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This mod offers an assortment of 16 banners for Player or Non-Player Character use.

Permissions and credits

Place the "Vexillum" folder into your Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules directory. 
Enable it in the mod loader. 


The optional module may have conflicts with existing mods that alter how spears work. Consider placing it last in the load-order. 


This mod currently offers an assortment of sixteen banners for Player or Non-Player Character use. Functionally, they are identical to the already well-known, default banner modders have made readily available for quite some time; the shield arm is used to hold up the banner. You cannot block with the banner, as it is not a shield, and therefore cannot be destroyed in battle. It is possible to block with every weapon type, whilst also holding the banner. The banner can be holstered, if the Player also has a shield on them, and can therefore be switched out, back and forth, as desired. This may or may not lead to certain strange behaviour on part of companions, if equipped with both, so please be aware of this. 

All banners are currently sold in Vlandian towns as merchandise for now, and available also through the cheat inventory. 

Please note that these new banners are fairly rudimentary in design, and that I hope to expand not only the selection, but also the fidelity of each. Please look forward to more coming in the future.

Extra note

Due to technical limitations on Taleworlds behalf, spears cannot be used one-handed with anything other than a shield, and therefore it is impossible to attack with a spear while on foot, whilst also holding a banner. Spears can still attack while mounted, however. If you wish to use spears and banners at the same time while on foot, I have provided a work-around "fix" that temporarily fixes this issue. 


Due to technical issues, faction colours cannot be applied to items other than armour. If someone has any knowledge of applying said team colours to these flags, I'd love to hear it.