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A new armor set made for mod jam 2021

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Made for the 2021 spring modjam

All members of House Redoran are expected to follow a strict code of honor and uphold it's virtues to the best of their ability, those who fail to do so are only given one second chance, the ones who fail twice are not given another.
Those expelled from House Redoran twice are out for good without exception. Most of the ex-members accept this and move on with their lives, but those with strong family history in the house or exceptional loyalty towards the house cannot bear to live with the dishonor of lifelong expulsion, so instead they opt to become exiles. Though officially unassociated with the house, exiles still serve Redoran from the outside so that upon death they may be reinstated a final time and honored as a true member of the house in death.

Exiles typically commit themselves to protecting Redoran settlements from threats in the wilderness, living as wastelanders and often hunting monsters or becalming frenzied undead. On occasion however; Exiles will the place of true Redorans in completing house duties that most would consider dishonorable (though still necessary) to spare them from staining their hands with the deed.

Their armor is characterized by the scrolls of parchment they stick to their equipment, these are the final messages from family and friends sent to them before their departure. The scrolls are mostly farewells and well wishes but occasionally also include confessions of love and bitter curses of shame and disappointment as well. They are worn on armor as a good luck charm. Aside from their armor many Exiles take up nontraditional combat tactics not typically associated with Redoran, such as short blades or throwing weapons and more uncommonly stealth and destruction magic.

You can find the body of one such exile in Fadathram Ancestral Tomb east of Ald-Ruhn.

At the moment there isn't greaves or boots for this set, I will probably make some in the future when I'm feeling more up to it. The Uv's on the coat and helmet gave me a lot of trouble for some reason, hopefully I will be able to improve them in the future.

All of my mods free to for anyone use as a resource for what ever you want and free for anyone to translate, as long as you give credit.

If I've made a mistake of some kind, please let me know and I'll do my best to solve it.

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