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This mod simulates the best and greatest part of multiplayer gaming

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For May Modathon 2021

version 1

A TES3:Morrowind Mod
by Stripes

Requires MWSE

This mod simulates the best and greatest part of multiplayer gaming

On a more serious note, what this mod does is randomly spawn hostile NPCs

NPCs will only spawn in exterior cells. This is for better immersion, as there are interiors where random hostile NPCs wouldnt make sense. Also to reduce as much "pop in" as possible. (Head cannon: if you see a NPC suddenly appear it's becasue it's invisibility potion wore off :P)

Features MCM options:
-Base Spawn Chance. The chance percentage of spawn
-Leveled spawn chance. If enabled player level is added to base spawn chance.
-Spawn timer. Duration between chances to spawn
-Spawn distance. Max distance of spawn

Distance and direction of spawn may vary because of many factors. For simplicity I use vanilla's placeAtPc command, which does it's best and honestly a far better job than i could hope to code myself.

NPCs have random low leveled equipment tailored to their class and have level 3 stats with scripted additional health per player level. They won't be any more effective as you level up but will be able to absorb a little more damage.

Hopefully I succeeded to keep them from being too annoying or unbalanced.
Suggestions for improvements are welcome as always.

Manual Installation: Copy to Data Files. Activate Griefers.esp in launcher.
Mod Manager Installation: Use a mod manager.