Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Spawns new deserter bandit parties into the overworld.

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Adds new bandit roaming parties, consisting of troops that deserted from any party as well as escaped prisoners. They will band together into relatively big and varied parties, meaning they should be able to pose a threat to the player (and well, caravans).
Deserters have a slightly different campaign ai, so they won't just be hiding in a corner of a map forever, at some point they should end up in a populated area.

This mod should (hopefully) be compatible with any overhaul mod, as well as any other bandit related mods, If you notice any incompatibilites, let me know.

The MCM options offer the following:
  • Change the number of maximum deserter parties that can roam the world at once
  • Change the size of deserter parties (parties spawned should be within the range of given values, to make things a little more random, I made it so there's a certain scenario where a bigger party will spawn)
  • Change the quality of troops that will be in a deserter party (since I am not creating troop out of thin air, more restrictive settings will mean that fewer deserter parties will spawn)

Existing save file compatible, you can also remove the mod anytime by hitting the NUKE button in the mcm menu, then closing the game & removing the mod immediately.

It is now possible to break your save file by nuking the deserters while in a conversation with them, and then picking the "surrender" option. If this happens to you then well, you deserve it for going out of your way trying to break my mod.

thanks to bv for correcting my german translation, and rasi for creating french translation, feel free to message me with your own translations.
current community translations: MrVaryag - Turkish wolvovic - Russian