, however if you are using a mod that reduces the FOV zoom for dialogue (such as the excellent Enhanced Camera), it can appear that he is talking to you from quite a ways away.

1024 in-game units, to be exact. What this mod does is reduce it to a quarter of that length, a mere 256 in-game units. Now you can actually have a face-to-face conversation with this utterly unmemorable character while still maintaining a respectful distance.

Made in about five minutes while working on a larger project. Enjoy.


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Obsidian Entertainment
The Bethesda Modding Community

Screenshots taken using Enhanced Camera and Vanilla UI Plus.