• Undead - arise from death for Morrowind

    The undead have all been remade, taking inspiration from the undead of the old classic Dungeons & Dragons.

    uploaded 2:52, 25 Aug 2011 1,063 66 14,146kb Syrcanus

  • Antares Creatures - Treant for Morrowind

    This mod adds a new creature, the Treant, to 5 locations in the Hirstaang Forest on Solstehim. They may be sleeping when you find them, looking like other trees.

    uploaded 22:59, 24 Aug 2011 588 27 296kb Syrcanus

  • Antares Creatures - Frost Giant for Morrowind

    This mod adds two new creatures, Frost Giants, to Solstheim. One is located near Castle Karstaag and the other near the Moesring Mountains. They will be accompanied by either rieklings or snow wolves.

    uploaded 22:43, 24 Aug 2011 535 7 1,961kb Syrcanus

  • Antares Creatures - Cecaelia for Morrowind

    This mods adds a new creature, named Cecaelia, to the cell Tusenend, Shrine in the Molag Amur region southeast of the Erabenimsun Camp.

    uploaded 22:22, 24 Aug 2011 444 8 1,418kb Syrcanus

  • Antares Creatures - Trolls for Morrowind

    This mod adds Trolls - a new creature - to the leveled lists of Solstheim. They can be found around the green areas of Solstheim and inside of some caves.

    uploaded 21:53, 24 Aug 2011 556 6 2,261kb Syrcanus

  • Bloodmoon Latest Rumors Fix for Morrowind

    When you ask people about latest rumors in Vvardenfell and Mournhold (If you have Tribunal) they only talk about Solstheim until you go there. Well this will make it so they will only mention it once so you can hear other rumors such as local rumors.

    uploaded 21:10, 23 Aug 2011 2,333 109 1kb LegoManIAm94

  • HH_Disquise for Morrowind

    This Mod makes a small adjustment to the House Hlaalu quest Disquise.
    Normally you will be given only the Bonemold helmet to help you fool the Redorans
    The mod makes it so that you recive a full set of Bonemold armor to help you do the quest.
    For female characters this includes a skirt aswell.

    uploaded 19:32, 23 Aug 2011 82 2 3kb vanAndesen

  • More Barter Gold for Morrowind

    This Mod is a small help for players who like to gather stuff all the time
    and are tired of the low amount of barter gold, which the Merchants have.
    Every Merchant barter gold is changed by x10.

    uploaded 19:29, 23 Aug 2011 18,432 934 92kb vanAndesen

  • Antares Creatures - Beholder for Morrowind

    This mod adds a portal to Ald Daedroth, Outer Shrine. Defeat the Beholder guarding the portal to gain travel access to any other daedric shrine in Vvardenfell.

    uploaded 1:05, 22 Aug 2011 483 40 756kb Syrcanus

  • Alchemy Shop for Morrowind

    This mod adds a new alchemist called Arrian. He has a home at Balmora near the pawnshop. Merchant has a lot of mixtures (for example 150 perfect restore magicka/health/fatigue mixtures) and he also has a lot of ingredients to do them.

    uploaded 20:22, 21 Aug 2011 388 26 94kb redoranish

  • Rise of the Witches for Morrowind

    The witches are becoming a danger for Morrowind. Travel through a mysterious place called Abysses, find the real threat, build a faction and save Morrowind if you can. The first dungeon is level 20, the rest is level 35 minimum. To begin, question the people about the latest rumors.

    uploaded 15:36, 17 Aug 2011 913 51 1,452kb WitchRiser

  • Artisan Manor for Morrowind

    A multi-part home, mostly constructioned of interior cells,
    that is mainly a tribute to the many artisans who have made
    their resources avaliable for use in other mods.

    uploaded 1:13, 17 Aug 2011 811 71 55,088kb ddfields