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Keeps track of which Wild Wasteland events have been experienced. Optional support for New Vegas Uncut 5: A Wilder Wasteland.

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Wild Wasteland Checklist

Keeps track of which Wild Wasteland events have been experienced.  Optional support for New Vegas Uncut 5: A Wilder Wasteland.

The purpose of this mod is to underscore the desirability of experiencing everything Fallout New Vegas has to offer.  It offers a checklist of all Wild Wasteland content, and automatically detects and keeps a record of each discovery the player makes.  This lends incentive to the prospect of taking pains to uncover all of it.  Better, after all, to have a mod keeping tabs on your progress than to just be playing a little game of completion with yourself.

The potential benefit of this checklist is that one can pick a point where they are satisfied that they have exhausted Wild Wasteland's usefulness, and then visit the Sink's Auto-Doc to get the trait exchanged for something of fresh utility.

I have added non-conflicting support for New Vegas Uncut 5: A Wilder Wasteland - a mod which reproduces a couple of cut Wild Wasteland events, among other things.

2019-08-20: Be aware that in order for the "End of line" Wild Wasteland trigger to be possible, you will need to have Asterra's Many Fixes installed, as this piece of Wild Wasteland content was the unfortunate victim of an unfixed bug.


New in version 2.0:
  • A much cleaner version of the mod which no longer makes edits to risky dialogue topics. If you were ever having issues with Wild Wasteland events not being flagged, this is your solution.
  • For Freeside Open users, the Freeside Open patch is no longer needed.

New in version 1.6:
  • Update for compatibility with latest Yukichigai Unofficial Patch.
  • Provided a compatibility patch for Freeside Open and/or Outside Bets.  Keep the main mod at the top of the load order as usual (to avoid conflicts with ILO, RWL, etc.), and place the patch below everything else.

New in version 1.5:
  • Update for compatibility with latest Yukichigai Unofficial Patch and Asterra's Many Fixes.

New in version 1.4b:
  • "I Am Not Your Mummy" now triggers properly.
  • Compatibility with Asterra's Many Fixes (for the "End of Line" trigger).

New in version 1.3:
  • Restored a cut NPC to Freeside.  There are three drunks that were cut from Freeside before the game's release.  They have a lot of things to say, including one final bit of Wild Wasteland dialogue that can only be heard from them.  Only one of the three drunks was fully ready to be re-enabled, so that's the one I chose.  Note: If you want to experience this cut content, but were already using WildWastelandChecklist.esp (without the support for New Vegas Uncut 5), not to worry: Grab the new version and rename it to WildWastelandChecklist.esp and it will work.  You don't need New Vegas Uncut 5 in your load order because the support for that mod is transparent.
  • Fixed a menu bug.

New in version 1.2b:
  • Removed one item from the list because even though it's in the game, the (Freeside) NPCs who trigger it were removed prior to launch and no uncut mod has restored them.
  • Tidied up a lot of the menu text.
  • Made the menu navigable even if entries aren't highlighted.
  • Eliminated unnecessary gamemode polling.

New in version 1.1:
  • Fixed issue with page 2 of the menu displaying some of page 1's info.
  • Also fixed a bug that prevented the New Vegas Uncut version of the mod from being of any use.

  • The ideal approach is to use this mod with a new game.
  • I have done very little testing, since anything exhaustive would essentially spoil my own experience.  But I am not expecting major issues.

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