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Animated Morrowind - merged patched to work with OpenMW! No more floating characters!

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Animated Morrowind OpenMW Patch

This mod is a patch for Animated Morrowind -merged mod (which is required) that fixes all of the sitting animations by remaking them in a proper way to make them collision hack independent. With few adjustments to esp file and collision of a few chairs now everything looks how it should look or better! No more floating characters C: .

Animations are remade, based on org ones from Animated Morrowind with few touches to try to make them a little less stiff, but it was my first time animating so please remember it :3 .

Doesn't work on android.

There's also a patch for RandomPal's overhaul mods: AldRuhn, Balmora and Suran. It's a all-in-one patch so all of these mods and their requirements are... required. Also while using patch for RandomPal's mods you do not need to install my vanilla patch but you MUSTN'T enable org Animated_morrowind - merged.esp at the same time as Animated_Morrowind - merged - Suran - Balmora - AldRuhn.esp!

  • To make the update work you have to change cell after updating - for example get to any interior, or get out if you are in interior. There's no hurry, but beggars will jump on your sight as long as you don't change cell.

  • Choose which version of patch you want to use, download it.
  • Install with Vortex or manually paste Data Files to your Morrowind/Animated Morrowind OpenMW addon location and OVERWRITE everything!
  • Make sure my mod is loaded as latest and nothing is overwriting it or it's assets.

  • Disable esp and remove mod.
  • At the next load of the game OpenMW should automatically clean the save file.

Bug reporting:
  • This is early version and I didn't have time to check every added NPC to make sure it looks good.
  • Before reporting please check if my mod is not overwritten by anything and disable esp, load game, save game, enable esp, check again.
  • As sitting animations are not vanilla mechanic, races differ a lot in height etc. clippings are not bugs. If it's really bad I can try to alter them but no promises.
  • You can be 100% sure it's a bug if: NPC floats above chair or NPC does not sit on the chair near him, but on floor with his legs submerged with it.
  • If it's a bug please report a NAME of the NPC.


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