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This is a continuation of the original ADAM mod, including a new installer, new meshes, modular patches and a lot of bug fixes. All neatly prepared in one download with the original author's permission.

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ADAM Reborn is the continuation of the original ADAM mod, which is the most feature-filled Ranger Armor overhaul ever made, covering all Ranger-related armors in both the vanilla game and the DLCs. The original added better meshes, new textures, compatibility with popular mods like Project Nevada and many more features. It also had a lot of bugs. This mod initially began as a bug-squashing adventure, but grew to such an extent that it was only fitting to give it a name of its own. And what better name for a mod that redid the way ADAM worked from the ground up than ADAM Reborn?

Added to the vast array of features in the original is a new installer, simplifying a far-too-complicated installation process; a complete rebalance of all added armors; new female meshes for the armors that did not have them initially; redesigned quest assets for the mini-quests that let you acquire some of the new equipment; a smarter vision mode and general patching system that detects whether you have Project Nevada, Advanced Recon, or Faction Armor Usage Enhancement; an extension of those features to all gear; new world meshes that make sure the helmet you drop is the helmet you wear; and a completely new Rangers on Patrol module, better aligned with the events in the game.


  • All-in-one download with an installer, choose between individual modules or a complete plugin.
  • High quality models and textures for all Ranger-related equipment in base game and DLCs, including the additional helmet gear seen in promotional art for the game. ADAM Reborn also adds world models that match the helmets you wear. (4.2.1)
  • New variants of Ranger Armors and Riot Gear, available through lore-friendly means. (see screenshots)
  • Modular patches for Project Nevada, Project Nevada Extra Options, Advanced Recon and Faction Armor Usage Enhancement. Adding visions modes and other properties to all relevant equipment, including those overlooked by the original authors.
  • Rebalanced versions of all additional equipment included in the original.
  • Refurbished assets for the various mini-quests included in the original.
  • Female meshes for the additional armors in the Nemesis Pack. (4.4)
  • Optional antenna-less versions of the Riot Gear Helmet. (4.4)
  • Remade Rangers on Patrol module, taking into consideration the fact that most Veterans are in Baja at the beginning of the game. (4.4)
  • Resculpted version of the blue armor, which was renamed from Prototype Riot Gear to Electrified Riot Gear to better fit its creator. (4.5)

    !NB! that the patches are modular means they only activate when you have those mods installed !NB!


Install with your favorite mod manager (MO is recommended) and follow the instructions in the installer. Make sure to load the plugins after FAUE, if you use that. Check the ReadMe if you have any additional questions.

Known Issues

  • The Custom Ranger Armor currently has no female mesh. I am unlikely to ever find the time needed to fix this.
  • Helmets sometimes turn black in certain positions when indoors. I have no idea what causes this.

Complimentary Mods

(the following two mods were recommended by AI99)(this is a cool retexture for the Desert Ranger Armor made to work with ADAM)


VT08 - Organization, hosting, model & texture work on the original mod.
EmeraldReign - Model & texture work, and the original plugins.
Weijiesen - Original model & texture work.
Exeter - Improved armor meshes for the original mod.
Gopher - Neck covers for the original mod.
AI99 - Initial PN patches and some previous updates.
13xforever - Fixing the initial installer used in the F&L guide.
EssArrBee - Making the installer compatible with FOMM/NMM.
MonoAccipiter - Fixing the original patches, model & texture work, cell editing, writing, balancing, bug fixing, and making the latest installer.
darthbdaman - Writing the modular patch scripts for the latest version, and making the change to a master structure.
Sistro - Fixing an issue with the Prototype Riot Gear changing textures.
Zictox - Fixing an issue with the meshes turning invisible in certain interiors.

As this is not my own work, but rather just a further improvement on an already large collaboration, I'd want to make sure that anything you want to do with the
mod goes along with the wishes of VT08 who I initially contacted for permission. Hence I ask that you contact me first if you wish to modify any of the files.

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