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Some factions will now refuse you membership if you have already joined other factions that they disapprove of. Others will make you jump through some extra hoops if you're a member of a faction they dislike.

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More Exclusive Factions
by Lucevar and AliceL93

Ever thought it's weird that you can join up with (and even become the leader of) almost every faction in the game, and nobody bats an eyelid about it? Well, no more. Vvardenfell's factions are cracking down on fraudsters who are joining both the Tribunal Temple and the Imperial Cult for the services, the Mages Guild won't just let the Archmagister of House Telvanni waltz in and take over, and the three main warrior factions on Vvardenfell are now demanding a little more loyalty from their soldiers.

Pre-emptively asked questions

But won't this mean that I can join far fewer factions?
Well, yes! Making many of the factions mutually exclusive forces you to choose more carefully where your allegiances lie, and adds more roleplay flavour to a playthrough. Are you a common sellsword, a loyal citizen doing your duty to the Empire, or an honorable warrior seeking to prove yourself and gain glory for your House? Do you believe in the Three, or in the Nine? Will your partake in political life as a member of one of the native Dunmer factions, or help regulate it as an assassin for the Morag Tong?

But - quests! Will there be enough to do?
There will still be loads of quests available to you, and if you find you need more to do - this is a perfect opportunity to try out some quest and dungeon mods.


  • Flavorful dialogue for faction refusals
  • Tribunal Temple and Imperial Cult are now mutually exclusive
  • The Temple Masters now have special commentary for members of House Redoran and House Telvanni seeking to join the Temple
  • House Telvanni and the Temple aren't mutually exclusive, but you'll need a very high disposition to persuade one to allow you to join if you've already joined the other. The Telvanni are a bit more suspicious of your motives than the Temple (90 disposition vs 70).
  • Mages Guild and House Telvanni are now mutually exclusive ... mostly.
  • Mages Guild and Temple are mutually exclusive at mid-high ranks (Magician/Curate). 
  • Imperial Legion, Fighters Guild, and House Redoran are now mutually exclusive
  • Membership in the Imperial Legion and the Great Houses is mutually exclusive
  • Membership in the Morag Tong prohibits you from joining other Dunmer factions
  • Membership in other Dunmer factions prohibits you from joining the Morag Tong
  • Exception to the Morag Tong rule: the Telvanni don't care if you're in the Morag Tong. If you kill one of their kinsmen, that just goes to show that you were right.
  • The Thieves Guild and the East Empire Company will still accept all suitable candidates. They don't care what you do in your spare time as long as the gold flows ;) 


This should be compatible with most things. Please let me know if you encounter any issues.

AliceL93 - Ideas and design
Lucevar - Dialogue and implementation