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Adds interactive placement, rotation and wall mounting of items. Arrange gear, books and anything else you can pick up. Requires MWSE 2.1 or OpenMW 0.49dev.

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Both MWSE and OpenMW version is supported!
The OpenMW beta requires the OpenMW 0.49 dev build. It is 99% working, but please save before use in case of any bugs.

Perfect Placement
allows you to interactively arrange all your items in first person view.

Just point at an item and press 'G' by default to pick it up. Look around to move the item, and a shadow spot will appear where the item will set down. Press 'G' again to drop it. Other controls are displayed with an on-screen guide. Check MWSE's Mod Options for keybinds and more configuration.


https://streamable.com/eqghm - https://streamable.com/b0jk2 - https://streamable.com/an7qr


- Perfect Placement places the item exactly on top of surfaces in horizontal mode, and the back of the item against vertical surfaces while in vertical mode.
- The item will rotate to follow the surface. This is toggleable with a key, and the default mode can be set in mod options. Special thanks to Merlord for this feature.
- Items in Vertical Mode can be mounted to walls just by placing them against a wall.
- Rotation Snap lets you line up books precisely.
- Copy Last Rotation causes the held item to match the rotation of the last item you placed.
- Carry your stuff around anywhere, but you will drop it if you have to ready your weapons or magic!


Requires MGE XE 0.11.0 or later:
Just run the installer and it will install MWSE 2.1 as well.
Then, extract the mod archive to your Morrowind/Data Files folder.

Or OpenMW 0.49dev or later:
Install to (Windows) "Documents/My Games/OpenMW/data" or (Linux) "~/.config/openmw/". In the launcher, enable Perfect Placement.omwscripts.