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Using MWSE, this mod corrects an oversight which causes thrown projectiles to inflict twice their listed damage.

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In the vanilla game, when a ranged weapon is used its resulting physical damage is calculated by adding the projectile's damage (the arrow or bolt) with the firing weapon (the bow or crossbow). This is perfectly reasonable for these types of weapons, but there's a third type of ranged weapon, thrown weapons, where there is only a projectile. Naturally, Morrowind assumes this to mean the projectile is both the firing weapon and the projectile, and it doubles the resulting damage accordingly. This mod corrects that, by simply halving the damage the weapon inflicts back to the projectile's displayed damage. This does make thrown weapons considerably weaker, but I think this is balanced out by their high rate of fire. In the optional file, I've also made it so that thrown weapons, and only thrown weapons, will always be lootable from hit targets. This feature was a little buggy and sometimes resulted in an extra projectile being stored on enemies, so it was removed from the main version.