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Torches are given to troops in night battles.

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[Update Log]

New Version V1
- This is the first version. I'm still looking for a way to hold a torch by hand and to carry it in a better position.

New Version V2
- Now can choose the option of holding the torch by hands.

Version V2.1
- The default value for the torch ratio has been changed.
- When using the hand-held option, the defense archers do not raise torches in the siege.
- The brightness and range have increased.

Version V2.2
- When using the hand-held option, now troops don't lose their throw weapons.
Version V2.3
- Cavalry torch changed

Version V2.4
- Flame effect correction.
- Remove the ugly tail of the flame.

New Version V3
- The flame changes more realistically. (The flame has become a little bigger, and the position has been adjusted.)
- Added a spark effect to the flame.
- Now added the option to set the minimum and maximum levels to allow torches.
- Due to the level setting, even if they don't have the torch, their numbers are counted.
- Therefore, the total amount of torches does not change.
- For example, if 6 tiers are excluded, the remaining 1 to 5 tiers will also carry 6 tiers of torches.
- Moved the Config.xml file to the parent folder to make it easier to find.

Version V3.1
- Fixed errors in settings according to levels.

Why should we fight in the dark at night?
Yeah, in the Middle Ages, we need torches.
This mod gives torches to troops during night battles.


- No requirements mod.
- This mod can be installed or uninstalled mid-playthrough.
- If they hold torches in their hand, it's more natural, but some lose equipment for it.
- If they hold torches on their waist, there is no loss of equipment.


Manual Installation
- Download the mod
- Drag and drop the modules folder onto the Mount & Blade II Bannerlord directory.
- Check the mod in the game launcher.

Vortex Installation
- Download and enable, the same way as with other mods
- It will remain the latest version except Beta version.

When using with my mods, the loading order is as follows.


You can customize the config.xml file inside the folder by modifying it.

- Hold it in hand or waist
- Torch Ratio Settings
- Set the level to allow torches.

I highly recommend using this mod with my Banner mod and Fire arrows mod.