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This modification adds weather effects such as sandstorms, rain, rainstorms, snow, radstorms and other weather variants to the game.

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This mod adds more versatile weather effects to the Mojave. Weather effects include Sandstorms, Rain, Rainstorms, RADstorms (make sure you got Rad-X), Thunderstorms (with/without rain) and snow at appropriate areas. The Mod adds more than 320 new cloud- and weather variants to the game. Sunrises and sunsets have been tweaked for more diversity, and nights are darker and do look more like real nights. Additional changes to the environmental light appearance to support the weather appearance and the mood they create. Bloom effect reworked to reduce NPC and player figure glow appearance. Also this weather mod provides you with a large amount of special weather themes, that create a unique and new feeling to the game and can be activated as standalone or as part of the main climate. Some of those moods have special effects such as snow, icestorms, toxicstorms and firestorms


- over 320 weather variants.
- "Thermo-Hygrograph" item to control weather settings (found under appearance in your PipBoy)
- Rainstorms coming to life with Thunder and Lightning
- Metering System for quick info on local weather conditions
- Check your current height level based on real world values.
- 13 special "Mood" themes, to be chosen as fix weather option or be added to the weather cycle.
- Special Storm features such as toxicstorms, firestorms and icestorms
- Complex Menu-System to set preferred Mojave weather settings encountered during play.
- fully animated and orchestrated Sand- and Radstorms
- Radstorm and Toxicstorm effects can be countered with Radsuits and Rad-X
- Improved Sneak and penalty on perception during storms
- Combine storms, rain and moods in various ways with the ingame terminal menu.
- Winter Edition with special climate conditions.
- Western Edition to keep the dusty atmosphere of original game.
- 3 different night variants for every need.
- Full DLC Support
- Full Tale of Two Wastelands Support
- changed appearance to the night sky (HD moon, new stars and sun textures)
- NPC Reactions to Storms
- HQ Texture Storms

[size=6pt]Known Issues:[/size]

- Sometimes you will get a plain sky without clouds. This is game-engine related and can't be fixed.


1. Copy all the files into the Fallout New Vegas "Data" Directory
2. You always have to activate NevadaSkies.esm
3. Choose between the files listed below and only activate one of them, never together!

- NevadaSkies - Basic Edition.esp -> This file has to be activated if you do not own DLC Content Packs
- NevadaSkies - Ultimate DLC Edition.esp -> This file has to be activated, if you have all FNV DLCs.
- NevadaSkies - TTW Edition.esp -> This file has to be activated, if you have Tale of Two Wastelands installed.

4. Put the ESP-File of your Choice at the very end of your load order! Delete the other two ESP-Files.
5. Now your Fallout New Vegas "Data" Directory should hold the files listed below:

- meshes/sky/clouds.nif (has to be out of the BSA-Archive to work correctly)
- NevadaSkies - Main.bsa
- NevadaSkies - Sounds.bsa
- NevadaSkies.esm
- ESP of your choice (see point 3)

6. If you miss any of these files, it won't work.


-Winter Edition: Play with Snow, Icestorms and Cold Conditions!
-Western Edition: Change weather appearance to be more like the original game.
-Darker Nights: Real dark nights!
-Pitch Black Nights: You don't see your bloody hands in front of your eyes!
-Brighter Nights: Nights are much brighter
-Blueberry Nights: Nights are much brighter and more blue
-Colorful Stars: Nightsky becomes more colorful. Copy into data/textures/sky
-Plain Stars: Nightsky becomes more blue and less intense
-URLIFIED Interiors: Made by Marcurios. Changes the Light-Templates of Interiors
-Ultimate DLC Edition: Applies Nevada Skies to the DLCs of FNV.
-TTW Edition: Applies Nevada Skies to Tale of Two Wastelands and all it's DLCs.


Q: Where should I put Nevada Skies in my load order?
A: Where to put the ESM file doesn't matter. But the ESP file has to be at the very end of the load order. This is very important.


Q: Why do I have some (place your weird sky effect here) ?
A: This mod was tested and optimized for Fallout NV settings with HDR on and High Textures Quality. I am no professional, so I not gonna test it on all settings, nor do I support all of them. If you play with different settings and have weird effects, don't count on me.


Q: Why do my clouds and other parts of the mod seem to be broken (ground textures in the sky) ?
A: Make sure you have ArchiveInvalidInvalidated!.bsa properly installed and you downloaded and installed the DATA files that go with your esp/esm file, and make sure you unpacked them in the right directory. Example: DATA/textures/etc. Also it might help to switch to high texture quality in game settings.


Q: How to get snow in Jacobtown?
A: Weather types showing up in this mod is chanced based. So you got a lucky day if you get snow. You could wait for rain, then quick travel to Jacobtown and it will change to snow. You can also force snow with the Cheat menu enabled as well. Note: Snow will only show up around the Jacobtown area! Nowhere else! Only the Winter's Chill Mood or Winter Edition makes it possible in other places.


Q: The mod doesn't seem to work on my system!
A: Disable the mod and load the save game. Go inside an interior. Save the game without NVSkies active. Quit the game. Re-enable the mod and load a game. The mod should kick in once you set foot in to the Mojave.


Q: Why do I have missing meshes and textures, or exclamation marks showing up during a sandstorm?
A: Your meshes are incomplete or located at the wrong directory. Copy all Data files to your "steam/steammaps/common /Fallout new vegas/Data" directory! Enable the mod at the Fallout mod manager.


Q: How do I access the weather item settings menu ?
A: Open your PipBoy, go to the appearance section and you will find the "Thermo-Hygrograph". mark the Hygrograph it as active "clothing". Then close the PipBoy. Doing this should open a RobCo Display showing the Hygrographs weather options. Alternatively when enabled you can drop the Hygrograph to the ground with a right click. Again close your PipBoy. You will now see the Hygrograph and you can use it with "e".


Q: I have a bug to report
A: FIRST make sure that you installed the latest version correctly! Also state in your bug report if you are using a compatibility patch or if you use any other weather or time scale changing mod parallel to NVSkies.


Q: I have red exclamation marks around me in storms
A: The meshes/textures are in the wrong directory or incomplete/missing. Make sure all the meshes/textures are copied to your Fallout directory.


Q: I want darker / I want lighter nights!
A: Use one of the provided optional esp files. There should be a option for any taste.


Q: The "Thermo-Hygrograph" was not added to / cannot be found in my inventory!
A: Deactivate the mod. Save once without. Reactivate. The item should be added on next load.


Q: I disabled a weather condition, but nothing seems to happen
A: Changes take effect on the next weather transition cycle, wait for it to happen. Also a weather changes will appear upon loading a save/quick save or fast travel.


Q: Some Menu Options have disappeared!
A: During some conditions settings are not available to avoid bugs and false useage.


Q: Does NVSkies work with Fellout?
A: It does not work with any other weather mod.


Q: Will you make a Sandstorm only version, or a Sandstorm + Rain only version, or a Rain + Snow only version, or whatever else?
A: No. But you can combine and enable/disable mostly every weather effect and combine all moods just as you are pleased.


Q: Does this mod cause performance impacts like fps drops and stuttering?
A: Possibly. Depends on how "strong" your system is. Find it out yourself. It doesn't lag for me. (only when raining/storming it is possible that it impairs performance somewhat).