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The sergeant of each formation repeat and pass commands.
Soldiers yell out when issue a charge order and adds horn sound to the battlefield.

Permissions and credits
  • Japanese
  • Italian

[Update Log]


- Fixed an issue occured CTD when using SuperSpeed mod or fast forwarding during battle.

Added more exception handling for stabilization.

- Japanese Localization has been added.

- Polish Localization and Italian Localization has been added.

- Those who helped with the translation.
/   Italian - by ale1194  /  French - by Charly30  /  Spanish - by 1stcohort   /  Russian - by sergantys   /    Turkish - by QuaNeoN   /
/   Chinese - by zz3zh4   /   German - by Antrax2510   /   Japanese - by 4lga6a5ka   /   Polish - by Alvaror   /

Currently supported languages
English   /   Korean   /   Italian   /   French   /   Spanish   /   Russian   /   Turkish   /   Chinese   /   German   /   Japanese   /   Polish

- Mod name changed to Immersive Battlefields. As the function was added, before title did not enough explain the content anymore.
- Integrated 'Immersive Sergeant' mod and 'Immersive Enemies' mod.
- The translation template has been uploaded in file tab. You can send it to me or upload it separately mod.

- The sergeant of each formation repeat and pass commands.
- The sergeant is automatically dismounts the horse unless it's a cavalry formation. So, don't go alone and die.
- Soldiers shout out when issue a charge command.
- Horn sound is added when charge.
- If a hero or wanderer becomes the sergeant of the formation, the pop appear every time you give an order. (Adjustable as an option)
- Enemy AI's commands and their voices on the battlefield.

- No requirements mod.
- This mod can be installed or uninstalled mid-playthrough.
- If there are at least 15 people in the formation, the function will work.
- If the sergeant died along the way, and there are still more than 15 people left in the formation, the captain will be decided randomly.
- If the sergeant of the formation has not been decided, the veteran in the formation will take over.
- Automatically identify the troop type of the formation.
- It doesn't work in siege battle.


Manual Installation
- Download the mod, and unzip.
- Drag and drop the mod folder onto the Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules directory.
- Check the mod in the game launcher.

Vortex Installation
- Download and enable, the same way as with other mods.
- It will remain the latest version except Beta version.


You can customize the config.xml file inside the folder by modifying it.
How to modify config.xml

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