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The ULTIMATE Night/Thermal/whatever Vision! Adds four unique vision googles to the game. Nightvison, Thermal, See-throug-walls and the awesome Combat Assistant See the image, it explais EVERYTHING ;)

Permissions and credits

Check the Video Demonstration made by B1x (Thanks man!), watch in HD!

YES! That red marker is there INGAME!

The four visors can be found in Doc's house, in the iron cabinet on the way to his kitchen. Don't sell them or throw them away, they are unique!

You can combine the different Visors or even use all at once! Thogh this might give weird effects.

The four Visors are:
Advanced Nightvision
It's extremely bright, use it with nightlith's "Darker Nights" Mod (links at the bottom!). Also it slightly highlights Actors.
Thermal Vision
Actors leave a track of "heat" and can bee seen over big distance due to the high contrast.
Neuronal-Electric Field Detector
Lets you see through walls! (You can't shoot trough walls tough, but you can use grenades to hit enemys behind the corner ;) )
Combat Assistant
The core of this mod. It marks all actors in a big range and displays there current status (even trough walls), it also displays their health and armour when targeted and highlights items.
The target marker pops arround at the body ATM. I can't chage this yet, but it gives some sort of "hitech-ish" feeling and catches the eye even more... so regard it as a feature for now.
Possible states and their colours are:

  • atacking you (red fast blinking)
  • hostile but have not detected you (orange fast blinking)
  • atacking someone else (bright yellow)
  • fleeing (pink)
  • ally (green)
  • sleeping or going to bed soon (blue)
  • dead (bright blue)
  • neutral (white)

See This

best played with HDR on

Recommented Mods:
Light mods to give the Nightvision a use:
ELECTRO-CITY - More LIGHTS for Darker Nights: Does weay more than just adding light posts! I adds new places all over the wasteland, you got to check that out!
Zombie Apocalypse: This is so ridiculously FUN! You have to play this!
URWL for New Vegas - Realistic Lighting: Awesome mod for a great atmosphere.
Darker Nights - Brighter Lights: Makes Nightvision more rewarding. Vegas looks amazing at night!
Advanced Recon Stealth Gear - Thermal Nightvision Kickass Thermal Nightvision!

"THE5 Visors Mod.esp" and the "Textures" Folder into "...\fallout new vegas\Data". The textures location then should be "...\fallout new vegas\Data\Textures\THE5\Interface\CombatAssistant\[here my .dds Files]"!
- no Archive invalidation required
- no NVSE required

Delete "THE5 Visors Mod.esp" and the "Textures\THE5" Folder in "...\fallout new vegas\Data".

@ Everybody wondering about any flickering/poping:
It's a known Bug! Trying to fix, but seems inpossible :/

@ Everybody thinking the effects clutter the screen:
This mod is not directly ment for close quater combat or talking with actors. Why would you need a detection system for enemys you already see what theyre doing, or even for talkign with NPCs? Thats not the purpose of this mod.
Use the CA in the wastelend to scout the area or in dungeons to get a overview of enemies locations and behavor.

@ Everybody not getting my mod to work:
1.) Place the textures (.dds files) in the right location.
2.) My graphics are all high and HDRI is on, try that.
3.) Maybe your "effect" draw distances are to low.

@ Everybody asking for powerarmor/implant/etc.:
Wait for full mod release...

Known Bugs:
Thats my first published mod, so bear with me ;P

  • Effects stay active for about 2 seconds after you de-equiped the visor.
  • Effects tend to "flicker" sometimes, thats something about the framerate/updaterate.
  • The target marker disapears an pops up somewhere else aggain, it is not stationary. This is how the engine handles particle effects. Until I find a workaround this remians unfixable.
  • No actual model to equip ATM.
  • I will make it a Perk/Implant/Armour in the full version of "THE5's Mod", you can stop asking for that.
  • In rare cases the C.A. Marker appears on Boxes, Terminals, etc. or shows dead actors even if there is no corpse. This is a problem of the engine and thus unfixable.

Fixed Bugs:

  • (v1.1) "Thread" typo, the screenshots are old tough...
  • (v1.2) It says Doc's "House" now, not "Haus" anymore. As far as I know I can't set it to the native language since I modified the cell.