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This is a historical overhaul based on Europe at the turn of the 12th century. The mod leverages Lemmy's Europe Map as well as a number of custom kingdoms, clans, troops, and NPCs.

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Japanese

Video: Europe 1100 Overview

This is a historical overhaul based on Europe at the turn of the 12th century. The mod leverages Lemmy's Europe Map as well as a number of custom kingdoms, clans, and NPCs. Over time there will be further updates to greatly flesh out faction details, and historical accuracy.

The mod currently contains:
  • 28 kingdoms
  • 204 historical Clans with accurate banners
  • 500+ lords based on real life individuals
  • 23 playable cultures 
  • New wanderers and NPCs for additional cultures
  • Custom troop trees with 12 historically accurate units for each faction
  • 14 Historically relevant mercenary clans with unique units and leaders

Planned updates:
  • Additional playable factions/cultures
  • Renaming and re-distribution of settlements for better historical accuracy
  • Historically relevant text for settlements, factions, and NPCs
  • Better historical accuracy of NPCs including age, face, skills, etc
  • Faction relationships and policies

The emphasis for this mod will always be on historical accuracy for the period roughly spanning 1090-1105. If you have any suggestions for content that could be changed or improved please post it on Discord or the Forum page, although I would also like people to site historical sources if you plan on suggesting something that should be changed.

Disclaimer: Note that I am a one man team, and I am not a developer. If you have problems with the mod, you are going to be on your own.

Please visit discord for support.


MOST RECENT UPDATE - Rebellion Hotfix

  • Fixes crashes related to rebellions.
  • Changes to Seljuk and Cuman Troop Trees - New ECM Version and Major Bug Fixes

  • Compatibility with ECM
  • Fixes to Belgrade, Zaragoza, Caesara Castle, Mush, and Antioch position for siege equipment
  • More appropriate tournament weapons for new towns
  • More appropriate lord and party templates for rebels
  • More appropriate mercenaries for each town/culture (crusaders only in europe, etc)
  • Fix for children of lords having vanilla equipment sets
  • Cultural starting positions
  • Fix for Portuguese flag and colours
  • Fix for Galway ownership
  • Renamed horses (thanks to @saulyin97)
  • Start Date will once again be Spring 1100
  • Missing parents options added back in
  • Campaign option removed
  • Opening cutsene removed
  • Edessa gate location is fixed
  • Arab Militia renamed to Tribesmen
  • Fixes to some of the broken dialogue referencing vanilla kingdoms/cultures
  • Menavlion replaced with more appropriate spear for all T5/T6 Cavalry
  • Update culture for Tovuz, Sevan, Poti, Koutaisi, and Akhalkalaki
  • Update to Scottish Highlander 2H skill
  • Update to Khan's Guard Bow Skill

For the first time in a long time, this version IS SAVEGAME COMPATIBLE! So you can continue your current campaigns. Although some minor fixes will not be present unless you start again. 




---------------------------------------------------- - Compatibility Update

  • Update for compatibility with Europe Map (ECM)

Unfortunately this IS NOT SAVEGAME COMPATIBLE. You must start a new game. - Bug Fix

  • Rename "Welch" to "Welsh"
  • Fix Serbian culture for Belgrade and Stari Ras
  • Fix to incorrect equipment sets for mercenaries
  • Change polish towns to western templates
  • Change to settlement production types so that all towns have at least 1x, and only 1x food producing settlement
  • Fix for crash related to mercenary contracts

This is required to fix a critical issue with mercenary contracts.

Unfortunately this IS NOT SAVEGAME COMPATIBLE. You must start a new game.

---------------------------------------------------- - Bannerlord 1.2.8 Compatibility Update

VideoUpdate Overview

  • This release brings compatibility with Bannerlord 1.2.8 and Europe Map 1.2.8.
  • New version numbering to align with Bannerlord and Europe Map.
  • Support for all new features including dynamic weather, formation targeting, kingdom destruction, etc.
  • Addition of Serbian and Welch cultures including NPCs and Troop Trees.
  • Many new settlements in England, Spain, Anatolia, and the Levant.
  • New clans and lords for Castile and Aragon.
  • Bug fixes for various units, including the "DefaultPartyTrainingModel.GetEffectiveDailyExperience" crash.

Not Savegame compatible!!!

Note that this is an initial release to bring 1.2.8 support and not everything is working yet. In particular the former QOL changes including start year, sandbox only, and character creation fixes are not yet available. - Compatibility Update

  • Compatability update - changes to how vanilla units are handled. This should help with compatibility for other mods like Improved Garrisons, etc.
  • Improvements to equipment sets for English, French, Sicilian, Spanish, and German, and Byzantine Lords.
  • Byzantines are renamed to "Romans", and the culture is "Roman".
  • Improvements to English and French militia troop trees.
  • Custom Scene for Main Menu.
  • Removed Nordic two-handed swords.
  • Further fixes for incorrect male/female equipment sets.
  • Introduction of Ribe and Lund settlements for Denmark.
  • 1x new clan and 2x new lords for Denmark

This version IS NOT savegame compatible due to the introduction of new settlements.

This version should bring compatibility with any mod that uses vanilla units, ie: Improved Garrisons, etc.


1.6.4 - QOL, Settlements, and Content

VideoUpdate Overview

Quality of Life updates:
  • Removed opening cutscenes
  • Fixed broken parentage in character creation
  • Culturally relevant start locations for all cultures
  • Correct in-game year (game now starts at 1100)
  • Sandbox is now the only game-mode, campaign is removed

Content updates:
  • Introduction of Bulgarian culture and troop tree
  • 2x Bulgarian settlements: Sredets (town) and Preslav (castle)
  • Introduction of 1x new town in Thrace (Adrionaple)
  • Multiple new settlements and changes to bound settlements for Byzantines
  • 2x new Byzantine Clans and 4 new lords
  • Introduction of Georgian culture, troop tree, clans, and lords
  • 2x Georgian settlements: Kutaisi (town) and Taoskari (castle)
  • 2x new settlements in Anatolia: Konya (town) and Tephrike (castle)
  • Multiple new bound settlements for all new towns and castles
  • 1x new clan for Rum and 2x new clans for Seljuks
  • Introduction of "Jomsvikings" mercenaries (replacing the Georgians)

Culture changes:
  • Changes to culture for Al-Mouwaylih, Al-Madina, and Djedda (made them arabic)
  • Changed Anatolian Seljuk settlements to "Turko-Persian" culture
  • Renaming of Greek cities in Anatolia (To Greek versions)
  • Tbilisi changed to Georgian culture
  • Berbers renamed to Imazighen

Bug fixes:
  • Fix to crash caused be viewing Henry Alfonse in the Encyclopedia
  • Fixes to incorrect equipment sets

I'm sure I've forgotten some things...but there you have it. Probably the largest update so far!

This is DEFINATELY NOT SAVEGAME COMPATIBLE. Far too many changes. You will have to start a new game

-------------------------------------- - Crash Fix

  • Fixed crash caused by Polish Druzynnik


1.6.3 - Balance Update

VideoUpdate Overview

  • Move Edessa to correct location.
  • New Settlement for Edessa.
  • Changes to Jerusalem settlements.
  • Fix for Antioch culture and bound settlements.
  • Fixes for lord/lady equipment sets (men with women's clothes, etc).
  • Further redistribution of Rus clans based on community feedback.
  • New clan for Rus.
  • Fixes to settlement names in Spain and Russia.
  • Fixes to Spanish unit names.
  • Removal of horse generation bonuses for all cultures other than Turkic.
  • Removal of most T4 elite cavalry (switching them to foot soldiers).

This WILL be savegame compatible, but you have to start a new sandbox game to see the new Rus clan and Lords.

1.6.2 - Bug Fix

  • Fix to Crusader Troops that was causing a crash.


1.6.1 - Bug Fix

  • Fix to Madrid/Toledo being inaccessible.
  • Madrid renamed to Toledo for better historical representation.


1.6 - Major Map Update

  • Removal of Outremer/Crusader culture.
  • Crusader clans are changed back to their original French, English, Sicilian, etc.
  • Crusader troops are now recruitable tavern mercenaries, replacing the existing, generic ones.
  • New clan for the Seljuks (Shirvanshah) holding Derbent.
  • Changes to some eastern city names.
  • Fixes to some incorrect city/castle cultures.
  • Introduction of Portuguese culture and troop tree.
  • Fixes to titles for Berbers (changed Sultan to Emir).
  • Numerous fixes to Arab culture including troop recruitment, missing wanderers and notables.
  • Update to version 1.1.6 of Europe Map.
  • Redistribution of Rus Clans (moving them north).
  • Refactoring of culture IDs (Changes to Rus, Baltic Tribes, Berbers).
  • Pechenegs are "upgraded" to a full kingdom and placed in the Crimea.
  • Introduction of the "Baltic Tribes" as a new kingdom.
  • Lithuanians to be replaced by a "Sudanese" mercenary clan.
  • New "Rostyslavych" clan for Rus
  • Östersund has been moved to the Levant and changed to "Antioch", along with it's bound settlements.

This update IS NOT SAVEGAME COMPATIBLE. You must start a new game.

1.5.1 - Balance Update

  • Multiple new lords and clans for England, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Denmark, Castile, Aragon, Poland, Sicily, and Rum.
  • Fixes to existing lords and relationships across factions
  • Introduction of "Baltic" culture and a "Baltic Tribes" kingdom
  • Lithuanians to replace Prussians as a mercenary clan
  • Fixes to Scottish settlement culture
  • Fix for English Caravan Guard
  • Improvements for some banners (based or Erik's versions)

This version IS SAVEGAME COMPATIBLE...however you will only see the new lords if you start a new game.


1.5 - New Cultures, Troops, and Bug Fixes

  • Improved Banners
  • More clans and lords for the Rus
  • Making Lazarus and Templar Crusader Clans
  • Move Genoese to recruitable mercenaries
  • New Mercenary clans to replace Lazarus, Templars, and Genoese
  • Crusader (Outremer) culture and troop tree
  • Sicilian Culture and troop tree
  • Culture changes for several settlements (Middle East and Northern Italy)
  • New loading screens and logos
  • Redistributed cultural bonuses
  • New clans and lords for Venice and Papal States
  • Lots of bug fixes


-------------------------------------- - Minor Bug Fixes

  • Fixes to broken marriages for all clans.
  • Fix for "OnHeroReachesTeenAge".
  • Fix for mercenary soliders in the wrong category (ie: cavalry as archers).
  • Fix for Polish Rycerz having two handed polarm instead of a one handed spear.

This is save game compatible, but the fixes will not be realised unless you start a new game.


1.4.9 - Update to Europe Map

  • Update to Europe Map
  • Addition of the Slavic Culture, and The Rus Kingdom.

NOT SAVE GAME COMPATIBLE (Due to the map update)

YOU MUST USE HARMONY 2.3 (Beta Version)

Also not that this is an early version of The Rus. They will be expanded and moved further north in line with the next Europe Map update.


1.4.8 - New Troop Trees and Renamed Settlements

New Content:

  • Troop trees are expanded to 12 units for all cultures.
  • Troops have been redone to include only historically accurate gear, names, and ranks (where possible).
  • Militia incorporated into the main troop tree.
  • All 500+ settlements have been renamed based on historical counterparts.
  • Updated banners for numerous clans (thanks to Erik Hammarström!)
  • New faces for some lords
  • Additional Clans and Banners for Almoravids and Hammadids
  • Updated translations (once again thanks to khornau17)

The militia troop change is quite significant, as the militia units are now part of the regular roster. This has been done for two reasons:
  • It is a far more accurate reflection of how medieval armies were made up
  • It offers the opportunity to upgrade militia unts

Personally I am quite excited about what this does to troop composition and promotion moving forward!
Bug Fixes:

  • Crash due to Turko-Persian children coming of age
  • Crash due to Welsh units having wrong default category


1.4.6 - New Units and Bug Fixes

  • All vanilla "tavern" mercenaries have now been replaced with more relevant units (ie: sword sisters).
  • Fixes to broken wanderer strings.
  • Fixes to broken text strings for all "This is the retirement location".
  • Fixes to incorrect settlement cultures (there are probably more to fix).
  • All vanilla lords have now been removed from the game.
  • Updated translation strings by khornau17

The final point is a big one as it goes a long way to ensuring historical immersion, as well as influencing the balance of certain cultures. You should no longer see any vanilla units or lords, or vanilla armor sets on either of them.

Known Issues:
  • Culture and Mercenary starting positions. The issue is known but don't yet have a workaround.

This update is one again NOT SAVE GAME COMPATIBLE. Please start a new campaign if you want to include all the new features.


1.4.5 - The "Mercenary" update.

  • Adds 14 historically relevant mercenary clans including real faction leaders (where possible).
  • Adds 3 high level troops for each mercenary clan, tiers 4, 5 and 6. These troops are as strong as faction elite troops and in some cases quite definitely worth trying to get them!
  • Completed initial build of the Cuman faction with 9 clans and 20 lords.
  • Previous translation files are now included.
  • Balance pass on all custom troops. Skill levels are now aligned, and all war horse upgrades are at tier 5.

Known Issues:
  • Culture and Mercenary starting positions. The issue is known but don't yet have a workaround.

This update is one again NOT SAVE GAME COMPATIBLE. Please start a new campaign if you want to include all the new features.


1.4.4 - Minor fixes

- Fixed wanderers using character's first name.
- Fixed troop colours within towns.
- Fixed broken translation strings for all current units and NPCs. Translators should now have correct strings that you can work with.

Whilst small this version is not save game compatible, so I am listing it as an optional "update" file.


1.4.3 - Compatibility Update

This release brings compatibility with Bannerlord 1.1.2 and Europe Map 112A.

I've also been able to include my completed Troop Trees, and fixes to Faction/Troop Colours.


1.4.2 - Compatibility Update

This release adds compatibility for the latest version of the Europe Map 103E (Byzantine Update).

There is a bit of new content and some fixes, but there will be another, much larger release in the next week or two (so you might want to hold off).

The next release will complete the troop trees, and contain a number of fixes and improvements. However if you want to test out the new changes and play on the latest version of the map, this is it.


1.4.1 - Fourth Content Release

This update adds the initial version of custom troop trees. These are quite simple for now, but I plan to build them out rapidly with the next few updates. The pre-work done with this update is going to make further updates a lot easier. I have already decided to add an infantry, ranged and cavalry option for all cultures...with the cavalry always being the elite tree. Infantry will be either spear or sword, and cavalry can be either melee, skirmish, or horse archer. This should create some good variety, whilst also bringing some level of "trinity" balance between cultures. For example factions with high level spearman won't get high level swordsman, and will be vulnerable to heavy infantry. Conversely factions with spearman will be stronger against heavy cavalry.

  • Initial version of custom troop trees.
  • Restructuring of all XML files in prep for the Europe Map update, and to facilitate faster changes in future.
  • A couple of new lords and factions for Byzantines.
  • Numerous bug fixes and gaps in culture code.
  • All Vanilla troops have been removed (excluding minor factions).

I will do a further small release within the next two weeks focusing on some minor updates like starting positions, culture and unit colours.


1.3 - Third Content Release
  • This is a fairly large release which brings multiple new playable cultures, including Byzantines, Berbers, Seljuks, Poland, Hungary, and more.
  • Added wanders, nobles, and NPCs for all playable cultures.
This version *should* be compatible with BannerKings as I believe all missing dependencies have now been added. I have done some initial testing but let me know if there are still issues.


1.2 - Second Content Release
  • Update to latest version of the Europe Map (1.0.3)
  • Addition of Fatimid Caliphate, Crusader States, and Seljuk Empire
  • Addition of Turko-Persion Culture (for the Seljuks)
  • Fixes to text strings for all factions and cultures (although there are still cultural errors)

Note: This version IS NOT save game compatible. This is due to numerous changes to the campaign map files.


1.1.1 - Minor Fix
  • Added missing equipment templates for Berber children. Fixes crash with Berber children coming of age.

1.1.0 - First Content Release
  • New "Berber" culture for Hammadids and Almoravids
  • Restored Waterford and added the "Mac Murchada" clan for Ireland
  • Added correct age for all lords (where possible or appropriate)
  • Updated skills and traits for all lords to make them unique
  • Updated string text for all faction leaders



Video: YouTube Video

  • Download Harmony and add to your module folder.
  • Download the Europe Campaign Map and follow setup instructions.
  • Download the Europe 1100 files and unzip to your module folder.
  • Download Banner Color Persistence and add to module folder.
  • Edit the Banner Color config file at: ""SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\BannerColorPersistence\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client\config.json" and set the following: 

"preventNPCBannerColorChanges": true,


  • Harmony
  • Native, Sandbox, etc
  • Europe Map
  • Banner Color Persistence
  • Europe 1100
  • Erik's Troops (Optional)


  • Translations are broken for several items.
  • Missing text strings for several items.
  • Culture starting positions are not yet working.
  • Custom cultures are missing parent education (first step of character creation).


We now have our first official submod!

Big thank you and congratulations to Erik Hammarström for the work he has done on his custom troop trees leveraging the Expanded Bannerlord Armory.

Link to the mod

This mod replaces all units and troop trees within Europe 1100, using assets from the Expanded Bannerlord Armory. I know a lot of people have been asking for this, and I'm grateful to Erik for the hard work he has put in.


  • BIG Thank you to Carolina Warlord and Yannis for their GameModeManager code.
  • Thank you to khornau17 who has created the new translation strings.
  • Thank you to Erik for his custom troop trees and banners.
  • Pak Satiro for The Shahada banner.
  • Nuke(Memento mori) for The Přemyslid banner.
  • Gondan for HRE banner.
  • Groundworks for several more.
  • DecoyS2.
  • ViktorLim114514.
  • Cyril for Capet, De Clare and Anjou banners.