Fallout New Vegas

About this mod

With this mod, you can set the range, brightness, color and activation timing of your pipboy light ingame.
Requires NVSE, JIP NVSE plugin and MCM.

Permissions and credits

Melting Goodsprings...
...with the pipboy?
That already looks like some sort of bad radiation. oO

Formal warning:

If you want to use some of my code segments, you will encounter various proper comments which explain why I coded the way I did and why some sloppy workarounds were necessary.
BUT, you'll also encounter stupid comments, bad language and retarded meme references! So check the code of my plugin on your own responsibility and don't blame me for being a human!

Please check the changelog in the changelog tab or simply click here.

This mod does NOT WORK without the following:
  1. xNVSE
  2. JIP LN NVSE plugin
  3. MCM

There are a lot of pipboy light mods here, which mostly do static changes. This one was aimed to let the player mess around with the light as much as he / she wants and that in a fully dynamic way directly in the game.

  • Change the radius of your pipboy light (maximum radius exterior: 300, maximum radius interior: 100). It's possible for you to change the maximum values, but I recommend to not use ridiculous high values (it's even better to lower them as light sources have a performance impact and big light sources even more of course). To change the maximum allowed radius, just download FNVEdit and open my plugin with it:

Change this BEFORE you load my mod into your savegame! Or leave it if you are fine with 300 feet.
Same goes for the max. radius of the interior light.
You can also change this ingame, by opening the console and type:
SetGlobalValue DPLightMaxRadExt 100
SetGlobalValue DPLightMaxRadInt 50

The values 100 and 50 were just examples.

  • Change the fade (respective brightness) of your pipboy light dynamically ingame. Herefore, 2 new global values are defined. Use them to change the maximum default settings (which are already retarded honstely oO). You can also use the console to change these, similar as the max radius values:
SetGlobalValue DPLightMaxFadExt 5
SetGlobalValue DPLightMaxFadInt 10

The values 5 and 10 were just examples

  • Change the color of your pipboy light dynamically ingame, by manipulating the RGB values.

  • Change the activation time of the light from 0.10 seconds to 1 whole second. This works in conjunction with the autoactivation and will make you happy for not wasting 0.8 seconds to activate the pipboy light (I have no idea why someone would raise that to 1 whole second, but I added it as max value. XD)

  • A fix is integrated which will keep the pipboy light on, when you travel from an interior to an exterior. Setting is optional.

  • Added exterior auto-activation with a time frame. So everytime you enter an exterior, the light will turn itself on from 19:00 (7 p.m.) to 06:30 (6:30 .a.m.) or any other time frame you set up. Setting is optional.

  • Added interior auto-activation. This one is a bit more annoying as it is working continuously in interiors. Everytime the light is off, the light amount which drops onto the player will be determined and compared to the setup in the options menu. If the value of light is lower or equal to the value in the options menu, the Pip Boy light turns itself automatically on. Setting is optional.

  • Added a protection against the interior auto-activation with additional benefits. If you active the "No stealth activation" setting, then the interior auto-activation won't intervene, while you are crouching. Additionally to that, everytime you start to crouch the Pip Boy light turns itself automatically off. When you meet the time frame for the exterior auto-activation, then the light will go back on if you are in an exterior and stop crouching.

  • Interior light (optional): While the Exterior light menu is considered as the menu for general light settings and advanced settings, you're also allowed to activate a different radius and light color, while your player characters is currently in interiors. If you activate this setting, the light changes will be applied dynamically either, depending if you are in an exterior or interior. So, if you are in an exterior the light from the Exterior light menu will be used and if you are in an interior the light of the Interior light (optional) menu will be used. At least as long as you have the option activated.

  • Fine-tuning now allows you to see the current value, for any button press. Sounds like message spam, but the short messages are so smooth you'll like it. Otherwise, just turn the notifications off. :P

Known issues:

  • When loading an uninitialized savegame from an initialized one where you have set a color preset, the Pip Boy light in the uninitialized savegame will be off, even if you had it on while saving the game. I consider this as minor issue and won't fix it. The lights work pretty fine when the mod got initialized. Furthermore, I am unsure if there is even a method to catch this issue. As the light fix works well, when loading an uninitialized savegame directly after game restart. Therefore I blame the new mesh paths for presets to be the fault of an instantly turned off pipboy light. So that appears to be a reasonable won't fix for me. Also, when loading from an initialized to an uninitialized savegame, many values will be taken over which is an intended feature. If you want to revert back to the default state, there is a "Reset" button for each mod in the MCM menu. Either you can reset just some settings like the radius or fade back to default in their own scale menu. As there is either a button for. :)

  • The actual light radius: I tried "SetRadius" and "SetLightTraitNumeric 0" to change the radius of the pipboy light, but I had no visible result ingame, even if the values got applied (as tested). So I dumped the radius completely and just used "SetNthEffectTraitNumeric 0 0" for the magnitude of the PipboyLight actor effect, which worked pretty well. Fine.

  • The global short values "DPLightMaxRadEXT" and "DPLightMaxRadINT" should determine the allowed max range of the radius. Standard is 300 feet for EXT and 100 for INT. If you change this values on an already initialized savegame it seems to have no effect. I tried it with my experimental one (500 feet EXT), but couldn't lower the total maximum to 300 even though I changed the correct value. Only after reloading a savegame without my mod been already initialized, the max radius of EXT turned to 300 feet. So if you want a different max radius than I have set, open up my mod with FNVEdit and change those globals to any value you want, BEFORE you load my mod into your savegame. It wonders me that the globals won't change the max allowed radius on the fly, but I don't bother actually, since 100 and 300 are fair values at all. At the end it's your choice which range you want to use. BUT BE WARNED: If you set the range too high, it may break your game! I expierenced lags with 500 feet. Won't fix.

  • Lowest magnitude (range) 15 feet? Yeah, I expierenced issues with lower values, by not being able to change the color anymore. 15 is the Fallout NV vanilla standard, so I thought it might be best to keep it and avoid said issues. If it comes that you want to completely deactivate your light, just turn the color to black. XD Fine.

  • With an enormous radius, you'll often encounter the bug of a "dark" ground, which is present even in vanilla (but not this noticeable as of a lower pipboy light radius). I heard rumors that texture mods or new terrain meshes could fix this, but I never encountered a fix yet actually. So you've to get used to it. The first encounter of this issue is in Goodsprings a little bit furtherout, frontside of the saloon. Won't fix.