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Nightvision, thermal imaging, scanners, target acquisition and waterbreathing. Customizable colors/brightness. For power armor helmets and nightvision units alike.

Permissions and credits
Other mods in this series
1. Advanced Recon Stealth Armor.
2. Advanced Recon Range Finder
3. Advanced Recon Trap Detection.
4. Advanced Recon Desert Ranger Helmet.
5. Advanced Recon Riot Gear Helmets.

Update 3.3
Click here to view a video describing the changes in v3.3.

The basic aim of this mod is to add a lot of advanced hi-tech functionality such as variable nightvision, thermal imaging to see through walls, water breathing and much more. It adds several custom made sets of headgear at the same time as giving you the option to apply this hi-tech functionality to existing in game object. eg. Power Armor helmets.

Almost all the models are styled in the manner of existing FalloutNV and Fallout3 models, especially BrotherHood of Steel look and feel, with a touch of the Chinese armor stlye creeping in.

The general idea with these items is that they should feel easy to use so that you dont really think about them as you use them, whilst not trivialising the gaming experience. But to truly appreciate this mod I highly recommend a mod that changes the nights to be far darker.

In general this headgear was designed to be used in conjunction with the Advanced Recon Stealth Armor mod.

Includes custom made items:
1. Adv. Recon Nightvision Mk1& Mk2: Two sets of nightvision headgear. The gear gives nightvision, thermal imaging, +1 PER, and acts as Reading Glasses for people with the Four Eyes trait.

Just activate the nightivision using the 'n' key to increase the brightness in incremental steps, or the 'm' key for thermal imaging.

1st press: Low powered FULL COLOR night vision, use in dim places or cloudy days.
2nd press: Mid powered FULL COLOR night vision, use in badly lit rooms or evenings.
3rd press: Normal powered MONOCHROME(Green) night vision, use in dark rooms / nights.
4rd press: High powered MONOCHROME(Green) night vision, use in very dark rooms / nights.
5th press: Very high powered MONOCHROME(Green) night vision, use in pitch black places / nights (Fellout midnight for example).
6th press: OFF.

2. Adv. Recon Breather MK1 & Mk2: Two sets of breathing equipment. Gives rad/poison resistance a boost too.

3. Advanced Recon Helmet: combining the nightvision, thermal imaging and breather unit above and providing some armor.

4. Recon Ranger Helmet: An NCR Ranger combat helmet with nightvision, thermal imaging and waterbreathing.

5. Recon Ranger Helmet (Black): A black version of the above (see images).

6. Target Acquisition Computer (TAC): Gives +2% crit chance, hightlights npcs and hostiles, and scans for ammo/food in containers and bodies. User must be wearing some sort of Advanced Recon optical headgear (including power armor helmets) for this to work. Activate the <TAC Activator> to activate the realtime highlighting of NPCs and corpses. It will also detect traps and mines if you are using the Detect Traps mod.

7. Black Ops Recon Beret: The black beret of the recon unit. +1LUCK and +5 Crit. Everyone should have a lucky hat. This is yours. You're welcome.

Everything is customizable, from the use of energy cells as a power source to the color of the nightvision. The general idea with any items using this hi-tech functionality is that they should feel easy to use so that you dont really think about them as you use them, whilst not trivialising the gaming experience. But to truly appreciate this mod I highly recommend a mod that changes the nights to be far darker.

Some functionality is enhanced when using the New Vegas Script Extender(NVSE). MUST be version 1 b 6 or later! If you dont have NVSE, you can still use the mod, just turn of NVSE mode in the in game settings menu.
There is also a customization menu that uses The Mod Configuration Menu (MCM). This is optional, but highly recommended.
This mod also has HUD icons. Use UIO - User Interface Organizer to activate those with this mod.

Compatible with
The HUD elements of this mod have been tested and found compatible with the following mods:
1. MTUI v 1
2. Darnified beta test v 4
3. Shiloh DS - Clean Pipboy Screen
4. PipWare UI New Vegas Edition
5. SimpleHUD
6. AsukaHUD
7. Primary Needs HUD
8. Unified HUD Project and any mod this supports.

If you choose the option to apply this effect to power armor helmets, obviously it might conflict with anything that alters those. Please contact me if you have a mod you would like this to be compatible with. If you find a mod that does conflict, contact me and I will try to fix it.

How to install
Download the main file and activate using your mod manager. If you need any of the optional files, download those and do the same.

Cyborg - Thermal and Nightvision Implants
Kerberos Panzer Police Armor - Thermal Nightvision.
Advanced Recon Desert Ranger Helmet.

daejones : Many of the headgear pieces are modified from his original ideas. His work got me started and without it I would never have gotten this far. The Mk1 breather is actually pretty much his original work with some a re-texture. And all the other headgear models exist because he gave me a place to start.

Antistar : I think he was the pioneer in nightvision for Fallout 3. I am pretty sure it was his work that made me realise nightvision was a possibility.

LucyBlue : Although this modder added thermal vision to Fallout 3 and New Vegas I actually was originally motivated to make thermal vision by a mod linked to me from Oblivion. When I went back and checked, sure enough it was LucyBlue :) And it was LucyBlue that gave me an elegant and easy solution to the problem of thermal shaders dropping hwen switching from first to third person. BTW if you have not checked out her thermal vision, do so.

Every other modder : Seriously, I must have opened a thousand mods to find out how they work and read just as many tutorials. From the FOMOD script to the in game menus, to the hotkeys and the activators. Every idea I ever had probably came from scanning the massive ammount of work submitted to Nexus.

Everyone who used my mod : Again, very seriously, it is the people who kept reporting bugs, demanding more features, and above all just showing an interest that kept this mod going. Since the start in Fallout 3 I have spent over a thousand hours on various mods, and i have enjoyed every minute of it because of you guys.