Fallout New Vegas
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Merged patch for DUST Survival Simulator and several weapon mods.

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During my 70+ hour playthrough of DUST I noticed that many of the weapon mods I installed weren't distributing weapons properly due to conflicting weapon leveled lists. I wasn't really planning on publicly releasing this but I figured it wouldn't hurt.

So far this mod affects NCR troopers, survivors, cannibals, tribals, BoS members, and tech savengers.

The following weapon mods are required: 
Weapons Of The New Millenia And Friends (and it's requirements)
Supplementary Weapons Pack (and it's requirements)
Classic Fallout Weapons Remastered (and it's requirements)
Misc Items - Use as Weapons
This should go without saying but DUST Survival Simulator is also required

I'm open to suggestions for other weapon mods I should include, but this won't guarantee I will add them.