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An enhancement to the shoddy work on the vanilla functional streetlamps of Outer Vegas +NCRCF

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A Little More Lamplight v1.1
Author: zedas
June 28, 2020

This mod is an enhancement to, what I feel, is the lackluster job done on the working street lights/lamps and signs of Outer New Vegas +NCRCF. There are a few working lights in Outer New Vegas, but they're kind of half done, look weird, and don't include glows. Also, the lights in Outer Vegas are on for a pretty short time 8 PM to 11 PM. In real time this is a very short opportunity to see the lights in action. Finally, the distant model for the Freeside sign sucks. Annndd, I've never liked that the lights at NCRCF are all busted even though the light beams are still there.
I have added glows, repositioned/altered light coronas/cones, added two new lights (cause I wanted to, see screens), swapped the distant Freeside sign model to the high detail version, set all Outer Vegas lights to be on from 8 PM to 5:45 AM, and gave NCRCF fixed spotlights. 
To note: if you use vanilla night lighting the changes may not be super noticeable. I don't like the vanilla night lighting much myself and recommend a darker nights mod for greater effect. I use Nights Are Darker - Ultimate Edition myself (mod used in screens) and am quite happy with what it does.

What does it do exactly?
-Adds a glow mesh at all working instances of tllamppost01
-Adds a tllamppost01 mesh with some fixed properties and redirected normal map that doesn't get weird glowing from lights

-Adds lamppost01 and lamppost02 meshes with fixed UV maps
-Adds glow mapped version of lamppost01 and lamppost02 meshes
-Adds glow mapped lamppost01 and lamppost02 references for all working instances of the base
-Adjust light corona and cone for all working instances of lamppost01 and lamppost02

-Disable old light corona and cone and add more appropriate one for all working instances of StreetLight01 in West Vegas
-Adds a few lights to the wastelandNVmini worldspace where they would be visible from within the Westside cells

-Adds glow enabled, non broken version of MegatonSpotLight01 named NCRCFspotlight01
-Adds NCRCFspotlight01 references for all working instances at NCRCF

-Adjust Freeside sign impostor to use high detail mesh

-Adjust 4 scripts so that lights in Outer Vegas are on from 8PMish to 5:45AM instead of the lame 3 hour period of 8-11
-Adds alternative esp with vanilla 8-11 PM lights, or longer depending on actions taken in 'That Lucky Old Sun'
-Minor fix to a couple enable parents that weren't set right

1) Use your mod organizer or unzip it in the data folder I don't know what young people do these days!
2) If you would like the vanilla streetlight on/off times overwrite the esp with the one from the Vanilla 8-11 Lights optional file

Compatibility/Known Issues:
-Not compatible with Simple Street Lights. The two mods cover the same things and have conflicts
-Minor conflict with ELECTRO-CITY. Compatibility patch provided in optional files (though I don't really recommend ELECTRO-CITY until such time as someone makes a cleaned up version of it).

If you have other mods that mess with streetlights there may be issues. I could possibly make patches, we'll see if it comes up
Since I use these mods, at date 06/25/2020, it is 100% compatible with 
Yukichigai Unofficial Patch
New Vegas Uncut - Outside Bets
Uncut Wasteland

Issue: The Freeside sign may stop animating for a second as it switches from the far version to the near version (not much of a problem IMO)

Any comments, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, or pointers will be greatly appreciated. Please leave them in the comments section or send  
me a message.


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- Elminster & others for xEdit without which making these mods would be a frickin nightmare
- Roy Batty - nukem - lStewieAl - jazzisparis - LuthienAnarion - carxt for GECK Extender which saves a lot of headache in the G.E.C.K.
- TTW Discord for pointers on stuff I don't know how to do
- Obsidian and Bethesda for Fallout New Vegas and the tools to allow me to muck with it.