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Over thirty custom weapon names for Classic Fallout Weapons Remastered without a plugin (.esp) file including: melee weapons, energy guns, heavy guns, plasma weapons, laser weapons, gauss weapons, and alien weapons. Classic weapons, as well as related ammo, mods, and recipes, display customized names across all HUD elements.

Permissions and credits

Every new weapon addition has been given a custom name. All customized weapon name text is displayed on the HUD and various game menus. Ammuntion, weapon modifications and weapon recipes are renamed accordingly. All weapon names can be customized in the text files.


Install any required files. Install the latest main file. For manual installation, extract the file to your game’s data folder. For a mod manager installation, install the file with your preferred mod manager. DLC is not necessarily required but may result in some items using default names if not installed.


Not compatible with any mod that renames the same items that this mod does. Conflicts can be solved by deleting the conflicting line in the text file or adding ;; at the beginning of the line.


The interface mod Simplified Weapon Icons is highly recommended to use with this mod. Users of Custom Classic Weapon Names may also like my other renaming mods Alternate Item NamesAlternate Weapon Qualities, and Gas Masks of Life.


This mod uses names inspired by weapons from other Fallout games. A special thanks to the awesome weapon mod Classic Fallout Weapons Remastered for bringing classic Fallout weapons to the Mojave.