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Makes nights throughout the Mojave Wasteland darker, emphasizing local and ambient lighting over directional "sun" lighting.

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Version: 4.9, Last Updated: March 11, 2012


Nights are Darker is a simple, lightweight mod for people who wish to preserve the vanilla weather aesthetic whilst darkening nights.

Nights are Darker aims to increase the immersion and creepiness of the Fallout world.

Consider the Friend of the Night perk and Cateye when venturing outdoors at night.

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Nights Are Darker edits vanilla weather and image space modifiers darkening nights throughout the Mojave Wasteland by 60 - 75%, emphasizing local and ambient lighting over directional "sun" lighting.

So basically if there isn't a light there it's going to be dark, I highly recommend using MoonlightNVSE alongside NaD.

Make sure you have your monitor brightness levels set correctly, ALONG with the in-game settings.


Not compatible with weather mods, or mods that edit vanilla weather assets.

This mod is in no way meant to compete with the following mods on Nexus. Nights are Darker is simply meant to be an alternative to such mods.

Fellout NV 
Nevada Skies - Weather Effects 
FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting
Desert Natural Weathers - NV - TTW

Recommended Mods:

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For a complete History of NaD, please refer to NaDChangeLog.txt in the main archive file or to the Logs tab.


Use ONLY one of these ESPs at a time.

Nights are Darker - Ultimate Edition.esp
Main file for Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition, All the DLC Addons.

Nights are Darker - Fallout New Vegas.esp
Main file for Fallout New Vegas.

Use these ONLY if you are not using the Ultimate Edition ESP.

Nights are Darker - Dead Money.esp
Nights are Darker - Honest Hearts.esp
Nights are Darker - Old World Blues.esp
Nights are Darker - Lonesome Road.esp

This mod should be loaded after any mods the edit weather.
If you are a Wrye Flash user Nights Are Darker can be merged into your bashed patch.


The mod is safe to uninstall at any point, it will not damage your save games.


Steam | Nexus | Twitch | Discord | Vault108

Credits / Acknowledgements:

killergrimm for all your bug reports and help modifying this mod!
Leyic for the Nights are Darker 25% File which killergrimm and I modified.
The DLC addons are my creations with the assistance of killergrimm

Tools Used:

G.E.C.K. Extender
Photoshop CS6
Wrye Flash
Mod Organizer 2
TTW conversion script


By using this mod, you agree to not hold me liable for any damage that
occurs to your property or person in the course of using this mod,
including but not limited to keyboard smashing induced by frustration
caused by wandering into a dark room full of feral ghouls.

You are free to do whatever you wish with this mod, including
redistributing, modifying, and incorporating into other mods, provided
you give credit where credit is due.