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This mod adds more banners to the battlefield.

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[Update Log]

V1.0 ~ V2.0
- Updated for to be compatible with troop mod.
- In the siege, change the defense to raise the flag too.
- Fix what wasn't set according to the level settings.
- Modify banner release even though minimum number is not correct.

V3.0 ~ V3.8
- Now can set the ratio for each formation.
- When troops hold banners by hands, now fixed that looked unnatural at a distance. (only works in e1.6.0, e1.6.2)
- When the troops put the banner on the back, The angle of the banner has been modified. (Now, it's not much different visually from when troops hold banners by hands.)
- When troops hold banners by hands, they do not lose their shields. (Even though they're gonna put the shield behind.)
- The minimum and maximum levels can now be set to have banners.
- If it is a hand-held option, it have improved the equipment exclusion algorithm.
- Now, an error with a shield but without a weapon has been fixed.
- Now the player-owned bandits have the player's flag.
- Now player's all troops raise banners. (bandits, merchants, mercenaries, etc.)
- Added the option to choose whether to allow banners for each attacker and defender during the siege.
- Moved the Config.xml file to the parent folder to make it easier to find.
- The banner problem in the custom siege battle has been fixed.
- Updated for compatibility with other mods.
- Added an option for the player.
- Added an option for companions.
- Added an option for formation sergents.
- When the equipment was lost, the problem of having only stones or only throw weapon was fixed.
- As level 1 farmers were added from e1.6.3 version, the minimum level default value was changed in Config.xml setting.
- Config manual that supports multiple languages has been added. (If want to add localization to this manual, translate it and send it to me.)

V4.0 ~ V4.6
- In Siege, cavarly and horsearchers also follow the settings of footman or infantryarcher.
- The number of banners in default setting has decreased.
- The FormationLeader option is now working properly. If a colleague or hero is the captain of the formation, they have a banner.
- If the captain is not determined, the most experienced soldier will be the captain. (When there are more than 5 people in the formation)
- If the player is a formation captain, other experienced soldiers will have banners instead of the player. (If you need a player, use the Player option)
- When they become the captains of the formation, they will be located in the center of the formation.
- If the formation captain of the ally or enemy falls, a notification will be displayed and the morale of the formation will decrease. (Beta function, can be turned off in config.xml. default is on)
- The FormationLeader option does not apply in siege.
- Solved the error that appears when changing the location.
- Fix the problem that the player was holding the banner.
- Added localization of notifications. (You can upload the localization mode separately, or you can translate 10 lines and post or send it to me. I thought about using Google Translator, but I don't know some language at all, maybe it can get weird.)
- I have improved the algorithm to specify which formation when the formationleader falls down.
- now can customize the decreasing figure of morale.
- When lose the formation captain, the lower the tier, the greater the morale reduction. And the higher the tier, the less affected it will be.
- The crashed at the start of the battle was fixed.
- I changed the code related to change the location.
- Solved the problem that was noticed as an infantry captain when the cavalry captain dismounts and fallen.
- Solved the problem that was noticed as the captain of the archer when the captain of the archer dismounts and fallen.
- Solved the problem of the creation of two cavalry enemy captains on both sides.
- The player-directly directed formation does not produce a captain involved in morale.
- When you are the formation captain, the morale effect also applies.
- I have increased the minimum number of people needed when a formation captain selected automatically. (10 infantry members, 7 cavalry members)
- I added a notification when a soldier is automatically assigned to the formation leader.
- The default value of the setting is slightly changed.
- When the formation captain is automatically determined, soldiers with shields have priority.
- Added a simple notification when the captain of the alliance falls.
- Even if the hero becomes a captain, changes its position.
- I re-checked the problem of having two enemy cavalry captains.
- Fixed the Array index error.

V5.0~ V5.2
- The Plus version is now the default. (Check the requirement mode.)
- Removed options that were separated by hands or back (two options are now mixed)
- A relatively small flag is hung in the back or used as a spear, and a large flag is held by hand.
- If they are spearmen use shields, they use banners as spears.
- If have a two-handed weapon or a range weapon, they attach the flag to their back.
- Formation leaders wear banners behind them and can be distinguished because they are relatively larger than other flags.
- Now the minimum number of people to have leaders in formation has doubled.
- Overall, I tried to minimize the waste of firepower when carrying a banner while maintaining the visuals.
- Localization currently applied: English, Korean, Russian, German, Chinese, French, Polish, Turkish
(Russian - by tetron1, German - by H4b4sch, Chinese - by dontkillchicken, French - by DWMarkus, Polish - by PLKaratusPL, Turkish - by OzelHarekaTR) - Thank you all!
- Fixed a bug that was swinging fist
- No archers with banners by hand in siege
- Adjusted the minimum conditions for soldiers holding the banner by hand. (First bearer by hands appears a little earlier)

V6.0 ~ V6.2
- Adjusted the position of the banner to make it more natural.
- Archers and mounted archers do not bear banners with their hands.
- The default setting for the formation leader and Morale Option is false. (However, this function can still be turned on again.)
- If the formation leader option is false, soldiers with large banners appear early, and first banner bearers in each formation move to the center of the formation.
- Formation leader and Morale Option are not activated in custom battle.
- The Morale Option only works when the formation leader option becomes true.
- Fixed a minor typo. (HorseArcher - Horse Archer)
- The Neverholdwithhand option was added. Banner will never effect on the battle.
- The cord is a little lighter.
- Some resources for holster has been rolled back due to compatibility issues. (The item holster fix file is no longer required)
- Adjusted the position of the banner again.
- Fixed a conflict when picking up banner from the battlefield.
- Fixed the problem of selling banners in the store.

- It is divided into RTS Style and Reality Style.
- RTS Style has no loss of equipment.
- To use RTS Style, use Bigger Banner mod together.
- Reality Style has lost equipment, but all carry banners by hand.
- Both options ignore Banner Bearer Logic in Vanilla.
- If the hero with the banner is alive, the effect of the banner is maintained.
- I wrote codes for this, but I couldn't make sure it was working properly because the effect was minimal. (Actually, I'm not that interested this banner effect.)
- If there is a patch that applies color to Spear Banner, I'll consider updating it.

- New banners has been added.
- Added options for choosing whether to give banners to heroes or players in Reality Style.
- The position of holding the banner in Reality Style has been slightly modified.
- A bug that was occurring in Reality Style has been fixed.
The physical effects of the banners have improved.

- Now if have a mesh, can customize the banner.
- Now can customize banners by culture.
- Stabilization due to the addition of exceptions.
- When choose Reality Style, now can choose whether lords carry banners.
- Now can use Morale System again.
- Improved logic to determine Banner Bearer when not assigning formation banners to heroes or Lords.

- Added more exception handling for stabilization.
- Added option to remove pop when using Morale System.
- Fixed a problem with the wrong pop when using Morale System.

- Fixed an issue that lords had mod banners when starting a new game.
- The customization file has been separated into an add-on file.
- Now can customize banner with RTS style.
- When customizing, you can set the HeldInOffHand flag to false to hang it on their back without losing any more equipment.
- If set to RYB_culture_null (or RTS_culture_null), the culture does not have any banners except the formation banner.
- For more information on customization, refer How to Customize Banner post.

- Balanced Style was added.
Banner Fix mod is required due to LOD issues with v1.1.0.
- Bigger Banner mod is no longer required.
- Need v1.1.0 or later.

- Works with the latest v1.1.0 version.
Banner Fix V1.3 or higher version is required.
- Fixed a problem that circles on the unit disappeared.
- The excessive shaking of the small colored flag has been adjusted and diminished in size.

- Fixed bare-handed bugs in Reality Style.
- The default setting for the number of banners has been changed. [Recommended values (15,15,9,9) , RTS Style (21,21,15,15)]
- The banner type rate has been adjusted.

Banner Fix and Vexillum mods are required.
- Fixed errors in the Unit deployment scene.
- Style is now combined into one.
- Now they don't lose any equipment anymore.
- If Bearer loses more than a certain amount of HP, then puts down the banner. (Prevention of Loss of Combat Power)
- With your firing orders to archers, can put down the banners that archers had.
- Morale System has been deleted.
- Customization options have been deleted.
- Banner Logic in Vanilla is no longer ignored.

Optimization work.
- Add missing code.
- Change Default Settings for Banner count.
- Adjust Banner Type.

- Added more exception handling for stabilization.

- Now can set the minimum clan tier for having Banner. (default : 2)
- Cpu usage has decreased.

Russian - by tetron1  /  German - by H4b4sch  /   Chinese - by dontkillchicken   /   French - by DWMarkus
Polish - by PLKaratusPL   /   Turkish - by OzelHarekaTR

- Added the function to customize banner by culture. How to Customize Banners
- Fixed an issue too many banner bearers threw away their banners, occured in the V9.3 version.
- More different kinds of Banner have been applied.
- Now they have their own culture's banners sometimes.
- Now can set the minimum clan tier for having Banner. (default : 1)

- Fixed an issue where there was only one type of banner when it was determined to be Default. (Mainly occured when used with Total Conversion)

- Added code for event release at the end of the battle. (for stability)

- It is now divided into option A and option B.
- The mod has slightly changed how it works (internal to the code)
- Deleted settings for the tier of the minimum clan.

- Resolved the crash when entering the battle in the campaign. (Resolved most bug reports.)
- Reselected the type of banner that applies.

- Fixed an issue banners were spawned on the ground.

- Two dummy large-sized banner data have been restored.
- Adjusted the type of banner. (Larger banners appear more often)
- Option B has been changed to RTS mode.

- The physical effects of recent added improved naturally.

Option A - Hold the flag by hand or their backs. They lose some equipment, but it's a little more realistic. In this mod, in order to minimize the problem, if a soldier loses a certain amount of health, he or she can let go of the banner and take out the equipment again. And the player can have the archer put down the flag with a firing order. This is default setting.
Option B - The banner appears above the unit. The troops don't lose any combat power. The code that works in mod is a little lighter than Option A. However, it come with less kind of banners than version A.

- From this version, soldiers with banners are created separately. They appear in the battle only, and then disappear at the end of the battle. Their injuries/deaths have nothing to do with your unit.
- This feature only works in campaign battles, but in custom battles, is the same as the previous version.
- Soldiers with a banner has the same name and shape as your troop member.
- Excluded banners that were too small. (There will be more relatively large banners.)
- Improved the physical effects of large banners.
- It naturally improved the appearance of the small flag hanging from the back.
- Not sure if the new feature is compatible with other modes. Probably needs to be tested with RBM mode.
- Be careful when using battle size mode. Because now this mode creates more objects on its own.
- You can still have RTS mode by modifying the value in Config.xml.

- 'Vexillum' mod is no longer required. (Banner Fix still need)
- I deleted all banners that were added from 'Vexillum'.
- Now the higher the tier of Clan, the more likely each culture is to have a higher tier banner.
- If you use it with Raise your Torch mod, make sure to use Raise your Torch V6.1 or higher.
- Changed the name of the party from a test name to Support Party.
- If you suggest a better party name, please let me know. I created templates for translating this party name for each language.
- If you let me know the word 'Support Party' for each language user, I will reflect it in the next update.

- Null value reference bug fix
- If you use it with Raise your Torch mod, make sure to use Raise your Torch V6.2 or higher.

- Fixed a problem that bearers at a higher tier came out with a sickle for farmer.
- Fixed a CTD problem that occur when equip RYB items and enter battle.

- You can select one of three modes from config.xml. (add banner bearer version, Reality version (old version method), RTS version)
 Fixed an option that did not work in config.xml. (Siege)
- Uploaded the banner data corresponding to the Vexillum separately.

- Corresponding patch according to torch mod update (V6.5)

- Improved physical effect of banners (a problem that was too stiff)
- Adjusted the position of holding the banner in hand (If you use it with Vexilum, you should update Vexilum Banner Data as well.)
- Fixed a bug that banner cloths were passing through the flagpole

- The default value of config.xml has changed slightly.
- Changed the Japanese translation of the party name.

- Less chance of getting stuck in the ground when dropping banners during battles.
(I felt that having too many flags stuck in the ground after the battle was disturbing my immersion.)


- The banner of dummy data has been restored.
Banner Fix mod is required.
- Soldiers with banners are created separately. They appear in the battle only, and then disappear at the end of the battle. Their injuries/deaths have nothing to do with your unit.


- This mod can be installed or uninstalled mid-playthrough.


Manual Installation
- Download the mod, and unzip.
- Drag and drop the mod folder onto the Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules directory.

Vortex Installation
- Download and enable, the same way as with other mods.
- It will remain the latest version except Beta version.

[Setting Guide]

You can customize the config.xml file inside the folder by modifying it.
How to modify config.xml
How to Customize Banners

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