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Banners for the troops in battle. Replaces the banner function of vanilla.
The number of banners increases. It's more visible.

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[Update Log]

- Fixed an issue that lords had mod banners when starting a new game.
- The customization file has been separated into an add-on file.
- Now can customize banner with RTS style.
- When customizing, you can set the HeldInOffHand flag to false to hang it on their back without losing any more equipment.
- If set to RYB_culture_null (or RTS_culture_null), the culture does not have any banners except the formation banner.
- For more information on customization, refer How to Customize Banner post.

- Balanced Style was added.
Banner Fix mod is required due to LOD issues with v1.1.0.
- Bigger Banner mod is no longer required.
- Need v1.1.0 or later.

- Works with the latest v1.1.0 version.
Banner Fix V1.3 or higher version is required.
- Fixed a problem that circles on the unit disappeared.
- The excessive shaking of the small colored flag has been adjusted and diminished in size.

- Fixed bare-handed bugs in Reality Style.
- The default setting for the number of banners has been changed. [Recommended values (15,15,9,9) , RTS Style (21,21,15,15)]
- The banner type rate has been adjusted.

Russian - by tetron1  /  German - by H4b4sch  /   Chinese - by dontkillchicken   /   French - by DWMarkus
Polish - by PLKaratusPL   /   Turkish - by OzelHarekaTR

Currently supported languages
English   /   Korean   /  Russian   /   German   /   Chinese   /   French   /   Polish   /   Turkish


- Ignore Banner Bearer Logic in Vanilla.
- The effect of the banner is applied until the bearer falls down.
- The banner is carried by a sergeant with the default setting. (Adjustable if Reality Style.)
- Vexillum mod is no longer used.
- The banner of dummy data has been restored.
- In addition to the hero's banner assigned to the formation, If the number of soldiers exceeds a certain number, basic design's banner is added more.
- Can customize banners by culture.
- Morale System can be used to reduce the morale of that formation, by kill a solider or a hero who have a formation banner. (Optional)
Banner Fix mod is required due to LOD issues with v1.1.0.

1. Balanced Style
- The formation banner is carried by hand, but the rest is tied at the back. (Equipment loss same as vanilla)
- This option is generally recommended.

2. Reality Style
- They lose their shields or some equipment, but they all carry banners with their hands.
- This is for someone although loss of equipment, but want reality. 
- You can decide whether to start the formation banner by carrying it to a hero or to a player.

3. RTS Style
- Banners are displayed on top of the soldiers, like RTS or Total War.
- There is no loss of equipment.


- This mod can be installed or uninstalled mid-playthrough.


Manual Installation
- Download the mod
- Drag and drop the modules folder onto the Mount & Blade II Bannerlord directory.
- Check the mod in the game launcher.

Vortex Installation
- Download and enable, the same way as with other mods
- It will remain the latest version except Beta version.

[Setting Guide]

You can customize the config.xml file inside the folder by modifying it.
How to modify config.xml
How to Customize Banners

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