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This is simply an updated version of http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/57729/? by naugrim04 to include the melee weapons from the Ultimate Edition DLCs. All credit for uncovering and fixing these discrepancies goes to naugrim04, I just built on top of what he already did.

This mod alters the reach of all melee and unarmed weapons in the game, including Unique and NPC only versions, to better reflect the size of their model.

Weapons Reaches:
0.4- Straight Razor, Switchblade
0.5- Knife, Combat Knife, Cleaver, Lead Pipe, Unarmed Weapons, Bowie Knife
0.6- Hatchet, Ripper, Tire Iron
0.75- Machete, Police Baton, Rolling Pin, Chainsaw, War Club
1.0- Cattle Prod, Dress Cane, Shishkebab, Super Sledge, Sledgehammer, Katana
1.2- Baseball Bat, Nail Board, 9 Iron, Fireaxe, Pool Cue, Rebar Club, Thermic Lance, Knife Spear, Proton Axe, X-2 Antenna
1.3- Bumper Sword, Blade of the West

If you notice any bugs or inconsistencies/missing weapons, please report them.

Requires all Ultimate Edition DLCs.

This mod may have compatibility issues with other mods that alter these weapons.
It should probably be loaded after those mods to avoid that.

naugrim04's Melee Reach Fixed is included in DUST (http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/57927/?) so this mod may or may not conflict with it.