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This modification adds weather effects such as sandstorms, rain, rainstorms, snow, radstorms and other weather variants to the game.

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This mod adds more versatile weather effects to the Mojave. Weather effects include Sandstorms, Rain, Rainstorms, Thunderstorms (with/without rain) and snow at appropriate areas. The Mod adds more than 320 new cloud- and weather variants to the game. Sunrises and sunsets have been tweaked for more diversity, and nights are darker and do look more like real nights. Additional changes to the environmental light appearance to support the weather appearance and the mood they create. Bloom effect reworked to reduce NPC and player figure glow appearance. Also this weather mod provides you with a large amount of special weather themes, that create a unique and new feeling to the game and can be activated as standalone or as part of the main climate.


  1. 320 Weather Types
  2. Moods with unique Weather
  3. Weather effects such as Rain, Snow and Sandstorms
  4. MCM to configurate Nevada Skies

Special thanks,

goes to Anro24. She was mainly responsible for bringing Nevada Skies back to life after being not under development for several years. She took the basic structure and made major script improvements, sound and effects overhaul and added MCM menu. Her work and her passion she showed for this mod is much appreaciated.

A Note from Anro:
I Personally Stop working on this Mod. Im not interested to Maintain or Update this Mod in any from.
I fixed the Major Problem full such Performance Issues, Save Bloating or something else and added New Feature.
Bugs which left and which propably never will be Fixed:
Sky Seams

Whats New?

Nevada Skies Redesigned is a full scratch Made version which is base on my Project NAW and Nevada Skies Classic by Yossarian22 and Marcurios.
No Longer Performance issues which was causes by Version 3.4 and Less Feature Creep.
All old Classic Feature was takenover to Redesigned and Reworked to work correctly with the New System.
On top all mods work in DLC and co now.
All Addons are merged in the Main Mod self and can be selected in the MCM.
A New FX System which is inspired by the Mod Dynvasion 3 by Gopher, Marcurios and MyGoodEye
A New Friend of Night Rework which work Correctly
Because Marcurios URWL Interior was not working for DLC i make a new Interior Addon which work with everthing automatic. No Conflict resolving needed.

A New Sound System to control the Volum which was wished by User.

Recommend Mods

xNVSE by Karrut, C6 and other.
User Interface Organizer by Jazziparis.
The Mod Configuration Menu by Pelinor.
Actually not a Mod by a good Guide Viva New Vegas by Qolore772
or The Best of Times by Qolore
for Tale of Two Wasteland by RoyBatterian


JIP NVSE LN Plugin by Jazziparis.

Everthing which altering the Friend of Night Scripts.

Known Issues

Invisible Clouds - That a Enginen Issues nothing what i can do.
If you load save where a Weather Like Rain is playing you will have no Sound - Reentering a Interior to solve it
Monstrum Sun - This a issues by EXE
Fuzzy Sky - Caused by the Sunglare Texture from Nevada Skies
Sky Seams - Caused by Cloud Texture

Garbage English Grammar - English arent my Native language
No Rain in NON DLC - Nevada Skies use the Honest Hearts Rain you need this DLC if want Rain


Download One of the Package and install them trough a Manager or Extract the archive and put it in Fallout New Vegas/Data/.

Version Overview:

TTW is for Tale of Two Wasteland by RoyBatterian
DLC if you have all of them
NON DLC if you dont have any DLC
Modular if you dont have all of them

Enable the Plugin in your Mod Manager or in Fallout New Vegas Launcher


Q: Nevada Skies Show me that JIP was not found.
A: Make sure the JIP_nvse.dll is in Data/NVSE/Plugins/ loacted.

Q: Where are the Optional Files going?
A: They are included in the Main Mod and can be toggled in the MCM.

Q: I dont have the MCM Menu.
A: Make sure you have MCM installed.

Q: I have no Weathers.
A: Make sure Nevada Skies load as last Plugin. Vortex have some issues with it. Also Loot dont do it correclty.

Q: I have a sound bug.
A: That a issues which caused by NVTF.

Q: Does the mod affect performance?
A: Yes. We test it with a middle rig with a i5 and 1060 GTX. Unlocked Frames
Vanilla - 130 FPS
NS - 130 FPS
NS Rain - 120 FPS
NS Snow - 100 FPS
NS Storm - 110 FPS

Q: Sinitair Claim this mod as Broken, Save Bloating etc etc. A few Words from you?
A: Sinitair should google what User Definied Function or Short UDF is. The Impact of Performance is pretty less. Also NS dosent use anything which could cause Save Bloating. He even dosent check if mods got updated.

Q: Is the mod compatible with The Frontier?
A: Yes but for better compatiblity i recommend to delete the Cloud.nif in Data/Meshes/sky.

if you want to use Stuff from this mod you need to seek the permission from other Authors aswell.
You have free Permission to providde compatiblity Patches for other Mods.

I will not allowed to Change anything which is related to the Pop Up and Error System from Nevada Skies.


Allnarta for the Cloud.nif
Qolore722 for the endless support.
EPDGaffney for the endless support
Yossarian22 and Marcurios for Orginal Nevada Skies.
Thanks to RoyBatterian and his Team for the HH Rain Fix and the New Effect Script for Snow etc. Give this man some love.
Anro24 for doing nothing.