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Replacement main plugin for IMPACT, that automatically patches all weapons in the game, DLC, and mods, to have the appropriate Shell Casings and Impact Data Sets based on their ammo types. Work with all weapons that use vanilla or DLC ammo lists or ammo types.

Includes scripted compatibility for companion weapons and NPC ammo types.

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I love IMPACT, but it was always a pain to write compatibility patches for, as it required patches for every single weapon in your load order, so a lot of mod added weapons would inevitably get left out, unless you patched them yourself. This mod fixes that.

This mod is a replacement plugin file (this requires assets from the original mod) that adds a scripted patcher that automatically patches all weapons loaded into the game to have the appropriate Shell Casings and IMPACT Data Sets, based on their ammo list or type. This will work with any weapon, in any mod, that is using a Vanilla or DLC ammo list, or any ammo type on a Vanilla list.

I have also included scripted checks for weapons using Companion Ammo and non-playable robot ammo, in order to give them the correct Shell Casings and Data Sets. This will work for Vanilla, all DLC, and TTW, without requiring them.

This will relieve the need to patch IMPACT, to make it compatible with any mod that adds weapons or edits weapon data. The mod no longer edits any weapon data at all, which is why an entire replacement plugin is provided. It is identical, save for the added scripts and removed weapon records.

You should no longer need patches for IMPACT, and should no longer need to use your current patches.


  • No more compatibility patches, for mods or DLC

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